Leaked UDID

A list of 700,000 UDIDs of devices used to install cracked tweaks from a pirate repo have been leaked online a few days ago. The list of leaked UDIDs, which was apparently compiled several months ago, is available as a text file, and a Twitter account was specially created to tweet one UDID every few minutes to somewhat expose the pirates.

Besides trying to shame the pirates by exposing their UDIDs, this move doesn’t represent much risk for the users whose Unique Device Identifier was leaked as it can hardly be tied to any personal information that could identify a user.

In October 2012, a group of hackers leaked 1 million UDIDs, which raised much controversy. Apple quickly responded by banning the use of UDIDs for app developers and created a new Advertising Identifier instead, which made its first appearance with the release of iOS 6. The ban of UDID use in apps was enforced as of May 2013. So it is extremely unlikely that any personal information could be revealed because of these UDIDs, but there is still a possibility.

If anything, this proves once again that using pirate repos is a bad idea. Not only it’s immoral, but it could put you or more specifically your device at risk (see unflod, AdThief, AppBuyer, and Xsser mRAT).

Update: cpvideomaker, who was responsible for parts of this leak, confirms the goal wasn’t to shame anyone.

Source: Ghostbin via Matthew

  • CS

    Karma ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • Yup, I agree.

    • Reuped

      How is it Karma? You can’t do shxt with UDID. I’ll continue gettin all my apps and tweaks for free. You can have my UDID. Also their aim is stupid as hell. How are you shaming people when nobody knows who the UDID belongs to? Lol. Is someone gonna ID check 700 000 to see if they pirate shxt? Answer: No therefore FAIL!

      TLDR: Not Karma because Free everything > Exposure of UDID (Pointless). I don’t even use that repo so I even care lol.

      • dlof

        Just checked, my UDID is not on there. I continuing to download my tweaks this way too.

      • CS

        It’s people like you that makes the whole JB community awful.

    • Ryan / reeὶὶkѳ™

      “lets show that stealing is wring by leaking personal info!”

  • Robert Petersen

    The leakers also stated that only 1% of the people’s who’s UDIDs leaked had made *any* purchases on Cydia, so that kills the argument people make that they are ‘just trying before they buy’.

    • leart

      I pirated a lot of tweaks years ago , and now i own all of them, i was to lazy to open a paypal account just to pay some tweaks, in the very first time i had the account i payed for all, theres no pirated tweak on my iphone.
      My point is that not everybody who have a idevice has a valid method to pay in cydia

      • Robert A. Petersen

        Visa / Master card gift cards exist.

      • Joey_Mousepad

        You consider being “too lazy to open a Paypal account” a reason for not having a valid method to pay on Cydia?

        “Oh yeah, I was going to pay for the stuff in Best Buy that I stole but I didn’t feel like bringing my wallet with me”

      • @dongiuj


      • coLin

        You realize that copying does not necessarily equal stealing, right?

      • burlow

        only if you are given permission to copy, then it’s not stealing.

      • Hyr3m


      • So then ask the developer first…

      • leart

        yeah at the time cydia didn’t accepted other payments than paypal and i had trouble to register a debit card in paypal , so shut your mouth and speak for yourself

      • leart

        now show me what you bought in cydia honest guy

      • leart


    • The leak originates from the HackYouriPhone repo so in order to quell that argument you’d have to assume that every pirate uses that repo (which of course isn’t true)…

      I’d also question how they knew 1% had made purchases from Cydia, for example has anyone openly come out from SaurikIT and checked the UDIDs against there records to confirm that only 1% have made any sort of purchases.

    • Jeffrey Feuerstein

      Guess I’m part of the 1%;)

    • Greensprout

      Maybe they did try them and didn’t like them..

  • rasiquiz

    I guess they learn the lesson now?

  • justme

    #TweakGate LOL!

  • Jonathan

    It something the piraters have well earned.

    • Alexander Gennadievich

      Potatoes gonna potate

  • Jonathan

    Hehe, my UDID is no where to be found on that list. 😀

  • hkgsulphate

    thats embarrassing.

  • Dani Hayes

    I use “try and buy”. I buy what I use and lately there isn’t much that I would even consider pirating to try. The tweaks and apps have dipped in quality.

