iPad Air 2 dummy (NowhereElse 005)

According to DigiTimes, a hit-and-miss Taiwanese trade publication, Apple’s suppliers are ramping up production of components for a second-generation iPad Air, which sources describe as being thinner, faster and incorporating the widely expected Touch ID fingerprint scanning feature.

The report Tuesday doesn’t shed more light on the matter beyond stating the obvious, that the device will run the upcoming A8 processor and be thinner than the current-generation iPad Air, which itself is 7.5mm (about 0.29 inch) thick.

DigiTimes writes that touch panel makers TPK, GIS and other suppliers have now received orders for full-lamination units. Even though the iPad Air 2 should remain unchanged in terms of size and resolution, sources that spoke to DigiTimes expect a “thinner” device equipped with “an enhanced processor” and sporting ”improved fingerprint recognition” features.

As the current iPad Air lacks fingerprint scanning, the ”improved fingerprint recognition” likely refers to a second-generation Touch ID that’s expected to make its debut on the iPhone 6 at the September 9 event.

The report also adds that Sharp, Japan Display and LG Display are seeing orders increase for the iPhone 6 screens. Should Apple stick to its release schedule, expect the next-generation iPad lineup to be unveiled at a separate media event in October.

In addition to the aforementioned features, the iPad Air 2 should incorporate a new anti-reflective coating making the screen easier to read, subtle design changes and 2GB of RAM to power the rumored split-screen multitasking.

A 12.9-inch ‘iPad Pro’ model is said to be in tow for an early-2015 introduction, according to the rumor-mill and big media like Bloomberg.


  • Jason Baroni

    Just sold my 1st Gen iPad mini today to grab this new Air, when launched. To me there was no need for a better processor, but I am totally up to Touch Id. However, I would be glad if they present us a camera upgrade.

    • Chang in Charge

      just sold my retina mini to grab the iphone 6 i been on a selling spree getting rid of all tech that i barely use to grab the 64 gb iPhone 6 off contract

      • Jason Baroni

        A 64GB iPhone Air/ 6 in my country will be around US$1500. I am already announcing my apartment.

      • Chang in Charge

        Ouch! I’m already hesitant about dropping a stack on an iPhone but a stack and a half too rich for my blood.

      • Marly Marl

        in Jamaica the iPhone 6 will cost about USD$1200. Which country are u from?

      • Jason Baroni


    • I appreciate that Apple does not update the screen size every year on there iPads/tablet as Samsung does. Also I’m not many consumers would mind a 2-year life cycle before the next one is released. Only making it thinner and faster isn’t much to brag about in an upgrade :/ The touch ID would be an okay addition but much better if we also had the ability to have more use accounts to go with it.. just my opinion..

      • Rowan09

        They upgrade it because the media would call it outdated, etc.

      • Apple could care less about the media.. The expensive 5C shows that lol. The media was all over and so sure it would be a cheaper alternative…

  • Thiago Vaccaro

    I have an off-topic question, please answer!

    Will my iOS 8 beta 5 iPhone Backup work on a 7.1.2 iOS?

    • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

      No. Since its beta, it will not wok.

      • It won’t work but its not because of that. Its because a newer back up won’t won’t on the older OS.

      • Ali

        There’s a fix for that. You can modify the plist to change the iOS version and then backup/restore with no issues. Google it.

      • I won’t recommend that because of certain features and settings won’t be available to the older OS.

      • Marly Marl

        He might not be jalbroken and probably doesnt want to.

      • The plist to be modified is in the Backup………

      • Ali

        Doesn’t require a jailbreak.

  • Guest

    I appreciate that Apple does update the screen size every year on there iPads. In fact Im sure we can deal with a 2-year life cycle before the next one is release. Only making it thinner and faster isn’t much to brag about in an upgrade :/ just my opinion..

    • justme

      I agree with you, Apple need to stop launching every year thinny updates on iPad just for sold. everyone knows that the iPad’s Life is about 2-3 years not six months. If they want sold something new the iPad of the next generation need to bring something really NEW features “software & hardware”

  • Brian 

    What about the iPad Air 3? When does that come out?

  • Blip dude

    I’ll wait for the next gen. I definitely have no problems with my iPad Air and it is pretty much a laptop replacement 90% of the time. I’m making through College just fine without the need for an upgrade. Touch ID?? Pff, not only do I not have a passcode on my i5, I don’t plan on using Touch ID on the next gen iPhone I purchase.

  • Andres

    So possibly iphone 6 and next gen iPad