One of the many reasons that users jailbreak their iOS device is to customize it. If you’re looking for a tweak that allows you to customize the stock Messages app, you should definitely consider checking out Messages Customizer Pro.

The tweak has been produced by Charlie Hewitt, the same developer who created the Messages Customiser tweak earlier this year. The successor comes packed with additional new features and allows you to customize and theme the stock Messages app the way you want.

It offers over six different primary themes which you can choose, including:

  • Dark
  • Fade
  • Flat
  • Outlines
  • Translucent
  • Translucent Dark


And if you don’t like any of them, you can move on to create your own theme rather than use the default ones provided by the tweak. This is one of the major differences between the paid version and the free one released months ago. The best part of this tweak is that you can set different themes to different conversations or contacts, rather than have a theme applied to all contacts.


Once you install Messages Customizer Pro, you’ll find a bunch of customization options from the tweak’s preference pane. It is divided into several different sections. From there, you can enable or disable the tweak on demand, choose one of the primary themes as well as set a specific theme for individual conversations or contacts.

Just as mentioned earlier, you can ditch the default themes and create your own custom theme instead. This can be done by pressing the ‘New Theme’ button. You’ll be taken to a new page where you can customize the chat bubble colors, replace the default background of the conversation interface with a specific color, gradient, Home screen wallpaper or an image of your choice. You’ll also find a few more auxiliary features that allow you to adjust the width of the chat bubble, enable or disable bubble tails or contact pictures and much more.

Once you’re done creating your own theme, you can then choose it from the ‘Primary Theme’ section which will be applied to the Messages app right away without requiring you to kill the app and launch it again.

Other than this, the tweak also provides advanced options that let you customize the tint color of the app, show the contact pictures, enable quick switcher to easily switch back and forth between conversations and much more.

In a few words, Messages Customizer Pro is the best customization tweak that will give you a complete control over how your stock Messages app looks. My favorite feature is the quick switcher option allowing you to quickly switch between different conversations.

It works flawlessly without any issues and if you’ve been looking for a way to customize your Messages app, look no further than Messages Customizer Pro. You can purchase and install the tweak from Cydia’s BigBoss repository for $1.99.

Don’t forget to let us know what you think about the tweak in the comments section below.

  • Joseph


    • workin

      Is there Anything that can add photos to Messages background for each contact?

  • therealjjohnson

    Not a big fan.

  • I hope BiteSMS add something like this.

  • pauleebe

    Between Auki and MessagesCustomiser, I’m not sure if I need yet another one of these message apps, but sure looks cool ..

    • Mike M. Powell

      It’s only the pro version of the regular just with a bit more options ^_^

  • Dan

    guessing this wouldn’t be compatible in BiteSms

    • So far, it’s workin for me.

      • Dan

        oh yeah? thanks, I’ll give this a try

      • RuddyN

        Yep! Works for me, as well!

      • FasiYoo

        Having trouble here. Recently got the mc pro tweak, when I go to write a new text msg the app closes down. Can’t write a new text but can continue with received texts. Reboots & resprings don’t work.

    • ishatmypants

      Na it works perfect or try messages customizer

  • Chang in Charge

    Every time I see a post about jailbreak apps/tweaks I’m hoping I just somehow managed to miss a post that iOS 8 jaibreak has been released and that this is a tweak that is iOS 8 compatible. The first two days on 8 I didn’t miss the jailbreak but thats now over. I keep looking at these icon labels like “you’re not supposed to be here!”

    • Jack Wong

      I don’t know why we have to jailbreak anymore, we can buy fully unlocked iPhone on day1 since iPhone 5.

      Anyway, I do see some people still enjoy all these tweaks.

      • Chang in Charge

        Being unlocked is not even half of it, the customization is everything. The added benefits, the features, and of course the themes.

      • Jack Wong

        Also another feature, crashing.

        I stop doing jb since 4s because I need a stable

        Like I said in my first post, I see some people like all these little tweaks, I don’t have anything against them.

        Unlocked is a big part for the people who need to travel often, I do not want to bring 2 phones with me.

      • Chang in Charge

        Not to say that it doesn’t exist but I rarely experienced crashes on my jailbroken 4s. I experienced much more crashing on my jailbroken 5s and this wasn’t jailbreak specific. iOS 7 in general was buggy and I experienced a lot of crashing in the earlier versions, pre 7.1.X.

      • Jack Wong

        Glad for you.

    • Dan

      haha same here, I really missed Auxo 2, Lockinfo, CCControls and Apex, they really change the way you use the phone. I just said to hell with it and went back to 7.1.2.

      • Chang in Charge

        The tweaks I miss the most are Activator and Springtomize 3, and SwipeSelection Pro. I find myself performing gestures and I’m shocked when nothing happens.

  • Umut Bilgiç

    Loving the transparent and minimal loom

  • TheShade247

    Wish they allowed these tweaks in the App store

  • GzyOnline

    Awesome. HUGE fan here of biteSMS+Messages Customiser*! Go Charlie, go! 😀

  • Sandeep Roy

    Noob question – is it still advisable to jailbreak 7.1.2 ? any cons ?

    • Dan

      Cons, no, it’s super stable. It’s impossible if you’re not on 7.1.2 though since Apple stopped signing it.

      • workin

        Iphone 4 runs 7.1.2

      • Dan

        true, forgot about that

      • Sandeep Roy

        my friend is on 7.1.2, on iPhone 5, was asking for him 🙂

      • Sandeep Roy

        friend is on 7.1.2, on iPhone 5, was asking for him 🙂

  • Bob

    If you want to customize your phone, then get an Android.