Galaxy S5 (ICe Bucket Challenge ad 001)

Samsung’s marketing department has cleverly piggy-backed on the popularity of Ice Bucket Challenge, a phenomenon which has taken the world by storm.

For those who’ve been sleeping under the rock lately, the initiative saw such celebrities and Silicon Valley execs as Mark Zuckerberg, Apple CEO Tim Cook and marketing honcho Phil Schiller, along with former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates and many others, getting ice baths in the name of helping fund ALS research and benefitting the Motor Disease Association.

The official YouTube channel for Samsung Mobile UK this morning posted a video depicting its Galaxy S5 flagship smartphone taking the challenge.

Needless to say, the waterproof handset (IP67-certified) passes the test.

The best part is when Samsung nominates three handsets from its rivals: Apple’s iPhone 5s, HTC’s One M8 and Nokia’s Lumia 930.

Here’s the ad.

YouTube description reads:

We are calling out all of our followers for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Our Galaxy S5 just did it for the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

Critics were quick to point out that Samsung’s ad shamelessly exploits what’s ultimately the good cause for its own promotion at the expense of rivals.

What do you think about this commercial?

Is it smart or clueless?


  • Shame on you Shamesung those devices aren’t water resistant. At least challenge other water resistant phones.

    Sony has a few.. just saying

    • Ignacio Irigoyen

      That’s… kind of… the point…

      • Exactly. Its more like pointing out the obvious but why not compare the other water resistant phones.. oh I know because they are better..

      • Laura Adam

        C’mon, this is just using current culture and is fun. It doesn’t belittle anything about ALS.

      • Chindavon

        iMore took the challenge with the 5S and passed with flying colors. Looks like the jab backfired.

      • Saeed Ghattas

        It’s water resistant and not water proof.
        Try it yourself. My friend did, and he smashed it into the wall after he pulled it out of the water with no signal!
        And after two minutes turned off and turned back on after 6 hours! That’s the reason he switched from his iphone 5s to the S5. And now after this occasion he switched back again.

      • BoardDWorld

        Actually all iDevices have been unofficially water resistant since the iPad mini. A friends 5C was dropped in a pool & went down a meter and emerged working. iDevices would be fine in this challenge.

    • 12345678

      This is a marketing strategy showing that the S5 is superior to those phones in terms of water resistancy. It would be funny if the next iPhone 6C was waterproof…

      • Ive seen many iPhones that came into contact with liquid to know its very possible for the iPhone to survive this challenge.

      • 12345678

        does the touchscreen work?

      • Mr.Coolfreak

        Ya, just don’t let water sit on screen for too long

      • Rowan09

        I’ve fixed multiple iPhones that’s been ran over by cars, in the snow, in a storm, etc and most of them still turn on just the LCD goes bad. The iPhone is a durable phone.

      • Antzboogie

        Not really Samsung wins in the water resistance department this is something I would love on the iPhone 6.

      • Kurt

        I’d rather have a stylus, IR Blaster, SD card, OIS, split screen, true multitasking, etc… lol

      • N&LH

        You forget to say, you like to have a Galaxy comes with sluggish performance and bunch of problems

      • Kurt

        I thought I was supposed to have a sluggish leggy note 3 after 3 months. It’s a year now and it’s fast. Wish I could say that about my iDevices.

        But if you like I can lie?

      • N&LH

        “Wish I could say that about my iDevices.”….my iPhone 4S which 3 years old still working with no problem.

        “But if you like I can lie?”…I am not a liar..If you don’t believe that. Then it’s up to you

      • Kurt

        It wouldn’t be the first time you lied. You are a known liar on this site.

        Take your dibble else where.

      • N&LH

        Typical answer from Shamesung fanboy

      • Kurt

        Go away devil

      • N&LH

        Hehehe nice when shamesung fanboy cannot answer and cry

      • Kurt

        troll elsewhere miss liar

      • N&LH

        I don’t troll people only sick people like you think that way. Secondly you don’t own IDB. In other words you are not allowed to say that.

