iPhone 6 back part (Evasi0nJailbreak 003)

A new set of photos depicting alleged Home button components for the iPhone 6 surfaced this morning, courtesy of our friends over at Nowhereelse.fr. While we have seen parts like these before, these are particularly interesting for a couple of reasons.

The first is that they supposedly belong to both the 4.7 and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 models, which is significant because we’ve seen far less supply chain evidence of the latter, as it’s been rumored to be delayed. And the second is that they feature all-new designs…

Check out this comparison photo by Nowherelse.fr:

iPhone-6-iPhone-Air-Touch-IDAs you can see, the flex cables for both next-gen iPhone models are starkly different than that of the iPhone 5s, although you can recognize many of the same pieces. Also worth noting is that Nowhereelse.fr refers to the 5.5-inch model as the ‘iPhone Air.’

Leaks and rumors for the iPhone 6 continue to ricochet as we approach the expected fall unveiling. The latest report pegs the event for September, with the launch coming in October. Such a waiting period is unusual, but not unprecedented for Apple.

In addition to larger, higher resolution displays, the iPhone 6 is expected to feature a new hardware design and several internal improvements including an A8 chip, enhanced cameras, and a handful of new sensors for tracking various elements and activities.

  • Does this actually tell us anything about the iPhone 6 other than the fact that it is most definitely going to have a home button (which I’m sure we’ve all known for a long time)?

    • Jason Baroni

      Now think some chineses can/may be fired and arrasted for leaking a button.

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      • Technocrz!
      • Jeffrey Feuerstein

        I see squares.

      • Jason Baroni

        Thank you for helping me to improve my English. :))

      • Jeffrey Feuerstein

        I was just joking hahah;)

      • Jason Baroni

        Thank you for helping me to improve my English.

      • Jason Baroni

        Thank you for helping me to improve my English. 🙂

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        thanks for helping him to improve his english :)!

    • Melvco

      I think the reason why folks find these parts interesting is 2-fold. For one they are different in design, which supports the theory that the iPhone 6 will itself feature a new design. And two, there is such little evidence that the larger 5.5-inch iPhone exists that any part allegedly belonging to it is noteworthy.

      Of course, it says all of this in the post.

    • Ben Seiler

      Well it’s good to know for all of us put there who fix iPhones.

  • Either one of those home buttons could still be for the new iPad’s as well. Regardless its pretty disappointing to see that one of those need soldered to something.

    • Melvco

      Good point, and certainly possible, but because of how compact the parts are, these more than likely belong to iPhones. Look at how they compare to the iPhone 5s part.

      • Well iPads are just as thin and their charging/lightning connectors on both iPad minis are soldered even though there is plenty of space for a connector. Also the Home Button on the mini is soldered to the digitizers flex to make one connection.

  • jack

    Fail article

  • Muhammad !

    Hey guys! Does anyone has problems with Facebook messenger and Instagram, or is it just me !!! Both applications are not working properly

    • Muhammad !

      They are working normally now , lol !!

    • vadovado

      I do!! since monday 🙁

      • Muhammad !

        An update was just released for both of them 🙂

    • Nimat Mati

      It’s not working for me also

      • Muhammad !

        An update was just released for them 🙂

  • thecrack101

    Sorry for posting off topic.

    I have a problem. Recently my iPhone 5 won’t connect with the PC.
    It has always been jailbroken. I can charge it with a wall charger though.
    I have tried different lighting cables and PCs. I even changed the charging port of the iPhone and it is the same problem. (Maybe software related problem?!)
    If I turn it off, and plug it to a PC, it turns on. So the PC can actually ‘charge’ the phone but wont connect with iTunes.

    For the moment, I can’t try and connect it in DFU mode, cause of broken power button. I always back up to iCloud for the worst case scenarios I am considering resetting all media and data and then restore from iCloud.

    Anyone might happen to come across this problem?

    Thanks in advance.

    • What error does it give when attempting to plug it into iTunes? Does your computer recognize that it is connected?

      • thecrack101

        No errors. It doesnt even play that little sound that is supposed to play. I mean, its like its unplugged. The PC does not recognize that it is connected. It is weird…

      • From what your telling me, I can tell you its one of these three things. First you may have a bad lightning port of just some degree inside the connecter, Secondly you may have a bad cable so try another if you have it, lastly try a few other USB ports.

      • thecrack101

        “I have tried different lighting cables and PCs.”

        For the record, my cable works just fine with an i5s.
        I tried all the ports of 3 PCs and 2 laptops.
        I even bought a new charging dock on eBay, and its the same problem.

      • It could definitely be the internal port of your device. take a soft brush on attempt to clean it, look for corrosion also.

      • thecrack101

        Sorry, “I even bought a new charging dock on eBay, and its the same problem.”
        I changed the whole charging port of my device!

      • Last thing would be your logic board.

      • thecrack101


      • Thats pretty unfortunate though. I don’t really see it too much. Have to taken it to an apple store? From past experience they normally don’t charge full price of a device to fix an issue like this.

      • thecrack101

        I live far away from an apple store (Albania).
        Maybe i should start thinking og buing a new one.

      • Bogusman63

        It’s booting in safe mode via mobile substrate. Also sounds like your power button is out. Go into Cydia if you can and install power buttons. You can use this to turn off your device and I would also install icleaner also in Cydia.

      • thecrack101

        Everything works great, no crashes no nothing. I can shutdown/reboot via Activator. This is not the problem.

        I tried booting up with no tweaks. (Holding the + volume while turning on) Still no luck.
        I have iCleaner, Cleaner, and Crash Reporter installed.
        Nothing fishy going on here.

        I it was charging just fine then I was gonna install an app via iTools and i noticed it had stopped at 72%.

        I usually charge it through PC cause have a desk job.

    • DorHirschel

      Try using a different pc/mac to clarify if it’s your computer or not.

      • thecrack101

        Please, first read what I wrote. I have tried different PCs and laptops. I think the problem is software related.

    • Abdul

      Hey man the same thing happened to me. I tried everything and at the end a hard restore via itunes fixed everything. And btw my 5s was jailbroken

      • thecrack101

        When you say “hard restore”, you mean restore via DFU mode?

      • Abdul


      • thecrack101

        I shut the iphone down, plugged it to PC and held the home button pressed. It went to recovery mode and it was recognized by iTunes. Lets say I restore it.
        Now i hope this problem will be fixed otherwise i cant jailbreak. :/

      • Abdul

        Hopefully its going to work. Thats wat happend to me.

      • thecrack101

        Thank you for your help.
        I will let you know ASAP.

      • Abdul

        Np. anytime

      • Abdul

        Wen u get the itunes logo on your phone

      • thecrack101

        Thank you.

      • Abdul

        And if u have the power button issue try using activator

      • thecrack101

        That’s what im strugling with now. I cant get in DFU mode with activator.

      • Abdul

        Do u think this might work

      • thecrack101

        I will try and let you know.
        Thanks again.

      • Abdul


  • Jamessmooth

    Great article. Glad to see some evidence (FINALLY!) of a 5.5″ model. I may just get what I want this year!

  • Just makes me love my 5s more :]

  • Arsanny Lintang

    I just want an iPhone 🙁

  • علي بن طاهر

    Still my wondering seeing power bottun aside instead of top place..as it is in some phones, it would even power off if hand accidintally press it long.. Happens when passs your phone to elderly showing them something or else