ClassicLockScreen is a brand new jailbreak tweak that debuted on Cydia recently and allows you to replace the current Lock screen style on iOS 7 with one of the four different styles supplied by the tweak.

The tweak offers four different Lock screen styles: classic, ‘Modern Mode’, ‘Dark Mode’ and ‘7.1 Slider Style’. The classic mode ports the exact iOS 6 Lock screen style to iOS 7 and brings back the iOS 6 media control buttons, lock keypad as well as the unlock sound. The Modern and Dark modes feature a stylish ‘Slide to Unlock’ slider with a blur background and top bar. The difference between the two styles is that the latter sports a darker look.

On the other hand, the ‘7.1 Slider Style’ is quite similar to the BlurSlide tweak we reviewed earlier, but is more complete. It changes the original ‘Slide to Unlock’ slider design to that of iOS 7.1.x’s power off slider style and adds a blur bar behind the time.

After you install ClassicLockScreen, the classic mode will be enabled immediately and you’ll view the iOS 6 Lock screen style. To choose a different style, head to the tweak’s preferences pane from the stock Settings app. You’ll find a kill switch toggle to enable or disable the tweak as well as a few other toggles that let you enable or disable the Lock screen Camera, album artwork as well as Lock screen seconds.


There are also three other toggles that allow to choose the style you want. The developer notes that switching from the classic mode to the Modern mode requires you to respring your device.

The tweak looks great on paper, but it kept on crashing constantly on my iPhone 5s running iOS 7.0.4. When I installed it on a different device running 7.1.2 instead, the classic and Modern modes worked perfectly, but the remaining two modes failed to function properly. So I won’t guarantee that it would definitely work smoothly on your device as well.

Developed by CoolStar, Jeremy Goulet, and Phillip Tennen, ClassicLockScreen is available in the BigBoss repo for $0.99.

What do you think of ClassicLockScreen? Did it work properly on your device? Let us know in the comments section below.


  • KsbjA

    I’m not a jailbreaker, but THIS IS COOL. Nostalgia for the win!

  • Frank Anthony

    hm.. okay oo

  • Jonathan

    Yeah, Coolstar’s awesome.

  • justme

    I’m looking for iOS6 Safari & Music Player theme for iPad :S
    I don’t like the static white bar of the safari on iOS7

    • Tbh Safari and the Music app on the iPad on iOS 7 sucks. The music app is basically blown up from the iPhone app and doesn’t utilise the full screen real estate and Safari is just awful (although much better on iOS 8).

      • justme

        yep, the music app on iOS 6 is much better than iOS7, I like it soo much, hope they change it again in iOS8.1 or iOS9 like Yosemite’s iTunes and have the posibility to change to dark mode.

    • Giacomo Castellucci

      try ClassicApps from coolstar

  • iNeedANameHere

    iPhone 5S vibrates any time finger is on the home button after the update. Home screen, in app, or lock screen.

  • David Gitman

    I like the left one. pretty cool

  • test_11

    ClassicLockscreen does support for iPad?

    • Jonathan

      It does support it.

  • Muhammad !

    I remember when people used to complain about iOS6 lock screen and they needed a new design, and now they want to go back to it …. smh!!

    • Not me!

      • varcetty

        what lockscreen is this?

      • Subtlelock – To adjust the position of the slide-to-unlock text HideMe7 – To hide the chevron (this ‘>’)
        Forecast – For the weather
        Grabby – For the app launcher (the icons at the bottom, swipe up and the app will open without me needing to input my password)

      • Mike Colacone Saal

        how did you get the date and clock on the same time and the weather in the upper right.. i have the clock on the top left, date on top right and weather in the bottom left, i want it more like yours

      • Change the option in the Forecast settings. I can’t remember the option but there aren’t too many so you should find it…

      • Mike Colacone Saal

        I have tried everything I think lol.

