A few weeks ago, we showed you ClassicLockScreen, a tweak by CoolStar and Phillip Tennen that provides over four different styles which you can apply to your Lock screen. Ascend is a somewhat similar jailbreak tweak by Ben Rosen that brings a gorgeous look to your Lock screen.

The tweak brings back the popular iOS 6 Slide to Unlock slider with an iOS 7-esque style along with a blurred background and top bar. Additionally, it gets rid of the round passcode buttons and replaces it with a flatter interface and a transparent background. The same applies to the notifications that appear on the Lock screen.

Ascend also supports a handful of other jailbreak tweaks including Forecast, Stride 2, Convergence and much more.


Once you install Ascend, head to its preference pane from the stock Settings app to start configuring it. From there, you can enable or disable the tweak right away as well as enable or disable the dark mode and use the original passcode interface that features round keys instead of the customized one that comes with the tweak. You’ll also find a slider that allows you to adjust the blur radius of the tweak’s elements.

Personally, I find the tweak’s design quite appealing and if I were to choose between Ascend and ClassicLockScreen, I’d go with the former. While the tweak works perfectly without any issues, the only problem I faced is that the ‘Emergency Call’ button on the passcode screen is unresponsive no matter how many times you press it. Other than this, the tweak provides a great experience.

If you’re interested to bring a more elegant look to your Lock screen, you should definitely consider giving Ascend a try. You can get the tweak from Cydia’s BigBoss repository for $1, which in my opinion is worth the price. It also supports iOS 7.1.x devices only, so if you’re running on a lower firmware, then you’re out of luck.

What do you think of Ascend? Do you prefer Ascend or ClassicLockScreen? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Chetan

    Off-topic but if anyone at iDB wants to cover the news of iPhone launch in India then its just confirmed by apple.. It was not in the list of countries but apple has confirmed pre-orders starting 7th Oct and release at 17th Oct.. Price starts 53,000₹ (approx 900$) for iPhone 6 and 62,500₹ (approx 1050$) for iPhone 6 plus..

    • Yash Gorana

      Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Diego Milano

      Are we safe to assume those are unlocked?

      • Chetan

        Yes all what apple officially sells in India is always unlocked. Only the iPhones that come through the grey market may or may not be unlocked.

      • XZavier

        gray market??? I thought it was called the black market…

      • Shuvam

        Ummm… its basically the same thing!

  • Linton Findlay

    looks like a cross between ayecon for pre-ios 7 lockscreen and intelliscreenx ios7

  • Dan

    nice tweak, but going to stick with Lockinfo

  • Firedomain

    Where’s Jeff’s videos?
    All the tweaks keep getting covered by others…

  • Straw hat

    This tweak is gorgeous!! But i recommend not buy it yet, it has alot of bugs. I just installed it a few mins ago and it doesnt seem to work well with convergence lite or cleverpin. The dev who made it seems to have stopped working in this tweak so now it’s this other dev who’s taking on this. Hopefully the bugs get taken out because i like this tweak 😀

  • Nathan

    This tweak isn’t even polished. It’s full of memory leaks everywhere…

  • Muhammad !

    iOS 6 + iOS 7 = and you have this

    • Diego Milano

      No kidding, I acknowledge the developer effort but I’m passing.

  • HooDatty

    Throwback to earlier ios’s, if that’s your thang.

  • RV

    not compatible with 7.0.x =(

    • Andrew

      Why didn’t you update to 7.1.2?

      • RV

        I was about to rejailbreak my ipod but i was too late for the signing of 7.1.2 🙁

  • pauleebe

    This + Ayeris would look amazing.

  • Jerry

    I need that wallpaper

    • HooDatty

      Look back a few pages of posts here. They were offered for download just the other day…

  • Anh Phan

    Is there really no way to make this awesome tweak running on iOS 7.0.x? 🙁

  • 3aloo1

    THE carrier of the iphone is du


  • Spencer McShan

    This is whig iOS 8 should have been