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Vanity Fair is reporting this afternoon that world-famous designer Marc Newson will be joining Apple’s design team. His exact role is unknown at this time, but he will be working closely with long-time friend Jony Ive, and his design team, to help shape future products.

The outlet says that Newson will continue to be based out of the United Kingdom, but he will frequently travel to Cupertino. The designer has in the past collaborated with Ive on design work for Apple, but today’s announcement makes his input and participation official.

3ATMOS_561_3-4Atmos 561 Clock by Jaeger Le-Coultre, one of Newson’s many designs.

“Marc is without question one of the most influential designers of this generation,” Ive told Vanity Fair. “He’s extraordinarily talented. We are particularly excited to formalize our collaboration as we enjoy working together so much and have found our partnership so effective.”

“I’m full of admiration and respect for the extraordinary design work that has been produced by Jony and the team at Apple,” Newson said. “My close friendship with Jony has not only given me a unique insight into that process, but the opportunity to work together with him and the people that have been responsible. I am enormously proud to join them.”

Like Ive, Marc Newson has had his work archived by MoMA, and has been commissioned by several prominent companies including Ford, Nike, and Qantas Airways. Apple fans will recognize him as Ive’s partner in designing specialty items for Sotheby’s big Product Red charity auction last fall.

Apple has made a number high-profile hires over the past two years, including former Burberry C.E.O Angela Ahrendts, Yves Saint Laurent’s Paul Deneve, and Nike’s Ben Shaffer. It also recently acquired Beats Electronics, along with their two hot shot executives Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre.

[Vanity Fair]

  • Bambino

    Man, Apple just can’t lose. This is big.

  • Jonathan

    Is it just me, or when I read “He’s extraordinarily talented”, I heard it in Jony Ive’s voice?

    • Melvco

      alu-minium. :o)

    • avd98

      “We always thought of design as being so much more than just how something looks” “It’s the whole thing that actually works, on so many different levels.” British accent ftw

      • Jonathan

        lol, read that in his voice too. xD

  • Melvco

    Wow, what insanely, ridiculously huge news.

  • Off topic. Is there any reason why iDB didn’t blog about the flagship Galaxy Note 4?

    • Abi Manyu

      well, if samsung release iGalaxy or iNote in the future, make sure to come back here, i bet iDB will write tons of articles for it…

      • N&LH

        “if samsung release iGalaxy or iNote in the future”…Wrong, IDB used to blog about Samsung devices

      • Rowan09

        They wrote about the Moto 360.

      • Oh would you look at that, we got a new kid in the block. Here’s some insight; they wrote about the Note 2, the S4, S5, Galaxy Gear, other Apple competitor products, etc. Them not writing about this flagship is just odd.

      • Abi Manyu

        sure, if you mean wrote about samsung are : hey guys, look, a new copycat is just released or look, new ad from samsung galaxy mocking iPhones… just wait until the new ad for Note 4 is released, i bet it will “includes” iPhone in it, then please come back here, iDB will surely write about it. be patient…

      • Implying Apple doesn’t copy…pathetic.

      • Abi Manyu

        where did i write that? don’t put words in my mouth… double pathetic… now that you don’t have anything to support your own statement, you try to steer it out of topic, hey mr old kid on the block… i bet i’ve been on this site longer than you…

      • Sure you didn’t write it out, hence why I stated it is implied you numbskull. If you didn’t know (due to lack of English comprehension), that’s what is implied by this:

        “hey guys, look, a new copycat is just released”

        Whether or not you’ve been on this site longer, you’re still proving to be a newbie here…

      • Abi Manyu

        that’s only your opinion, idiot. If you don’t have a written proof that i said apple doesn’t copy, implying is still just an opinion, so you still trying to put those words in my mouth…
        even if i were a newbie, my knowledge of this site is far better, i know that iDB won’t write about shamesung flagship if it got nothing to to with those iDevices… next time check you facts before try acting smart.

    • SkyFall

      I think they will write an article about it and the 5.5 iPhone 6. I personally think its a really cool device (It’s powerful, awesome res and display, finally good build quality, more gimmicky features (which i kinda like) etc). The Note edge not so much, maybe because its a new and kinda different product (with the curved screen), and I think it will be more vulnerable when falling due to the curve. But i might be wrong.

    • felixtaf

      They may. But you will see so many whiners in that post bashing them for it!
      Note 4 is a nice device. But Note 4 Edge is meh – Samsung’s coke-head approach on smartphones. Who knows it may be the future or will go down like Galaxy Round!

      • Rowan09

        The Edge is only being released in limited markets and I don’t think the US is one of them. It’s not going to sell well and they didn’t give any prices on any of the devices.

      • felixtaf

        Note 4 was ‘allegedly’ priced at 800Euros. But in US, it may come for 300$ on contract or 800$ off-contract.

        Agree on Note 4 Edge. Its a trial and error product and its a good device to have banner ads in landscape mode. lol…

      • Kurt

        Ads will be used in some apps for sure! Maybe it will be a good thing for the free apps that have it since it will push them off the screen and onto the new area? But still I’ll be annoyed to see ads. Hopefully devs will use the area. Could be a great thing. Just not sure how many devs will take the time to add the code for it.

      • SkyFall

        800 Euros? With tax or without tax? If thats true i can see the Note 4 being priced 900+ Euros in Greece. (S5 is 700 euros without tax and 800 with tax. The 5s is 600 without tax and 700 with tax (16 GB).

      • felixtaf

        Dont know exactly. Its a rumoured Europe price.

    • Rowan09

      I was thinking the same thing. They usually write articles about flagship phones but they didn’t have anything about the Note 4, Edge and VR. I watched the Unpacked Event online and I didn’t like the fact they didn’t get any prices or release date for anything besides the Note 4 coming in October some time. The Gear S is really confusing to me because you’ll need to purchase a separate service to use it as demonstrated in the Unpacked Event. VR is cool, but I don’t really see the need for a phone to use VR and they didn’t show much to persuade me either.

    • Kurt

      I forgot about the release of the Note 4, then on youtube I saw MobileTechReview do a quick look at the Note 4 and the Edge. The Edge looks really cool, as long as its used for menus, additional buttons, news ticker, etc and not a persistent banner ad. I’d love to see phones and tablets incorporate innovative designs like this. So glad to see the Note get OIS. That was my number one feature I wanted to see.

      • Yeah, all this stuff people are calling “weird” is actually Samsung making innovative hardware changes. Who knows what awesome new ways of SmartPhone usage the Edge would unveil besides time…it could be a big battery saver for going through your notifications, only turning on the big screen when you see something you want to take action on.

  • oralarts

    Nice job of copying virtually everything that Vanity Fair broke.

  • Bob

    Jony Ive is so awesome!

  • siddique

    jony Ive <3

  • Marvin

    Yes Jeasus ! … No i mean Yes IVE !