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Back in June, Apple announced PhotoKit, a new way to edit photos using third-party apps and filters – all from the stock Photos app. Many legacy photography apps have received updates enabling these features, making accessible a great deal of functionality, all in one app. iOS users can now apply watermarks, filters, effects, and more directly in Photos, a feature iPhoneographers are sure to love.

We’ve brought together a list of the photo apps that have been updated to support Apple’s PhotoKit and can be downloaded now. 

Apps that use PhotoKit

  • Camera Plus ($1.99) – a remote camera app
  • Camera360 Ultimate (free) – photo editing with 200+ free filters
  • Fragment ($1.99) – add prismatic effects to your photos
  • Halftone 2 ($1.99) – comic book creator
  • iMovie (free) – Apple’s own video editing app
  • Litely (free) – add tones and adjust your photos
  • Lumiè ($1.99) – apply bokeh effects to photos
  • Photo Wizard Pro ($3.99) – photo editor with a variety of features
  • PIX2 (free) – add filters and words to photos
  • POMELO (free) – photo taking, editing, and filters
  • Replay (free) – video editor
  • Scanner Pro ($6.99) – turn images into PDFs
  • Snapchat (free) – send pictures and videos to friends
  • Quick (free) – add text to photos

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Apps will be added below as we notice them, so feel free to check back soon. If you’ve found a photo app we don’t have featured below, please contact us via email at or drop a comment below with a link to the app!

  • Antidote

    iMovie is not free.

    • Abdul

      Yes it is

      • It is not. (It’s free only on new iOS devices.)

      • Abdul

        Which means it is unless u stil have an iphone 3 running ios 3.

      • Nope, I have an iPhone 5. Apple announced this in 2013, iWork and iLife apps are free on iPhone 5s/5c and later, iPad Air, iPad Mini Retina and later.

      • Antidote

        I guess, I have to wait till I get my hands on my new shinny iPhone 6 +

      • It’s worth the wait. I’m getting my 6 Plus on Friday.

      • Abdullah Safdar

        Ur buying it alone

      • Nope, I’m getting it, and so are my friends. Also, no one asked for your opinion.

      • Abdullah Safdar

        You asked !

      • Nope. Go troll somewhere else, kid.

      • Unicorn Drank

        I got the 6+ and this thing is BIG! I was using an S5 before this and it’s still seems big, I’m slowly getting use to it, people in the streets can’t stop staring at the phone and making comments on how big the screen is but I guess they never had a Note 3 or seen on but it does feel like having a screen where I can have more real estate it also pokes out of my pocket just a little

      • Chris Wagers

        I dropped my iPhone 5 earlier this year and used apple care + and they gave me a new phone 5. When I set up it then showed I could idownload them free.

      • I didn’t know that. That’s cool!

      • valkyrie743

        find someone that has a new IOS device. log into your icloud (apple) accound on said device (in settings) profit from free apple apps.

        right now my father owns an ipad 4th gen. he wanted pages, and numbers app’s on his ipad (his apple account) but didnt want to pay 10 bucks. before i set up my iphone 6. i logged his account into my iphone. downloaded the apps, transferred purchases to his laptop. profit.

  • Guest

    Wtf is this

    • Timothy

      A diatribe on the drawbacks of transcendentalist holistic health care for iguanas. Obviously.

  • RarestName

    I am surprised at how easy this feature is to use.

  • Andrew Breyen

    I am updating to iOS 8 now–Anyone play with SnapChat? Can you upload photos from camera roll and send to My Story? This is one of the main reasons I am hesitant for iOS 8-I love Phantom!

    • John

      I know this is 11 hours old, but yes, you can send it directly to Snapchat using the Share Sheet.

  • Waiting on the Camera+ update once it’s done it’ll be the only camera app you’ll need…