iOS 8 beta 4

Two weeks after its last beta release, Apple has seeded iOS 8 beta 4 to developers. Aside from the usual myriad of bug fixes and improvements, there are sure to be some UI tweaks and other noticeable changes. Apple has more details in beta 4’s release notes.

We’re installing the beta now and will be updating this post with any changes we find. Be sure to let us know of any changes you run across! Simply email us at or leave a comment below!

New in iOS 8 beta 4:

Bug Reporter is no longer in the beta.

New icons in Personal Hotspot

Reports of major stability improvements on older devices

HomeKit now has privacy settings in Privacy panel

The Emoji keyboard button has been tweaked slightly

New slide to upgrade screen

Handoff now has its own panel in Settings > General > Handoff & Suggested Apps

Text Size panel, Bold Text toggle now under Display & Brightness

Ability to turn off suggested apps in Settings > General > Handoff & Suggested Apps

QuickTypes settings are now referred to as “Predictive”

Spotlight uses Bing Search for web results

Web Results in Spotlight can be toggled off

Added options to delete video/audio messages after 2 minutes or never

UI of the Clear buttons in Notification Center has been tweaked slightly

Animation for opening the App Switcher has been slowed

Health app tweaks

Keyboard Dictation now streams voice input, similar to Siri in iOS 8

Tips app has been included
New “Display & Brightness” panel in Settings

Control Center has a new look


New EU options for Roaming

Options for assigning left/right swipes in Mail

Toggle to remove Phone Favorites and Recents from App Switcher

Options for managing Bluetooth devices in Settings


New Bookmarks icon in Safari


New History panel in iTunes Radio


New editing options in Photos


New mailboxes in iOS Mail


App Store now shows supported languages and Family Sharing


  • Ashymer

    is whatsapp finally working?

    • VITICO

      nah..still crashes like before.. its gonna keep crashing til the dev updates the app for ios 8..

      • Ashymer

        tnks for the info.. better just update yosemite

      • Max Barlow

        I uninstalled and reinstalled and it works fine

  • Anmol Malhotra

    Full screen call pictures are back. Go into the Info for the contact and re-select the photo you would like to use. Next time you get a call from that contact , it should be full screen.

  • m4hu

    beta 4 doesnt show up on my 5s anyone knows how to fix this ? did a fresh install of beta 3 few minutes ago

  • Mini Apple Genius

    Control centre looks wierd to me.

  • Aneeq Naqvi

    Huge update. I dont know which features will last for ios8.1. :p

  • Greg

    tweaked animation to dismiss notifications in Notification Center

    • Mike Colacone Saal

      shit i just like the actual notification lol

    • Alessandro Montanari

      isn’t it just like it was on iOS 7.0.x ?

  • Umut Bilgiç

    Control center looks nice but that display and broghtness icon does not make sense

    • Matt

      It’s so people know that “display” now means text size. And yes control center looks really nice

  • Carl

    I saw that Family Sharing in The AppStore in Beta 3 First.

  • Samir

    Some of this stuff is old…

  • James Gunaca

    Given that we can restore back to 7.1.2 which is jail breakable, any reason to not try out this iOS 8 Beta (putting aside the fact a UDID reg would cost me $5)?

    • James Gunaca

      I don’t care that it’s “beta” and things will break or certain apps won’t work. I’m just eager to play with it!

      • James Gunaca

        Oh wait, I just remembered….you can’t restore to a backup once it’s been made with iOS 8 beta. So I’d have to revert to previous backup of iOS 7 :-/

      • James Gunaca

        Screw it. I’m doing it. I can go back to iOS 7 and lose a few days of iMessage history if I want to. Everything else should remain backed up elsewhere.

      • Samir

        Get it. I’ve jailbroken all my devices and since iOS 8. I haven’t missed it except swipe selection.

  • Nirvana

    That Control Center looks slick! Cool!