      • Kurt

        I can say you area liar, because you lie. Others agree you lie. So Miss Liar…go away. You are not allowed to talk to me anymore. Your permissions have been revoked.

      • N&LH

        “Others agree you lie.”….have you done a survey here on IDB? if yes give me evidences

        “You are not allowed to talk to me anymore”…..Did someone tell I am going to

        “I can say you area liar”……it is up to you….

        You look like a kid.. Next time I hope you have something to say.

      • Kurt

        You’re racist! Stop your harassment!

      • N&LH

        “You’re racist!”….make sure your comments are related to the topic.

      • Kurt

        Go away racist. Didn’t I done tell you to scram?

      • Ignacio Irigoyen

        I can keep using my strategy of not droping water on my phone, 7 generations later and no one iphone damage by water

      • 12345678

        True. Btw, my iPhone 5 was fully functional even after I accidentally put it in the laundry. The repair guy just switched the battery.

      • Chindavon

        Check out iMore for the bucket challenge on the 5S. iPhone had no problem at all. Samsung backfired again.

      • anonymous

        Its not impressive until there is an official acceptance by the company itself, i mean we could make similar videos accepting the samsung challenge, but still its not by the apple company making it less viable, who is to say, the iPhone was not plastic sealed, ill be waiting for an official response.

      • Chindavon

        Denial is not a desert.

    • im2slick4u

      5S isn’t marketed as this but it is water resistant. If you dunk it it will obviously break but if you take it out in the rain or splash a little water on it it should be fine.

      • Da Blade Appi

        Samsung Should have challenged Note 3 Also.

    • Neo

      Like animal challenge with Human…….!

  • Jason Baroni

    This is a nice Marketing strategy, not insulting consumers. Samesung is back to Marketing.

    • Ignacio Irigoyen

      I agree. I love my iphone, but it was good move, and funny

      • Jason Baroni

        Indeed. I am a Marketing student and a loyal consumer to Apple, but I like to see companies beating each other showing us what their own products can make, not what other products can’t do or how the consumers should behave. It is not cool to expose what the other guy can’t do when your own product can’t sell for itself.

      • gittlopctbi

        Well, regardless of who is #1 or #2 in the market, Samsung sure is selling a lot of phones to a lot of happy customers.

    • KingKon_NL

      I agree, Samsung finally an intelligent way of pointing out the one thing iPhones aren’t compared to the Galaxy S5, water resistant.
      Let’s hope they keep this up and focus on the devices and not go back to, like you said, insulting the users of the devices.

    • GuyWithTheThings

      I’ve seen people call them Shamesung, Samesung, etc. Whatever we call it, they still suck to me xD. And speaking of Samesung, the description of the video, and I quote: “We are calling out all of our followers.” Key word, followers. 😛

  • Linton Findlay

    lmao if apple replies and the iphone actually still works

    • Jason Baroni

      I don’t doubt. Cnet set up a challenge to see if the iPad mini would still functional after being frozen in an ice cube. Result: it turned on just right.

  • JT

    That Samsung will freeze with or without the ice bucket, I’m guessing.

  • John Wickham

    It’s good marketing, but that synthesized voice made me cringe. What feature on the Galaxy is using that voice???

    • The whole device. They override Google Now with S Voice, a horrible, horrible sounding virtual assistant.

      It’s just another example of Samsung’s bloatware dragging Android down even further.

  • I hate Microsoft right now but Cortana and Siri sound much better than this robot sounding thing..

  • Donat Hakiqi

    Hello idownloadblog i have iwatch

    • 12345678


      • NaSty

        Dont feed the troll please

    • Keabsy

      I have some iUnderwear myself, pretty rad.

    • Kuje

      Ha I have the iTV

    • Latino Sin Zero

      I have an iFU

    • swag

      I have swag

  • Kuje

    The S5 barely got wet. Its the ice bucket challenge, not the ice teaspoon challenge….

    • In their first try they put the phone in the Ice bucket instead but it didn’t turn out well so they went with this.

  • That’s really wrong. A campaign for raise money for ALS research should never be used for promotional scopes. Samsung, I hope you’ll donate tons of money to medic research.

