new tip ios 8 contacts

Apple just updated the Tips app that is present in iOS 8, explaining users how to quickly access their favorite contacts. The update, which happened over the air, is the first such update to the Tips app since it was introduced in iOS 8 beta 4.

This new tip explains how to take advantage of a new feature that made its way to iOS 8, with which a user can quickly access favorite and recent contacts from the App Switcher by double clicking the Home button. A list of previous Tips can be found here.

Inside the Tips app, Apple invites people to check back for new tips every week, but this is the first new tip since the app was introduced. Hopefully this update will set a precedent and Apple will now stick to its once a week schedule.

Thanks Matthew

  • TheBoi23

    ***If someone could please help that would greatly appreciated, ok so I downloaded a tweak that not only pauses my song on screen dimming, when I press the power, or home buttons. It is not AutoPause because although I downloaded that as well I did remove and the same thing happens I do not know what I downloaded but if any body could please help that would be great.

    • Open Cydia and go to “Installed” –> “Recent” and find and remove the tweak. Hopefully seeing tweaks ordered by last installed will better help you to narrow down which tweak it is and then uninstall it…

      • TheBoi23

        I’ve tried this but still cannot find the tweak, I dont want to but I might have to start over, reset, restore, jailbreak so on and so forth.

  • Hopefully once iOS 8 is publicly released, the Tips app is actually updated once a week like the app claims.

    • They actually mean “once a week every other month”

      • ARX8

        Tips app won’t be present in the final build, most probably

      • Stijn

        why would that be? why would you give developers an app with tips about an os where they probably know every little trick in, and new customers who buy there first smartphone no help app?

      • Michael Hulet

        It was announced publicly on screen during the Keynote at WWDC, so I’d be really surprised if it wasn’t

  • Ken

    Sebastian you wrote “access” twice. Just a heads up.

  • Christophe

    They should also add the tip for scrolling faster: you tap the status bar to get to the top corner up. Also in the photos app, you can just tap the “Photos” or “Albums” to get down

  • Yarin Azulay

    Hebrew now supported! 🙂

  • Sandeep Roy

    Seriously want CC to be customizable !

  • David Gitman

    But I said it a post ago 🙁

  • Rares

    RIP “Myjailbreakmovies” 🙁