Mikoto is a jailbreak tweak that allows you to customize various aspects of App Store apps and default iOS apps on the iPhone. It’s similar to Springtomize in that you can alter loads of various features for a variety of different areas within supported apps.

You won’t find Mikoto on the BigBoss repo or the ModMyi repo; it’s only available by means of a third-party non-default repository. Have a look inside as we take Mikoto for a spin on video, and we’ll show you how to score this free jailbreak tweak for yourself.

Mikoto is a grab bag of various settings changes and tweaks for a variety of different stock and third-party applications. The apps and settings that it allows you to alter are as follows:

  • SpringBoard
  • Google Maps
  • YouTube
  • Settings
  • Facebook
  • Mail
  • Calculator
  • Trillian
  • CampusPortal

Some of the included apps and included settings do seem a little random, but as is the case with Springtomize, you’re bound to find at least one tweak or setting that will appeal to you and your usage.

mikoto 2

Being an avid YouTube user, my favorite area of Mikoto is, unsurprisingly, the YouTube section. There, you can enable video quality settings over cellular connections, enable background playback, and more.

I noticed that not every setting included with Mikoto works as described, so your mileage may vary. For example, the ability to disable the Slide to Unlock delay for devices with Touch ID enabled didn’t work for me at all.


There’s also some features that you’ve probably never thought about or considered. One such example is with the Calculator app. With Mikoto enabled, you can activate unlimited numerical input, just like you can with standard scientific calculators. Again, that’s probably not a setting that most will care about, but I can see a few users finding it to be a desired feature.

Mikoto Calc

Mikoto contains support for more obscure (in a mainstream sense) apps like CampusPortal, and some not-so-obscure, but not-exactly-popular-in-2014 apps like Trillian. The Trillian support allows you to disable ads in the app, while the CampusPortal support allows users to show all sections, even if your school has configured its server otherwise.

Mikoto 2

If you’d like to try out Mikoto for yourself, you’ll need to add its repo to your Cydia sources. Mikoto is not available on the default Cydia repos, but can be had for free using the following Cydia repo address: http://cydia.angelxwind.net

What do you think about Mikoto? Does it contain any features that you would deem as being a must-have? Sound off down below in the comments section with your thoughts and opinions.

  • samosa prince

    to aru majutsu no index!!!

  • Tract


  • izhaomin

    After adding the repo, I’ve got OpenSSL, OpenSSH and GNU Privacy Guard updates available from it. Are these unofficial or “unsaurik-y” updates safe?

    • Jose Gonzalez

      Im pretty sure GNU Privacy Guard is okay to update, I received it today on both my iPhone and iPad and I didn’t install that repo.

    • Sauriks versions are out of date. The updates you are receiving are just that, they are updates and installing the newer versions are 100% safe…

    • Ashish Maheshwari

      the versions on this repo (Karen’s repo) are updated and completely safe 🙂
      she is a fantastic developer in our jailbreak community 🙂

      • RarestName

        Too bad she’s unable to develop for iOS 8 since she only has an iPhone 4…

      • Andy

        Actually another developer is sending an iPhone 4S to Karen, so she can develop for iOS 8 at least. But iOS 8 is probably the last major version for the 4S.

    • RazorThunder

      It’s very okay. I installed three then it got better. It’s more updated. It’s proven 100% safe.

  • Merman123


    • Chris Zhu


  • MrE23

    Reminds me of Flex

  • Skoven

    So this is basically a slightly more user friendly Flex, but waaaaaay more limited…
    But nice that this is free, for those who don’t want to pay for Flex.

    • udovoodoo

      ESSE, I think u need a taco.

  • Chris Zhu

    Watch there be 20,001 more copies of this lvl5 tweak; it’ll be SHOCKING 😉 (reference)

    • Illumi-nati

      And then some hacker will com and try to destroy them all.

  • RazorThunder

    Sounds like Flex, but easier and with only a number of tweaks.

  • RazorThunder

    Do not update the Facebook app to 13.0. It’s either keep your current version or uninstall mikoto. Facebook crashes with mikoto. Even with a Flex patch on it.

    • Wes McGaugh

      Took me forever too figure that one out..

  • Матт Реякіпѕ

    I believe I recommended this app like 2 months ago. Amazing how slow iDownloadblog can be at times.

  • jake from statefarm

    please dont download this, i have downloaded it and after a while it started deleting my apps it started with my music app then it deleted my safari app i was deleting things from cydia and after i deleted this tweak it got better so take this as a warning.