activator 1-9

Popular jailbreak tweak Activator has been updated today, bringing the package to version 1.9. Developer Ryan Petrich says that this is the “largest release” for the tweak in over a year, as it brings about many new features and enhancements.

We’ve posted the lengthy change log down below, but just to give you an idea of what to expect, Activator 1.9 includes several new icons, new developer APIs and custom actions. It also offers a number of bug fixes and various other improvements…

Here’s your full 1.9 change log:

  • New modern icon styling for home screen, actions and built-in icons for many actions
  • Many new developer APIs
  • Add custom alert listeners
  • Add “Ask Siri” custom actions
  • Better UI for multiple assignments
  • Add lock screen clock swipe down event
  • Add network-specific leave Wi-Fi events
  • Add “message” custom action type
  • Add screen brightness custom action type
  • Add Speech Synthesis feature
  • Support battery charge state events
  • Add profiles feature
  • Add custom volume level actions
  • Add ability to customize Flipswitch settings
  • Add Bluetooth connect/disconnect events
  • Add icon hold and double tap custom events
  • Add specific fingerprint match events
  • Allow automatic unlocking to send action on iOS 7
  • Adjust Activator app layout on iPad
  • Support touch gesture behavior on 7.1
  • Fix lock screen status bar double tap event on iOS 7.x
  • Better error message when having trouble communicating with SpringBoard
  • Fix short/long hold home button events on 7.1
  • Fix double press home button event on 7.1
  • Fix icon rendering in the settings pane on iOS 7.1
  • Fix triple click home button event on iOS 7.1
  • Hide Tencent’s migration service app on iOS 7.1
  • Fix iBank-related crash
  • Fix Activator corruption message when error localization is missing
  • Support biometric events on iOS 7.1
  • Better accessibility support in Activator’s configuration
  • Sort numbers naturally
  • Support Dictation action on iOS 7
  • Fix group arrow styling on iOS 7
  • Add action to go directly Facebook settings
  • Fit more items on settings panes in landscape
  • Support libhide on iOS 7
  • Add ability to search actions back to iOS 7
  • Allow notification center on lock screen on iOS 7
  • Fix lock screen media controls not working on iOS 7
  • Adjust settings page styling
  • Hide additional iOS 7 view services
  • Fix lock screen clock actions on iOS 7
  • Snooze alarms instead of dismissing them on iOS 7
  • Adjust shake event behavior to not repeat in all cases
  • Fix group expand/collapse style on iOS 7
  • Fix crash when sending biometric event when lock screen camera is up
  • Block automatic click-throughs in the ad view
  • Reenable biometric sensor when event mode changes, so that the event always works
  • Fix shutter/camera actions on iOS 7
  • Support slide gestures on the lock screen on iOS 7
  • Fix single-press menu button event at lock screen on iOS 7

If you already have Activator installed, you should notice the 1.9 update in Cydia’s Changes pane. Otherwise, you can find the tweak in the default BigBoss repo by performing a simple Cydia search. It’s free, with a minor banner advertisement.

For more information on Activator, click here. For more information on the latest iOS 7.1.2 jailbreak, click here.

  • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

    awesome, i wish springtomize would do the same since paying so much for it.

    • I don’t believe Springtomize and Activator are designed to accomplish the same things. Springtomize is more for customising your iDevice whereas Activator is more for well actions I suppose…

      • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

        I was talking about the much needed improvements, not the things it does compared to activator.

    • Chocolope Jailbreakush

      You paid for yours?!?! smh.

      • elr0y7

        You’re too broke to pay for tweaks and support developers?!?! smdh.

      • Chocolope Jailbreakush

        Yeah actually I am. I have a three year old son I’d rather spend money on than a tweak. If you wouldn’t do the same then you need a hard grip on reality…Take that “blue pill” and don’t enter the Matrix.

      • JS3

        are serious bro??? your going to try and turn this around on the honest ppl that “SUPPORT” the developers?!?! are you FU*KING kidding me??!? lol bro your part of the reason so many devs stop supporting their tweaks because its scum bags like yourself that rip everything off!!

        Trying to say some bullsh*t like “oh i gotta take care of my kid” over buying a 3 dollar tweak for your 200 dollar IPHONE!!!! If you have a kid and cant afford to have a 3 dollar tweak and pay for your kid then WHY ON EARTH DO YOU HAVE A KID?!?!? man i swear id like to reach through my computer and slap the sh*t outta your ass!!!

      • Chocolope Jailbreakush

        To be honest I was just trying to get a reaction out of you guys and it worked haha I could careless about these apps/this even blog site. Cool if you guys support Devs thats awesome newsy…Destiny drops Sept 9th PSN: EagleScoutKush

      • James Gunaca

        If you can’t afford the tweak, you shouldn’t be able to afford an iPhone either and the monthly costs that come with it. You can’t justify stealing from devs because you have a three-year old.

