Popular Android keyboard developer Minuum has finally previewed its keyboard coming to iOS 8 this fall. It’s not like other third-party keyboards we’ve seen thus far, instead, it transforms from a standard full-scale QWERTY keyboard with autocorrect and then fades away to take up only half of your visible screen.

Minuum believes users will use its minimizing keyboard because it allows access to auto-correct at any size. Instead of minimizing the keyboard to completely disappear like with the stock iOS keyboard, they’ll still have quick access to make changes while reading through previous messages or scrolling through a draft of an email.

“Apple’s decision to open up in this direction appears to be an acknowledgement that customization is important to touchscreen phone users, which has historically been a major reason for users to choose Android over iOS,” a Minuum spokesperson wrote in June.

iOS 8 is the first version of Apple’s mobile software that will allow developers to use custom keyboards in lieu of the stock keyboard. We’ve seen several developers over the last week preview their upcoming keyboards, and Minuum, QuickBoard and others, highlight exactly why it was a smart move for Apple to open third-party keyboard support within iOS 8 – a feature Android has had since its inception.

Minuum hasn’t released any details on pricing or a release date, but says we’ll get more information in the coming weeks through a signup page on its website.

[Minuum via TechCrunch]

  • Chris Gilmore

    Why would you want a keyboard that small?

    • Jonathan

      Much less hand movement.

      • Yet we had iUsers calling BB keyboards garbage…

      • MikeOxlong

        That’s because they are. Smh.

      • And so is this one illustrated in the first image; just as cramped keys but now they’re touch based…worst combination.

    • David Gitman

      view more content on the screen

  • Juan Genao

    Does io8 come out before sept 9 ?

    • Jonathan

      Possibly the day of.

    • Tony Trenkle Jr.

      It will probably be out to the public the week after. The GM version for developers will be out that day though,

  • אביאור רוקח

    Copy from Air Keyboard Pack from Cydia

  • Wamid

    Now that i could use!

  • Rowan09

    What is amazing is how people brag about Android being open source, when they’ve become more closed. Before Google keyboards, they had swype, etc and now it’s a stock feature, in maps reviews are kept in Google maps, YouTube is closed, and the list goes on. “Closed systems” will become more open while “Open” systems will almost always become more closed. Anyways, I’m happy Apple is opening up more in IOS 8, the future seems bright.

    • mlee19841

      sure does i never thought we would have a different keyboard option

    • Uhm, adding 1 of dozens of features from the open-source community to the foundation doesn’t make it closed source…how else do you expect them to improve the useability if the foundation? Just live it bare boned?

      • Rowan09

        Open source means the source code is open to the public. Android by itself is open source and that’s why people make forked versions, but Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Google Voice which took over voice control, Google keyboards (which took over the open source keyboard), etc. I’m not mad at Google but don’t brag about being open source when you look down and force every phone provider to install certain apps (maps, youtube, Gmail, Google +, hangouts, etc). This is the reason forked versions cannot have Google services on them unless rooted. Google IS becoming more closed source and that’s just how it is.

      • Right…so in other words, if you want to use Google services, you have to install all of them? Otherwise, you make your own services? Is that what you’re referring to?

      • Rowan09

        If you want to use Android (not forked) you must have Google service by default. This is the reason why Amazon cannot have any Google services even though it’s Android because Google won’t allow it (fair since they won’t make money from forked versions). Android use to have open source code before Google Voice which is closed source and every other Google app like keyboards, etc. Android is open source meaning the software by itself, but now it’s actually very closed compared to how it use to be. Once you force manufacturers to install all Google service apps which are all closed source, Android is not very open source anymore.

      • Understood. Thanks for elaborating

  • mlee19841

    neat. cant wait for the larger size and keyboard options

  • MikeOxlong

    Too bad this keyboard is literally the worst one availble on android. Worst autocorrect, no swipe, and just feels quirky and awkward to use.

  • Amr Badr

    Touch typing on those tiny letters would be torturous