Tim Cook holding iPad Pro (Bloomberg mockup 001)

Tuesday, unnamed sources told Bloomberg that Apple has been gearing up to introduce a larger 12.9-inch iPad early next year.

For what it’s worth, the story contradicts a March report by the mostly unreliable DigiTimes which claimed the project had been put on hold over various developmental issues.

Compared to the 9.7-inch iPad Air, the rumored device — dubbed by the press the ‘iPad Pro’ — would offer a significantly bigger canvas for your apps, media and content. At the same time, a 12.9-inch iPad would be just a hair smaller than the 13.3-inch MacBook Air and significantly bigger — 3 inches bigger to be exact — than the iPad Air.

So, who wants a giant iPad?

Keep in mind that increasing the screen size would decrease the iPad’s mobility and put the device in the category of convertible laptops and oversized tablets that moonlight as notebooks, like Microsoft’s Surface Pro.

iPad Pro mockup (Curved.de 001)

So, would you consider buying a larger iPad (assuming the price is right)?

Cast your vote now.

If anything, such a device could revert a slowdown in sales of iPads and tablets in general. Sales of the Apple tablet came below expectations in the last quarter with the reported 13.2 million units sold versus the 14.4 million expected.

On the other hand, a larger iPad would undeniably cater to high-end users, creative professionals and people in specific industry verticals such as healthcare, construction, design and so forth, in addition to technology addicts who can’t help but lay their hands on whatever latest thing happens to be lurking around the corner.

iPad Pro (Business Insider mockup 001)
Mockup props to Business Insider.

Some analysts are not convinced that a larger iPad makes sense.

“I don’t believe in its viability because as you increase the screen size, you decrease the mobility of the product,” MarketWatch quoted Jean Philippe Bouchard, IDC’s research director of mobile enterprise software and applications, as saying.

For good measure, Jimmy Kimmel on last night’s show ran a fun skit to the rumor, illustrating how taking pictures in public using a huge iPad would make you look like a loser.


In a brief interview with Re/code’s Walt Mossberg, Apple CEO Tim Cook called the slowdown in iPad just a “speed bump”.

“I’d call what’s going on recently a speed bump, and I’ve seen that in every category,” he said.

iPad Pro mockup (Curved.de 004)

Research firm NPD DisplaySearch predicted in a July research note that tablet shipments will grow 14 percent to 285 million units in 2014, a sharp decline from its previous forecast of 315 million units. By 2017, NPD says, the annual growth rate for the category will drop to single digits.

At any rate, we’ll find out in a few months’ time whether such a device exists: Bloomberg’s sources say a 12.9-inch iPad is due for an early-2015 release, adding that production of the device is scheduled to begin by the first quarter of next year.

Illustration top of post credited to Bloomberg. iPad Pro concept renderings by German website Curved.de.

  • Manor

    Just bought a macbook pro today 🙂

    • omrishtam


    • Tom

      Me too 😀

    • Muhammad !

      What am I supposed to feel !?

  • Envisage

    Answer is no. Not because I’m against the size but because Apple won’t alter the OS. I’m starting university in September as a law student and my main concerns are It needs to be lightweight and have full laptop functionality whilst also being a tablet, Which is why I’m going to get the Surface Pro 3. if it’s going to be that large then it must have laptop functionality.

    • Shawn

      Just get a macbook. The surface is terrible in its tablet regard

    • Husam Hamed

      What about a MB Air?

    • Kurt

      Surface Pro 3 is an excellent choice. Best tablet around. Great stylus. I’ll probably getting one soon also.

      • leart

        the poll is: would you consider a larger iPad?

        which part you don’t understand?

      • Kurt

        Excellent, get your ass up to the poll and make a choice. I did, comments are not the poll you twit.

        which part didn’t you understand?