    • gittlopctbi

      Oh, like the bucket challenge is so serious itself. C’mon, this is just using current culture and is fun. It doesn’t belittle anything about ALS.

    • Kurt

      How many “days” ago did you start caring so deeply for ALS? Yeah that’s what I thought

  • nfinite

    actually I want to know what is the result if 5S take this challenge..

    • Rowan09

      Nothing because I saw all ice and no water.

    • Eric Mason

      iMore posted a video of the 5s…

      • anonymous

        Its not impressive until there is an official acceptance by the company
        itself, i mean we could make similar videos accepting the samsung
        challenge, but still its not by the apple company making it less viable,
        who is to say, the iPhone was not plastic sealed, ill be waiting for an
        official response2.

      • gittlopctbi

        I think you are taking this way too seriously.

      • anonymous

        who gives a damn, this is a marketing skit. I was just saying the website imore is less authoritative to accept the challenge from official galaxy website, anyways i thought the challenge was a bit unprofessional, as all devices which are not waterproof were given the challenge, and not a single waterproof device like some models from sony or htc.

      • GuyWithTheThings

        Lol Siri in the end: “I’d like to challenge Samsung’s design team………. if they have one.”

  • benny001

    Samsung used a dummy phone seen at walmart. DISQUSTING

  • NaSty

    I have to give it to Samsung for this one…its pretty clever

  • Manuel Molina

    Did anyone expect better coming from Samsung? They are the politics of smartphones ads.

  • Yujin

    Samsung has no respect for something as serious as this illness. They should be ashamed. But I assume that soon we will see the backlash. They are truly in aware of cultural difference from there

    • Sgt. ThroatPunch

      You are “in aware” of how much of an idiot you are.

    • Beat Modz

      yea ok. everyone should just love apple and there boring family dull ads

    • gittlopctbi

      I think you should just chillax. This ad is not belittling the disease at all. Think about it: the bucket challenge in and of itself is just having fun. Just like the ad.

  • Lhu

    seriously this is a good ad!!

  • Tommy

    Haha I’m an iPhone user but that really made me laugh. Smart move, samsung

  • Tommy

    Man iFags just can’t take a joke. Relax guys. Calm your socks down.

    • leart

      not iFag, iF**k, deal with that

    • It’s not so much that users of iPhones and other Apple devices can’t take a joke but so much that it’s completely disrespectful to ALS and the people that suffer with it. There’s some things you joke about but the one thing you don’t joke about is a disease (especially one with no known cure). It’s completely wrong of Samsung to exploit this cause for publicity and self gain and that is why there is so many butthurt people in this comment thread.


      • GuyWithTheThings

        Holy ownage.

      • Tommy

        Oh come on. It has always been a pr stunt from the beginning. Pouring a bucket of ice over your head ain’t gonna save shit. But I get your point 🙂

      • gittlopctbi

        This is not joking about the disease at all. Chill out. (pun intended) You should consider that the bucket challenge in and of itself is a publicity stunt and a marketing scheme. A very clever one at that.

      • Yes it is. Watch the status bar time on the S5. Samsung couldn’t even do the challenge properly and instead had to fake it…

      • gittlopctbi

        So what does that have anything to do with “disrespecting ALS?”

  • RarestName

    I like how the screen “shivers” when it says that it’s freezing!

  • Beta382

    As much as y’all don’t like them, this is really clever. I wouldn’t call it “shamelessly exploiting a good cause” (that honestly sounds like what someone bitter about clever marketing would say), seeing as it still is spreading ALS awareness.

    “Shamelessly exploiting a good cause” would be Samsung going around to everyone taking the Ice Bucket Challenge and giving them an S5 to hold while they took the challenge.

  • Ln Stha

    Shamesung couldnt dare to challenge its own hommies note 3 and other small kiddos of their family.. lol

  • Brandon Higgins

    This is epic!!! Gave me a good laugh.

  • So did they donate and if so how much?

    • DroidGuy360

      yes they did, and more than apple since they donated nothing. of course apple donates to homos getting married, so theres that.

