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Apple just updated several of its applications for both iOS and OS X with the usual “stability improvements and bug fixes”, but after looking into it more closely, it seems there is more to the updates than the changelog shows, with apparent iCloud compatibility improvements.

Pages, Numbers, and Keynote have all been updated for both iOS and OS X, while iMovie has only been updated for OS X so far. All updates show as “stability improvements and bug fixes,” except iMovie for Mac, which “includes iCloud compatiblity improvements for iMovie Theater.”

If these update look benign on the surface, it seems they do improve iCloud compatibility…

Until today, and since upgrading to iCloud Drive a few weeks ago, I was unable to access Pages, Numbers, or Keynote documents in the cloud from the respective apps on iOS 7. Since updating these apps a few minutes ago, I was able to regain access to all my documents, despite popups prompting me to upgrade to iOS 8.

time to update to ios 8

Also interesting is the timing of the iCloud outage we reported earlier today. Since the service has been restored, I am also able to access my documents from iCloud.com, something I haven’t been able to do since upgrading to iOS 8 and iCloud Drive in June. Yet, other iDB editors are unable to access iCloud.com documents “due to account maintenance.”

Pages is locked

Although it is not official, I believe updates made to Pages, Numbers, and Keynote today were made to improve iCloud compatibility.

Have you updated these apps yet? If so, what is your take on it?

  • Cool…. Now I can use iWork on my iMac (I haven’t upgraded it like my Macbook Pro)! (I hope)

  • James Gunaca

    Hope iMovie for iOS gets updated. Was kind of gutted when I couldn’t access iMovie Theater after upgrading to iOS 8. I wonder if Apple TV gets an update as well to access iMovie Theater if you’ve upgraded to iCloud Drive.

  • peterbreis

    What’s brown, sticky and on the nose…?

    Just checked and nothing from the list of over 110 missing features has been reinstated. But nice to know Apple thinks they have fixed everything that’s wrong with the iCloud integration (operative word “thinks”), the sole “reason” for using this PoS.

    Nice to know that when your documents finally go belly up, as they inevitably will, that iCloud will use them to overwrite all your other good copies.

  • Fivezenses

    The latest iMovie update for August 22nd, 2014 has officially caused the entire program to stall and not open at all. I’ve been waiting for over five minutes and nothing has changed. This is the 5th time I’m trying to get it to open. If anyone knows of a forum/thread/article on this latest fiasco, let me know on here! I really need this program to open so I can do work and get paid!