      • The Surface 3 isn’t a tablet. It’s more of a hybrid. Comparing it to the iPad and Galaxy Tab, and Nexus, etc is unfair since the aforementioned devices are nothing like the Surface Pro 3. The Surface Pro 3 is a device that can’t make up its mind whether it’s a tablet or a laptop similar to how the phanlet tries to be a tablet and a phone. I’m sure there’s a market out their for hybrid tablets and laptops but comparing them to devices whose sole purpose is to be a tablet is just wrong. The Surface Pro 3 needs to be compared against other hybrid devices…

      • *FACE PALM*. A tablet is just another form-factor of a PC. The form-factor barely has anything to do with the functionality of the device. Majority of the device’s functionality is defined by the OS, and there’s no rule of thumb stating that it has to be limited to consumption tasks or bastardized apps (like iOS/Android/Windows RT) in order to consider the hardware, on which it runs on, as a Tablet. Nor is that a requirement to consider the OS a “mobile OS”. A mobile OS is simply one that is designed to run on the mobile form-factors of a PC (Tablet and SmartPhone/PDA).

        So, comparing them is reasonable ’cause they can both serve as tablets. Besides, the iPad (or any other ARM tablet) being limited doesn’t reduce their price proportional to how limited they are.

      • You clearly haven’t read a book called “the dictionary” lately.

        The Surface Pro 3 isn’t small and nor does it exclusively accept input from a screen when you consider the fact that many desktop applications need the input of a keyboard and/or mouse.

      • Look who’s talking. If you yourself had read that same book, you would have seen this (http://bit ly/1nKkaHK), this (http://bit ly/1me6PK3) and (http://bit ly/1Cb7kf6), and won’t be posting such comments.

        A tablet doesn’t need to be small as a iPad to be a tablet. Besides, that term “small” is totally subjective. Some take the Galaxy S5 as a small phone, others take it as a big phone. The Surface Pro can be operated exclusively via pen and touch, both of which are direct inputs on the LCD screen, and fit the conventional definition of a Tablet…you really should read and comprehend that book. PS, you won’t find the book on Apple’s website.

      • A tablet doesn’t need to be small as a iPad to be a tablet. Besides, that term “small” is totally subjective.

        Well according to the dictionary it does. I’m not stating opinion here this is fact. Small isn’t subjective either it has distinct definitions neither of which meet the description for the size of the Surface Pro 3.

      • It’s not subjective in the Apple world, but in the real world, it is influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions. Hence why some take the Galaxy S5 as a small phone, others take it as a big phone. Which fits the conventional definition of subjective (http://bit ly/S4YOFB). Relative to ANY Laptop/Desktop PC, the Surface Pro is pretty small.
        Relative to a SmartPhone, the Surface Pro is pretty big, as is the iPad.

        Again, if you had read that book yourself, you’d realize that…starting to think you read the Apple version of that book…won’t be surprised if that’s the case.

      • The definition (or one of the definitions) of small is of a size less than ordinary. So lets for argument sake say the Surface Pro 3 is a tablet. Compare it to other tablets and you’ll find that the Surface Pro 3 is rather large. Therefore you cannot call it a tablet since it is larger than other conventional tablets. Even Wikipedia refers to it as a hybrid and laplet:

        The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is aSurface-series hybrid tablet, or more precisely a laplet

      • By that logic, the iPad Air isn’t a Tablet, ’cause it’s bigger than the iPad Mini and other conventional 7″ tablets. Do you understand how silly that sounds?

        Wikipedia refers to it as a hybrid, which it is when you add the keyboard or docking station. The Surface Pro can practically be a Tablet on it’s own, a Laptop with the keyboard, or a Desktop with the Docking Station. Those are all form-factors of a PC, and the Surface Pro can practically transform between all 3 of them.

      • Wikipedia refers to it as a hybrid, which it is

        So it isn’t a tablet then. Calling the Surface Pro 3 a tablet would be like calling a hybrid car an electric car…

      • That analogy is seriously inapt ’cause you can’t separate the Hybrid car’s electric and gasoline parts and continue operating that car. In the case of the Surface Pro; I can operate just the Tablet part without the keyboard or the docking-station…in other words, the Surface Pro is only a Hybrid when you add a keyboard to it…same applies to buying a keyboard accessory for the iPad, except it’ll be a bastardized hybrid.

      • The same is true for the Surface Pro 3. You can’t make it more like other tablets just by removing the keyboard. It’s still a big bulky machine running a desktop operating system with a processor typically found in a laptop or desktop machine. It also has a fan. How many tablets have or need a fan?

      • Right, so now you add “must be fanless and must be running on an ARM processor” to your dingbat-definition of a Tablet…change and twist the definitions all you want, the Surface Pro will always fit the conventional definition of a Tablet PC (http://bit ly/1nKkaHK); a computer that accepts input directly onto an LCD screen rather than via a keyboard or mouse. And that’s all that matters in the real world to consider it as such.