      • Soylent Green

        You guys ain’t got a single clue wtf your talking about, I’m broke as a broke thing and I have 3 iPhones, never bought a bit code in my life never will, i also have kids, your obviously childless most likely are a child as your spiels indicate you have very little ‘actual’ real life experience & very little wisdom, please go and understand why economics would allow a man with no wages to have an iphone with no credit occasionally, a BMW that you have no gas money for, a 2 carat diamond in each ear & a 4 carat diamond graduation ring then there is the 39″ TFT TV in the living room atop a cinema surround system and xbox 360
        Surrounded by leather furniture, as i cast an eye at the 32″ TFT TV on the unit in my bedroom atop another cinema surround DVD system & another 360 black new style this time, not to mention the plethora of other objects with value that a guy who has never bought a single bit code software/tweaks/OS/apps/music/movies yada yada yada. And if you need to slog your ass off at a some rubbish job that you hate dragging yourself out of bed day in, day out, you picked it, pffffffffff enjoy handing over your taxes, clowns.

      • James Gunaca

        I can’t tell if you are in support of stealing from developers or not. I can’t tell if you are calling me child-less or a child.

        And if you are a non-wage earning, iPhone toting, BMW driving, flat screen watching, xbox 360-slim playing, dvd viewing, never paid for software/tweak/OS/app/music/movie user, then you sir, are just an asshole.

        If you can afford to take on the burden of all those things (on credit, or not) and then talk about kids being the reason you won’t buy a $0.99 or $2.99 tweak…then you are just a bad parent whose financial priorities are terribly distorted. Get an android, drive a ford, get a used TV from Craigslist, play original Xbox, watch VHS and don’t bother owning a computer.

      • Soylent Green

        An asshole i may be, but u would not know that, anyway enjoy work & go study economy for noobs, you badly require it.

    • Matthew Cleveland

      Springtomize is like $3. That’s really breaking your bank? Plus they’re completely different tweaks.

      • Raúl Díez Martín

        S3 developer promised that it will worth a lot more than $3 many months ago, but barely updated it.

      • Matthew Cleveland

        I think it’s definitely worth the money. So many things in one tweak. I’ve seen more expensive tweaks that don’t do half of what Springtomize does.

      • Raúl Díez Martín

        But you can do most things Springtomize does with free tweaks…

      • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan


  • Daniel

    It’s the little things like major updates for popular tweaks that make jailbreaking worthwhile.

  • Soylent Green

    This tweak is pure beast & has the potential to replace literally hundreds of tweaks, i even surprise myself sometimes when I realise “oh, I could do that with activator”, also it’s solidly coded and would probably win best tweak ever in any & all categories, majorly talented and apparently a really nice dude, much props @RyanPetrich

  • Danial

    I wanna see a video that show these in action

  • Sohail Wahab

    Activator is the best tweak of all time, I remember assigning shaking device action for locking my iPhone 2G. I still use it on my iPad. Thanks to @rpetrich for all these new features, making it even more useful.
    I would love only one new feature to be on Activator & that would be location-based Acrivator actions.

  • Anthony Nguyen

    Ryan Petrich is on fire!!!

    • Soylent Green

      0.0 put him out!! 😉

  • laxman

    Great update. such tedious task.always love activator and Ryan for the work he does. for those who talk bullshit, do smthng yourself and see.

  • Rick Hart

    Anybody having a problem w/ the icon being blank and not responding to bigify

    • Soylent Green

      I actually did not update activator because of this, i see in changelog that it is now compatible with 7.x & libhide but i do not recall seeing the hide icon option, i eventually updated activator as I’m a bit OCD about ignored updates and badges etc and ended up using “app hide” from Jenny-en repo, also in actvtr changelog it mentioned fixing icon rendering in ios7 so i fired the update but the icon was weirded out hence this app hide tweak from that repo. Might be ok with latest upd8 but don’t quote me on it. Good luck

    • Guy1717

      Yep, same here

  • James Gunaca

    Activator is one of the coolest tweaks for iOS ever. Anytime some fAndroid user goes on and on about rooting I ask them about something that does anything like Activator does and they all are like “no”. If there is an Activator for android, someone point it out.

  • SteveZ

    What does the new icon look like?

    • Guy1717

      It looks grey and blank and doesn’t shrink with Bigify

  • Sebastian, how do you configure Activator settings to invoke Siri to announce that your batter is at 5%?

  • Nel Neldz

    and i dont know how to use the activator, it keeps on error… Huhu 🙁