    • I do exactly the same. I’ll pirate everything and use it for a week, if I still want it then I’ll pay for it.

      • coLin

        unless you forget, lol

  • Onyxus_Music

    You reap what you sow… 😉

  • HouserM.D

    it isnt that hard to open a deb file and look for malware to BS, The tweaks now are shit and I haven’t found any that is worth buying. I pirate all day, not going to stop

    • And depending on who you ask there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this…

  • jgr627

    Another day another loss goes up for the jailbrake community. #StockiOS safest way to go

    • Dani Hayes

      It’s all about opinion.

    • Cristian Bustillo


  • Eli Montoya

    6 of Mine Are probably in there

  • Abi Manyu

    so? pretty sure i have 6 UDIDs on that list or any other leaked list, gooo pirates!!!

  • osm70

    My UDID is on that list. So, why do I care? I dont.

    Here you go:


  • Marcus

    Hahahahahaha you had it coming piraters! I smiled when I saw this post 😀

    • I’m a filthy pirate and my UDID is nowhere to be found on that list.

      Suck it, loser. 🙂

    • Ryan / reeὶὶkѳ™

      DAE all pirates deserve to have their personal info leaked???

  • n0ahcruz3

    Lol i think my ipod touch is there but i dont care. I specifically jailbreak that cause i dont use it to store my personal info etc. just for jailbreak purpose. Its a 4th gen. Need to upgrade, hope apple unveils a new ipod touch reduce the price of the 5th gen then i’ll buy that one.

  • Fanboy 

    Not on there, but I could care less! Here you go everybody 😀


  • Shaun Conway

    The only problem I have with this is I see all of these blogs telling us how bad it is to pirate tweaks then the next tweet or blog they do is telling us how to install moviebox or popcorn time. The jailbreak community is a bunch of hypocrites who pirate TV and movies everyday but slap our hands for pirating apps and tweaks. I’m not saying I do or don’t but you can’t have it both ways, a pirate is a pirate and a hypocrite is a hypocrite.

    • I absolutely refuse to pay for any app or tweak on my phone.

      Never have paid, never will pay. The hypocritical jailbreak scene can kiss my elongated shaft for all I care. Half the shit developers release onto Cydia are half-assed attempts at gaining fifteen minutes of fame, anyways.

      Hardly anything you’d consider worth paying for.

  • Warmachine69

    The only thing you can do with the UDID is sign it with a dev account to get beta’s or to get beta apps nothing molicious but it’s weird that they now how many % makes purchases
    All in all try to find free legit replacements for your pirate tweak

    • Guest

      So they were able to compare the UDIDs with cydia’s? I call BS. If not, Jason Freeman has some answering to do. Again, I call BS.

  • Ottawa Gamerz

    dont pirate in the good old usa come to Canada and download as much as u wish 🙂

  • Vin Tendo

    Would be great if Cydia used this info to ban…

    but it won’t happen… just like morals going into a pirates head will never happen as well..

    • why would you ban these D: There is at least like 20-40 people on the list that actually purchase stuff like me 🙁

  • Brandon Michael

    Lets release a list of meaningless strings that contain no personally identifiable information that no one gives a crap about. Awesome…

  • Sebastion, cpvideomaker is a rampant distributor of child pornography on the TOR net. He uses the username here on the light side of the internet because he thinks people will not know the hell it means.

    Through social engineering and other doxing techniques, I have uncovered what that sick filth does to aid in the destruction of children’s lives the world over. You can choose to write about this if you want, but I already have my own plans.

    • I think you’re confusing me with the wrong “CP”VideoMaker. You see, I made this username when I was 6 years old and CP stands for “Club Penguin”. I’m sure on TOR it means something else though… Also, I prefer grown men.

      • I think you’re confusing yourself.

        I said cpvideomaker, not CPVideoMaker101… you’re not the guy of which I refer to. UGH GET IT RIGHT AND STAY OUT OF THE PRIVACY THAT IS MY PUBLIC INTERNET COMMENT!

  • Krish Damany

    Developers should do what bitesms did, and make the app free for everyone to use, but with limited features that you can choose to purchase later

  • divesh

    I’m there in the list! Now what? U know I dont have a bank account or a credit/debit card, i could pay with amazon gift card which they dont want 😛

  • johnsylver

    does anyone still have the leak file?