      • If you say so. Assuming it is a tablet (which it isn’t) Microsoft is seriously ripping consumers off then considering it’s one of the most expensive tablet (hybrid / laplet) if not the most expensive tablet (hybrid / laplet) in the world. If it really is a tablet (which it isn’t) the least Microsoft could do is price it like a tablet. That way people might actually be interested in purchasing it. I know I would…

      • Guest


      • Hahaha, die-hard Apple users now actually look at the price? Kinda odd, considering EVERYTHING Apple officially sells is a rip-off in the first place; save the hypocritical pretending for someone else, you already know that (http://bit ly/1vVr8Px).

        64GB Surface Pro is $800 and offers the following:
        Enhancements in consumption tasks? In the box.
        Natural transition from physical paper to digital paper with digitizer pen, pressure sensitivity and palm-block technology? In the box.
        Stand to prop-up tablet on a table or in bed when consuming content? In the box.
        Port for connecting to and sharing on the big screen? Standard but very rare, Mini Display Port; would need $8+ 3-in-1 adapter (http://bit ly/1wQ4zzM) in most cases (official mono adapter is a $40 rip-off, http://bit ly/1wQ7mcq).
        Port for connecting to a wide-range of USB peripherals (including cheap flash drives and game controllers)? Built-in USB 3.0 port in the box.
        Port for cheaply expanding storage In the box, standard MicroSD card slot, and usable system wide.


        64GB iPad is $700 and offers the following:
        Enhancements in consumption tasks? In the box
        Natural transition from physical paper to digital paper with digitizer pen, pressure sensitivity and palm-block technology? iPen (http://bit ly/1vVsA4n) sold separately for another $150 and adds more weight/bulk to tablet
        Stand to prop-up tablet on a table or in bed when consuming content? Stands officially sold separately for $20+ (http://bit ly/1wQax3I).
        Port for connecting to and sharing on the big screen? Proprietary and very rare, Lightning; would need a $40+ mono Lightning to HDMI adapter (http://bit ly/1wQ6i8c, not even on dx com) in most cases (official mono adapter is a $55 rip-off, http://bit ly/1wQ7yYZ)
        Port for connecting to a wide-range of USB peripherals
        (including cheap flash drives and game controllers)?
        $5+ Lighting to USB Camera adapter (http://bit ly/1wQ9hgS) sold separately (officially a rip-off of $35, http://bit ly/1wQbGZ8) and only officially supports connecting a camera
        Port for cheaply expanding storage In the box, Lighting port, but only possible on a per-app basis and they’re no where as cheaper as standard MicroSD cards.

      • Kurt

        That picture haha

      • Kurt

        Android doesn’t exclusively accept input from the screen. You can hook up a mouse and keyboard to it and use it. Should we stop comparing Android and iOS?

        Good point huh?

  • Leonard Wong

    I really need to see the benefits of having a larger iPad than having a Macbook Air

    • Oliver Lopez Felix

      i read Facebook Air… what’s wrong with me? lol

  • Matheus Lisboa

    Please don’t… It’s good as it is… If they did a new “line” of ipads and still kept the size it is now I wouldn’t mind though (but that ain’t gonna happen imo)

    • Kurt

      For an increase in price, still having iOS as the OS. No way. Now that we all have iPads and other similar devices. $500 just seems more expensive than it did a few years ago. Not because of Obama’s horrible economic policies. Hope you understand what I mean.

  • Mikkel Frid Nørgaard

    No. I love my iPad air and i think it is a great size. For me to get a bigger iPad, the iPad had to offer more than just apps and simple functionalities. For me, it cannot replace a laptop and i don’t know what to use a bigger iPad for. I got at tv for bigger video, a laptop if i want to see more text at a time ect. 🙂

  • SkyFall

    I would consider it only if it ran a touch friendly version of OS X.

  • Shawn

    No. I don’t even feel the need for my current. If the new iPhone is larger I think my MacBook and iPhone will simply be too much for my current iPad and I’ll send up selling it.

  • David Gitman

    NO. bigger is not better.