  • I feel outraged, turning something a positive as the ALS challenge into a marketing scheme. As if I didn’t hate Samsungs mobile division enough already!!

    • gittlopctbi

      The bucket challenge itself is a “market scheme.” A very clever marketing scheme.

  • n0ahcruz3

    I love samsung ads. Much more joy to watch than boring Apple ads.

    • DroidGuy360

      for real, how many pianos do we have to watch in apple commercials

  • TDD140

    If that’s all that they will pour on their phone, and then challenge the other phones that aren’t waterproof, they should be just fine. That was nothing!

  • Nabil El Hajjouti

    I hate Samsung ads, but this one is clever. But I still think a waterproof feature is irrelevant if the phone itself sucks.

  • Asis

    it’s funny, because what exactly does samsung expect to gain with this?

    In my opinion and general view..

    1: The only reason they challenged the iPhone 5s, HTC One M8 and Nokia Lumina 930 is because those phones are NOT waterproof like their crappy flagship phone. So it’s kinda like Samsung’s giving the middle finger to Apple, HTC, and Windows

    2: The only reason they took part of the Ice Bucket Challenge, is to show off the Galaxy S5’s waterproof capabilities, and to get more people to buy it because of that reason

    3: As far as I know, PEOPLE are used in the Ice Bucket Challenge, not PHONES.
    The Ice Bucket Challenge is used to raise money for Motor Neurone Disease Association, NOT to market and advertise your shitty phones

    So once again, Samsung is doing what they do best..being douchebags.

  • GaugePrower

    iPhone 5S is the only nomination that can survive. Otterbox Preserver. Lol, this definitely isn’t the best Samsung marketing I’ve seen though.

  • Beat Modz

    Damn !! Finally a real ad that proves iPhone cant survive this.. BTW i love samsung ads. iPhone ads are just DULL, BORING AND SAME FAMILY ( WERE TOGETHER BULLSH!!T ).. I WANT AN AD WHERE I CAN WATCH PORN AND FAMILY DOESNT KNOW ABOUT IT. HOW ABOUT THAT APPLE !!!

    • DroidGuy360

      Yeah for real. And porn looks great on a big full hd super AMOLED screen lol. Love my Note 3.

  • asdlb4


  • Warmachine69

    Pebble should challenge the Samsung smart watches

  • R4

    Tbh I’ve washed my iPhone (for like a second or two) a few times now so it should be able to survive a normal Ide bucked challenge.

  • marco1993

    I want to know who nominated the Galaxy S5 for the ice bucket challenge

    • DroidGuy360

      your mother

  • BoApp head

    If you think about it, the water falls from the top and the iPhone 5s doesn’t have anything at the top that would let water in. So it is survivable!!!!

  • MacGuru17

    I think that this was pretty stupid. Obviously, those phones aren’t waterproof; that’s sort of like asking someone with hypothermia to do the ice bucket challenge, or someone with, I don’t know, hæmophilia to prick their finger.

  • Steve

    It could have been funny if while the water spilled, the phone wasn’t changed (the clock on the bar 2:16 – 2:50 and obviously the bar that turns black).

  • Aki


  • Dao Sasone

    Haha all isheep is crying cuz iphone cant compare. Dont worry apple will release a waterproof device maybe nx yr lol

    • DroidGuy360

      apple is 3-4 years behind everyone else. remember, only now are they getting an HD screen, even though its still not full HD. so they will make the iphone 9 waterproof.

  • MegaAce042

    Thats not going to work out well

  • Robert Goldberg

    Dirty move.

  • apriljerby

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  • Da Blade Appi

    Samsung Should have challenged Note 3 Also, Oh i Guess its not water proof lol :p
    Shame on Samsung

    • DroidGuy360

      the new note 4 that comes out next week will be waterproof biatch. dont be so jealous because you always drop your tiny iphone in the toilet after taking a dump and have to try to dry out all the feces that has seeped into it.

  • Asis

    When you try to use something that raises money and awareness for a disease to market and sell phones, then yes.

    • DroidGuy360

      shut yo face biatch