  • the-master

    of topic but i have annoying problem

    my ipad air display not charging
    message with the original12w wall adapter but when i use asus ai charger
    (program for pc to charge the ipad)it charge normaly without display
    not charging any solution

    iOS 7.1.2

  • Greg

    Option to disable Medical ID from lock screen added.

  • Wesh

    Any new languages for Siri yet? Dutch?

  • Freddy Born

    I prey for multiwindow on ipad

    • Anmol Malhotra

      Be patient then 🙂 It will be available in 2015 with iOS 8.1 ..

  • Don’t for get new sounds for the camera app.

  • Keabsy

    Who else is having problems with the quick reply? It’s the only thing that’s bothering me, the axis is completely wrong on the keyboard, if I try to go so symbols it just presses the shift key, the globe presses the letter z, and so on..

    • Hendo27

      Same here. Sounds like a lot if not everybody is experiencing this

  • Max Rojas

    Thought this beta was supposed to be better but it consisted of more bugs, but cant wait for the improvement. Enjoying the new control center though.

  • J M

    I don’t get the bluetooth thing? That’s been in iOS since before iOS 8…

  • Unicorn Drank

    They need to put a way to hide applications, its going to end up with 2 pages just full of stock iOS apps

  • クリストバル

    iOS 8 look terrible

  • cesar velasco

    Control center looks horrible.

  • Sophea_Chh

    Please Developer Add More Button on Control Center like Enable Cellular and 3G….and If iOS 8 can share music and video like shared photo on iOS 7 is better for all users….I hope So….please….

  • Shady

    Did anyone install this on an iPod touch?
    If yes any changes in preformance and speed?

  • James Gunaca

    Wow, excellent tip! I always back up to both iCloud and iTunes before doing any major upgrade or restore.

    I’ll just have to restore from iTunes instead of iCloud if I decide to go back. I updated to the Beta tonight, so far no major probs. Luckily not a WhatsApp user…

  • Retero

    It seems that this Beta has improved responsiveness and stability of iOS. On a AT&T iPhone 5s.

  • Max Barlow

    Family Sharing was already in the app store in beta 3

  • andy

    New slide to upgrade screen???
    Whats that new feature or fix??
    Anybody notice better battery life, better stabilization, increase of performance enhancements and could stay strong for daily use?

  • laxman

    Great article. Thanks

  • Chinch07

    Was the “swipe two fingers down from top of screen for voice over” feature always there?

    • Chinch07

      Go to settings, general, accessibility, speech, “speak screen”. Then when on an article use two fingers and swipe from the top of the screen. Almost like your pulling down the notification panel. It won’t let me post the image because it’s over 2 Mb.

  • Arin Failing

    Is anyone else experiencing gray app store downloads. By that I mean that searching the app store for an app which I already have, or have downloaded in the past will show a gray “Open” button, or gray iCloud icon, respectively. I can tap the buttons, and they will perform the appropriate actions. Also, when downloading apps which I don’t already own, the loading icon (with the stop sign in the middle) changes to gray soon after downloading starts, as well. I’m guessing, because nobody has claimed this as a UI change or bug, that maybe I need to reinstall the beta. It might be a bug on my device, only, because my phone lost all network connection after downloading iOS8b4, before installing it. I had to wait until I got home to install through iTunes, because the phone couldn’t verify the update, remotely. Thoughts?

  • [RΞCØИ1]

    Anyone else’s device getting really hot and having a major battery drain with this update?

  • BB BB

    handoff still not working for me even with the latest Yosemite and Beta 4

  • Andrew Hildebrand

    theres also new sounds for when you start and stop video recording

  • JR

    If you’ve ever used siri where she “stops” listening and then you have to tap her mic icon you can instead say “Hey siri” as the microphone is still actually active when siri’s screen is up.

  • Hendo27

    IOS 8 beta 4 has been the buggiest IOS 8 beta for me yet. Quick reply for messages is useless now and Imessages have completely stopped working.

  • Federico Corda

    on Iphone4S Ability to turn off suggested apps in Settings > General > Handoff & Suggested Apps doesn’t appear