  • Bjørn

    Nope, I’ve been plenty happy with the normal iPad’s screen size.
    Had both the iPad 1, 2, 3 and now the iPad Air.
    I love the iPad Airs thin bezel..

  • NaSty

    Im perfectly fine with my iPad Mini Retina…IF i want a bigger iPad i’d go for the Air

  • Arjan Vlek

    Not until my iPad 4 has become outdated, which will be not before 3-4 years from now on. I don’t know what they’ll have by then…

    • Kurt

      Well, you know it will look pretty much the same. But I guess you mean features? Hopefully true multitasking, a stylus. Could be nice.

      • Guest

        have you ever needed “true” multitasking in an iPad? i don’t, it’s mainly for media consumption, and

      • Oliver Lopez Felix

        have you ever needed “true” multitasking in an iPad? i don’t, it’s mainly for media consumption, and really a stylus? just get the surface man, i liked your other comments about the surface and you’re right but not in this one, the iPad is the iPad and the Hybrids are Hybrids.

      • Kurt

        Well, we might need to define “need”.

        But on my Note 3, on the top I watch a youtube video, and on the bottom I chat. Do I need it? Yes if I wan to watch a video and chat at the same time lol. iPad is a consumption device but with multitasking you could start do do more with it. Lot’s of examples. I think the iPad could be so much more with an addition of RAM and some features like split screen, stylus input-wacom as an example.

        We have the best mobile apps on the iPad, let’s see some more features so we can use the iPad in more ways! Think different ;-p

      • Oliver Lopez Felix

        i’d totally love split screen done right! there have been a lot of jailbreak tweaks that do that but they’re laggy and useless sometimes, i’m with you on that, also on the stylus, i wouldn’t use it at all but the more you have is better i guess.

        i do think different but no with trolls xD

      • Bjørn

        Oh my… A stylus???!? Really?? But why?
        If you really need a pointing device and don’t have a thumb or index finger anywhere near you, then buy a stylus for your iPad, but in my opinion there’s absolutely no need to put one in the box.

      • Kurt

        I agree with you 100% (if we are talking about no change in tech in the iPad. as those styluses are garbage). But I disagree and I’m sure you would agree with me, if there was digitizer for wacom styluses or and other stylus tech supporting pressure sensitivity then we would need the stylus in the box. With hardware in mobile devices advancing so much in the past year or two, I’d love to see more from the iPad line

  • William Melendez

    Not today . Lol, I’m happy with my miniR

  • rasiquiz

    I would buy one since i already have a iPad, and i
    i then could use it as a external display for my Macbook. But still it’s probaly going to be quite expensive…

  • jake kneller

    12 inch tablet runing iOS useless but if they could make it run osx then it would be much more worth it

  • Xxx

    If that ipad has a split screen + multitasking ill buy it..

  • KingKon_NL

    I began with the first iPad and when the iPad Mini was released I got that one and never looked back. iPad Mini is the perfect size for me.

  • Inseltraeumer

    What, carry an even bigger toy around with me? I’m sorry, but with its limited OS that’s all iPads are to me. All I do on mine is media and Safari. For others with more professional uses, I can well imagine a larger iPad to be useful.

  • No, a 12″ iPad would just be even more overpriced, like the Galaxy Tab 12.

    If it were Apple’s version of the Surface Pro though, i.e. the refrigerator toaster they’ve been denying, then it will be the first iPad that I think is worth that $500+ price tag…

  • @dongiuj

    Bigger would be nice….13-15 inch perhaps. Just worried about the weight of it.

    • Kurt

      Surface Pro 3 weighs less than the smaller Surface Pro 2. So maybe Apple could figure something out to at least keep the iPad Pro at a reasonable weight. If the weight went up by 50%, I’d have no problem with it. I think that was the weight of the iPad 1 in comparison to the iPad Air if I remember correctly.

  • john diaz

    In such case there would not be a reason to buy a laptop anymore, so no i would definitely not buy a bigger iPad.

  • Matt

    The reason why I haven’t got a new iPad ever since the first generation was because of the interface. There’s so many empty spaces that could be used better, it’s just ridiculous and lazy of Apple to do that.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    waiting for the day a 20″ ipad comes out

  • o_almarar

    If it is hybrid ipad ( boot two OS) i will buy it
    I need ipad that have macbook air firmware
    And can swipe between ios and pc OS