iOS 8 QuickType (teaser 001)

Merely a week following the first beta of what would become the major iOS 8.1 bug-fix update, the iPhone maker on Tuesday seeded iOS 8.1 Beta 2 to its registered iOS developers, in addition to new Apple TV and Xcode software betas.

According to the Cupertino firm, iOS 8.1 Beta 2 with build number 12B407 (up from the previous iOS 8.1 Beta 1 with build number 12B401) contains bug fixes and stability improvements throughout the system.

It’s available as an over-the-air update if you have the first beta installed or standalone through Apple’s Dev Center portal for developers.

Note that devices updated to iOS 8.1 Beta 2 can not be restored to earlier versions of iOS. The Apple TV Software Beta 2 with support for Family Sharing is available to developers, too, to test AirPlay and HomeKit functionality with their iOS apps.

Xcode 6.1 Golden Master seed 2 (build number 6A1046a) can also be downloaded through Dev Center with the Xcode IDE, iOS Simulator and all required tools and frameworks for building OS X and iOS apps.

iOS 8.1 Beta 2 (Dev Center teaser 001)

If released alongside new Touch ID-capable iPads on October 20 as rumored, iOS 8.1 is expected to enable Apple Pay while fixing numerous bugs plaguing Apple’s iOS 8. The chances of iOS 8.1 bringing out some of the missing features that’ve failed to materialize in the initial release are slim at this point.

There are indications that Apple may be planning to decouple major iOS releases from hardware launches in order to avoid software issues that have spoil the fun for some.

Apple Pay (screenshot 001, Hamza Sood)
Apple Pay screenshot courtesy of iOS developer Hamza Sood.

In years past, Apple timed major iOS releases with new iPhones and iPads around Fall, following-up by a substantial update early in the following year.

This time around, Apple’s software development teams have had a lot on their plate, from iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite to Apple Pay and new iCloud features. Bringing all these new software features to market at approximately the same time has strained development teams, so something had to give like we’re seeing now in the form of the widely reported iOS 8 teething issues.

apple pay iPhone 6 convenient

We’ll be updating this article with a running list of changes as we discover them. Feel free to email us at if you spot anything not mentioned here.

  • Jordan

    Hey guys just wanted to let you know predictive keyboard is now free!

    • Giacomo Castellucci

      thanks, i didn’t notice !!

    • Slifur

      Link please!

      • Giacomo Castellucci

        look it up on cydia

      • Jordan

        It’s right in cydia just download the actual tweak. There giving it away now

      • Slifur

        Found it tnx!!

      • Jordan

        No problem enjoy!

    • It was paid before?

      • Giacomo Castellucci

        free trial and then paid

      • Jordan

        Yes free trial and then u had to pay for it

      • ‘Ariff

        3 day free trial. then you have to pay for it via a license bought using paypal

    • Keith


    • Tony Trenkle Jr.

      iOS has a predictive keyboard built in now though. 🙂

      • Jordan

        Yea but IOS doesn’t have all my awesome jailbreak tweaks

      • Tony Trenkle Jr.

        Frankly I dont miss a lot of my jailbreak tweaks with iOS 8. Only one really is Phantom for Snapchat. Oh and Movie Box.

  • Trevor Salmon

    Please fix the WIFI issue!!!


    • Dany Quirion

      runs AMAZINGLY on ios 8.1 beta 2 and its just the beta 😀

      • iPodDroid

        What Device?

      • Matt Taylor

        Not iPad3

      • Dany Quirion

        Iphone 6

  • Fede777

    So what’s new?

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        The office mention. @melvco would be proud

  • JS3

    so its true that if you update to 8.1 beta 2 you CANNOT downgrade to 8.0.2?

    • Peter Belsley

      not without loosing all of the data device

      • Giuseppe Zangari

        How can I downgrade, no matter the data?

  • Delfos Sambucetti Arturaola

    Is apple pay running on the bata?

    • VITICO

      nope.. don’t see that option in settings yet..

  • Jensen

    8.1 beta 2 is much smoother especially when it comes to app switching.

  • Hendo27

    Have they fixed the issue with no keyboard showing when using quick reply???

  • Hopefully they fix the “easy dismissal of quick reply” – Typing out a full reply and going to hit Send only to hit slightly below it in the blank space and it dismissing quick reply and deleting everything one has just typed.

  • Rares

    “iPhone 4s users: GREAT NEWS! iOS 9 will not make your iPhone 4s run any slower than iOS 8 because iOS 9 will not run on your device.”

  • Abracastabya

    Just coughed up the $107 for Dev account…8.0.2 was killing me. 8.1 b2 is much better! I’ll definitely put my Dev privileges to good use and report any bugs I find.

    • George

      What a waste of money you can get it free…

      • Abracastabya

        Aids are free as well, but that doesn’t mean I want them. I’m paying for piece of mind and convenience. Price doesn’t matter.

      • George

        Just saying, I don’t see a point in paying for developer when you’re not going to use the service to its fullest. We don’t have to get ripped off all our lives 🙂

    • Matt Taylor

      I installed 8.1 on all my devices without the need of a dev account! Just hold shift/option when clicking update in iTunes and choose a downloaded 8.1 ipsw :-/

  • WolfgangHoltz

    Wow new beta this week too. iOS 8 must be the most unfinished release of all time.

  • iPodDroid

    Does anyone know if most issues from iOS 8 are fixed in this beta? Does it feel smoother?

  • Guest

    Interesting find

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  • Thorasgard

    Wow! This new release has cut my microwave charging time by 46%!

  • Sunny

    can i still install beta 1 and OTA update?

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  • andy

    Should i update it on my ipod touch 5th, any speed improvements, stability and all!!!!? thanks.

  • Matt Taylor

    Still slow and laggy on the iPad3

  • Nick Bro

    Already paid for it months ago. Support jailbreak community ftw!