      • Forecast –> Show Weather –> With Clock

      • Mike Colacone Saal

        I had that and it just made the weather disappear but then I changed the clock setting from subtle to default and it fixed it. Thanks a lot!

    • Damian

      yeah iOS 6 lock screen was horrible to look at since it had not change from the original release. People were sick and tired of it and customized the shit out of it :P.

      Now they want it back. Where is the logic? I dont know.

      • Just like people were sick and tired of Windows 7 and Microsoft released Windows 8/8.1 which is radically different and now people are like “eww I hate changge, how do I get Windows 7 back”

      • Damian

        omission of start button in windows 8 is a big fail though. Change for worse definitely

      • Change for the worse for you. The new Start Screen replaces 3 needs with 1 in my case; start-menu, side-bar widgets, and docking software like ObjectDock.

      • Damian

        obviously you did not use start button in the proper way if you are saying it is not a big miss.
        BTW, anything that looks like tablet on my PC is a big NO and WHY? why would I use tablet apps on my PC, more importantly why am I forced to this whole tablet environment on my PC? BIG WHY?

      • Obviously you’re too closed minded and afraid of change if you can’t realize the benefits of the Start Screen.

        BTW, you’re using those terms wrongly. You meant to say:

        “BTW, anything that looks like touch-optimized app on my Laptop is a big NO and WHY? why
        would I use tablet apps on my Laptop, more importantly why am I forced to this whole tablet environment on my PC? BIG WHY?”

        First off, you’re not forced to use the Start Screen; there are loads of free Start Menu programs (like Start Menu Reviver) if you’re too afraid of change.

        Second off, just ’cause an app/program is optimized for touch doesn’t mean it can no longer be used via mouse and keyboard. I prefer the stock Music/Video and Reader apps to their desktop counterparts (Windows Media Player and Adobe Acrobat respectively), even when my Surface Pro is in Laptop form.

        Why? ‘Cause the stock Music/Video apps support the onscreen HUD controls of Windows 8 and offer the same functions I was using most of the time in Windows Media Player. As for the Reader app, operating it via mouse/keyboard just seems smoother than Adobe Acrobat (which I use for more advanced PDF tasks besides reading), especially when I want to zoom with my touchpad or make quick annoations on a PDF. It’s all a matter of preference.

        If you don’t want to use those touch apps, it’s as simple as setting your default programs to the whicever desktop counterpart you desire, in Control Panel > Default Programs > Set Default Programs.

      • Damian

        Everything you wrote here is somehow true but far from reality.

        I am using PC desktop, no laptops or touchscreen, and I dislike every single bit of tablet app environment.

        I am early adopter of windows 8 and I had been testing betas from day 1 including purchases if it. Never looked back and I am not afraid of any changes. So please stop making stupid assumptions.

        Tablet environment is crappy and useless on my desktop yet I have to customize and change setting to avoid seeing it.

        I am not gonna discuss it any further because you can always make a point tthat it is perfect and you can change it to your liking. To me it is a hustle

      • Yeah I guess the start-menu should be integrated to make everyone happy…

      • Damian

        Imagine if Mac forces you to use this pseudo iPad environment called launchpad. Thankfully They don’t.

      • It actually works similar to the Start Screen; a place for organizing shortcuts to your apps. Only difference is one stores only mouse/keyboard apps (Launchpad) the other stores both mouse/keyboard apps and multiusage (metro) apps.

  • Dan

    If i would upgrade to iOS 7 on my device then this classic lock screen would be the first I install.
    But unless I cannot have all the stock apps themed and the folder to look like iOS 6 then I will still stay on my iOS 6 version. It is eye candy for me 🙂

  • Victor Lee

    I am using Android “Time Machine Locker” now, it auto setup memorable photo of mine, doesn’t need any extra setting

  • Oscar

    I installed and it doesn’t work ? I have an iPhone 5s running iOs 7.1.1 . After I install it it says mobile substrate is protecting my device , and it goes into safe mode . Any help ?