One of the many reasons that users jailbreak their iOS device is to customize the various UI elements. BlurSlide is yet another customization tweak that brings a new look to the ‘Slide to Unlock’ slider.

Developed by CP Digital Darkroom, BlurSlide allows users to change the original Slide to Unlock design to that of iOS 7.1.x’s power off slider style, which features a round movable knob with a blur background. Yet, the best thing about this tweak is that it provides a lot of options to customize the slider the way you want. Although the tweak is still in the beta phase, it worked smoothly without any issues on my iPhone 5s running 7.0.4.

With BlurSlide, you can no longer swipe any part of the Lock screen to unlock your device. The only way to unlock is to slide the knob from left to right just like in iOS 6.

Once you install the tweak, head to its preferences pane in order to customize it. From there, you will be able to enable or disable the ‘bottom box blur’ which appears right behind the slider. You can also enable or disable passcode lock as well as select a blur style. The tweak offers over 8 different blur styles as follows:

  • Light
  • Ultra Light
  • Notification Center Style
  • Dark Low
  • Ultra Dark
  • Control Center Style
  • Flat Semi Light
  • Ultra Colored

You can also change the style of the knob as well as replace the “Slide to Unlock” text with a text of your own. But, the developer warns that the tweak will crash if an unsupported language is used. I tested it with Emoji icons and it crashed my device so I recommend that you stick with the English language instead.

If you want to give it a try, you’ll have to first add a new repository. To do so, open Cydia and go to Sources > Edit > Add and type in the following repo:

What do you think of BlurSlide? Does it look better than the original Slide to Unlock’ slider? Let us know in the comments section below

Update: BlurSlide is now available on Cydia’s BigBoss repository for $0.99.

  • ozerilker

    This is the best tweak for me!

  • Awes0meKid

    Nice Review! I designed the tweak btw 🙂

    • Martin

      Great job! It’s a really unique tweak. Love it!

      • Awes0meKid

        Thanks man, I really appreciate it… I have been developing a tweak that may be out soon as well…

      • Giacomo Castellucci

        awesome !! great design !!

      • Awes0meKid


      • Giacomo Castellucci

        sorry, i’m trying your tweak right now and i can’t change the “slide to unlock” text
        is it because i have italian localization and language?
        is there a way to change it manually via iFile?

      • Awes0meKid

        Its definitely because of the Italian language… Im not sure you can do anything about it except change your language to English… I will ask CPDigitalDarkroom about it and let you know

    • Jonathan

      Seriously? That’s awesome.

      • Awes0meKid

        Seriously! 🙂

      • Jonathan

        Please knock me over with a feather.

      • Awes0meKid


      • Jonathan


    • SkyFall

      Don’t want to sound as an a**hole, but theres an exact same tweak that was designed in june by another person, and he even posted a vid of it functioning. Im just wondering. Nice tweak btw. When a notification is present does the tweak change to not be blurred in the slider? (Like the second pic? Btw its the pics show the same tweak by the same guy).

      • Awes0meKid

        Who posted this? Like which Dev?

      • SkyFall

        The person who posted this tweak is called Framboogle. The tweak is called FramLock and its in beta stage (Since late june i think). He has posted several pictures of the tweak and a video of it working.

      • what was the name of the other app like this? thanks

      • SkyFall

        The name of the other tweak is called FramLock. The person who made it is called Framboogle and i think he posted it on his own repo (which I can’t remember the name). I think its still in beta state since June (Reminds me of Convergance, it was in beta state a long time). If you want to see more of this, search on twitter for Framboogle, and check his photos/videos. He has posted some photos and a video about this.

  • Dean Johnson

    Dare I to ask for the wallpaper?

    • Alex Nicolai

      I’m guessing it’s the Yosemite OSX wallpaper…

  • ozerilker

    And this is how to looks like with upcoming “arya” theme

    • Jason Baroni

      Noisy home screen.

    • Chang in Charge

      That’s crazy … new high quality themes still coming out!!

  • Ken

    I do know coolstar made an awesome lockscreen similar to this. Check it out you might it better 🙂

    • Giacomo Castellucci

      but coolstar’s one isn’t released yet, so…

      in the meanwhile i get this one 😀

      • Ken

        His been released Buddy. He has several ones and the newest one is crazy nice which is not out yet

      • Giacomo Castellucci

        you refer to classic lockscreen modern mode right?
        you have access to the beta repo?

  • Usama

    Style #2 is designed by me 🙂
    You should update the post showcasing both styles!

    • Awes0meKid

      mine is better 🙂

      • Usama

        Nah 😉

      • Awes0meKid

        It’s my opinion :)… I think mine looks more like iOS 7… but yours looks alright too 🙂

  • Usama

    So good

  • David Gitman

    now thats pretty

  • DtownBlogger

    It’s an ok tweak but I think I’ll stick with mine…

    • paul

      what this tweak

      • DtownBlogger


      • Myron Asiem

        what groovy lock is that

  • Awes0meKid

    Does anyone want to see a teaser for the passcode view that is coming soon??

    • You’re making me miss my jailbreak even more. Shtawp it…

  • Blist

    “Slide to unlock” animation kinda laggy.. 🙂 I’m using iPhone 5, running ios 7,1

  • SkyFall

    Framboogle is that you?

  • Andres Jarpa Boscan

    Looks awesome! Can anyone please tell me if there’s any impact on battery life? I’ve used some lockscreen tweaks that made it drain faster than usual.

  • Myron Asiem

    which blur setting should i use

  • Guest

    Didn’t display correctly on my earlier version of iOS7; have to stick with jellylock and XClass

  • Didn’t display correctly on my earlier version of iOS7; have to stick with jellylock and xclass

  • Varun Soi

    Works perfect!:)

  • Ken

    I was waiting for something like this.

  • Imran Khan

    i tried Arabic lang to change text, it crashed and restarted in safe mode, so i have to remove it, installing tweak again causes same prob again, possible reading old entered text again, any solution to this.

    • Just delete the settings file which is in /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/com.cpdigitaldarkroom.blurslidePrefs.plist
      Then everything should be fine! Had the same issue with Russian text 🙁

    • PS

      Yes. Use it in English, the world’s best language.

  • Smith27490

    Something happen with the last update for BlurSlide because doesn’t work in my iPhone… When I enable doesn’t work on my lock screen…

  • The Guy

    Now that’s what I call huge and fugly(fucking ugly).

  • RTouris

    Seems a bit buggy when used in conjunction with LockInfo , i.e. ‘unlocking’ section overlaps respective LockInfo’s ‘area’…Also appears to present the intro screen with thanks for supporting the author quite often..Surely it’s still beta, but just flagging these up in case someone’s wondering 😉

  • Alexander Cardenas

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