iOS 8 Keyboard (SwiftKey 001)

With the launch of iOS 8 finally arriving, developers are updating their apps and introducing new ones that take advantage of the many new features. Several keyboards that have been around for a while, as well as some new ones, can now replace your default iOS keyboard forever.

Below is a comprehensive list of the keyboard apps that are available for users to download and install on iOS 8 right now. We’ll be updating the index as more releases come to our attention, so be sure to check back soon. If you are aware of an app that we haven’t featured below, email us at or leave a comment below with a link to the app!

iOS 8-ready keyboards

  • Brightkey (free) – a colorful keyboard
  • Color Keyboards ($0.99) – change the color of your keyboard
  • CooolKey (free) – highly customizable keyboard
  • Fleksy ($0.99) – supposedly the fastest keyboard in the world
  • KuaiBoard (50% off at $1.99) – a keyboard for text shortcut
  • Minuum (50% off $1.99) – a little keyboard for big fingers
  • MyScript Stack (free) – a handwriting alternative to your keyboard
  • SwiftKey (free) – a smart keyboard that learns from you
  • Swype ($0.99) – input words faster with swipes
  • TextExpander ($4.99) – a keyboard for shortcuts
  • TouchPal (Free) – type faster, or maybe I should say “swipe faster”

This post will be updated as more custom keyboards become available in the App Store.

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  • Albert

    AltKeyboard!!!! no love for Altkeyboard… 🙁

  • Sara Pilling

    CooolKey is £0.69p in the United Kingdom App Store!

  • valkyrie743

    i know this is probably asking way to much but i really loved the android (google) keyboard that i used when i had a nexus 5. the swipe and hovering dictation it does while you are swiping is just plain awesome.

    i also love that if you make a mistake, all you have to do is backspace once and it will delete that word. right now with swiftkey, if you or the keyboard types the wrong word, you have to backspace the number of letters that word has and thats very annoying.

    also is it just me, but why wont swiftkey on my iphone 6 make a keyboard click sound when i type? this is very annoying. is it just me or is it an issue with third party keyboards on IOS ?

  • Alex

    riffsy gif keyboard, its the best one

  • Leonard Sandoval

    The swift key picture is incorrect up above. The black does not have outline around the letters and the swipe key isn’t blue