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Folks looking to score a new iPhone, who aren’t interested in waiting for the new one to be unveiled next month, may want to head to their local Walmart. It seems the retailer is offering some staggering discounts on current models of the handset.

According to a new report from Engadget, Walmart is hosting a fire sale over the next three months on select iPhone 5c and 5s models. With the promotion, you’ll be able to pick up a 16GB iPhone 5c for as little as $0.97 (with a two-year agreement)…

That’s $99 cheaper than what Apple is currently selling the 16GB 5c for, and $30 cheaper than Walmart’s typical price. As for the 5s, the retail giant is offering the 16GB for $79 with a two-year contract—$120 cheaper than what Apple has it listed at.

Engadget says the prices are good for aforementioned iPhones sold through AT&T, Sprint, US Cellular and Verizon. Walmart doesn’t typically sell smartphones online though, so you’ll have to venture into your nearest brick and mortar store to snag one.

The sale is good for 90 days—long enough for those who can wait it out to see what the iPhone 6 looks like. Apple is expected to unveil the new handset with a slimmer design, larger display, and more at a media event on Tuesday, September 9th.

  • Omar Wright

    $0.97 is a steal for an iphone 5c!!!

    • omrishtam

      so 1$ for an iphone 5 is a steal?

      • Dani Hayes

        That’s what he wrote.

    • leart

      I will pay that for you don’t worry

    • blu

      Not bad, I still have no issues with my iPhone 5, and I got my mom, sister and brother in law 5c’s for free from best buy last December.
      It is nice too that they will keep this sale after the specs for the iPhone 6 are released, so make it easier to decide if someone wants a 5s or 6.

  • Star Lord

    One can only fantasize about these pricing on no contract. haha

  • onesimpleclik

    I haven’t been on a contract for half a year & don’t plan to go back on one ever.

  • Steven Miller

    That’s a helluva DEAL, eh Cody? lol

  • Ali


  • Danibal59

    RadioShack has it for FREE thats a whole .97 cents cheaper