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Are you itching for a lightweight quick reply solution, and feel that existing tweaks don’t work for you? What about being able to quickly reply to WhatsApp, Kik, and iMessage messages from the same quick reply interface. If you answered yes to one or both questions, then you may want to check out Hermes, a brand new $0.99 quick reply solution for jailbreakers.

After installing Hermes, you’ll find a a dedicated preference panel for the tweak in the stock Settings app. Inside of its preferences, you’ll find three toggles, which correspond to its three supported messaging apps—iMessage, Kik, and WhatsApp. Each toggle can be enabled independently, or if you’re a user of more than one of the apps, you can enable multiple toggles.

After you enable the toggles that correspond to the apps you’d like to use with Hermes, you’ll need to respring using the respring shortcut at the bottom of the tweak’s preferences. After respringing, the tweak begins to work with no  further configuration requirements.

hermes prefs

I should mention that I’m not a Kik or a WhatsApp user, but I was able to test out Hermes’ quick reply using iMessage. Once you receive an incoming iMessage banner notification, tap the reply button on the banner, and a simple quick reply interface box will appear on screen. The quick reply box contains the name of the app, user, and a portion of the incoming message. A text box is there to allow you to type in a reply, or you can choose to cancel the reply if you decide against sending a message.

Hermes’ quick reply works the same across each app that it supports, making for a unified quick reply experience that’s lightweight and no-nonsense. Of course, the tweak’s strongpoints can also be deemed as a negative depending on how you look at it. Hermes’ contains zero customization options, so if you’re looking for a custom experience you’ll need to look elsewhere. In fact, even some basic features are missing, such as the ability to reply from the Lock screen or Notification Center using the Hermes interface. Initiating replies in those instances simply loaded up the full Messages app.

Judging from its Cydia description, Hermes holds itself in high regard due to its simplicity and minimalism. That may work for some, but others will certainly have a problem with the tweak’s lack of even the most basic of options, such as replying from the Lock screen.

Hermes is available now on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $0.99. What do you think about it?

  • Linton Findlay

    wish more quick reply solutions including apples would take on the functionality of messages+ really nice being able to see the whole conversation easily, without having to using precising swiping like in bitesms, and it doesnt have the needless wasted space around the pop up box

    • khmi

      Messages by Ma Jun might do the trick for you

  • Varun Soi

    Maybe its better then interactive message notification.!

  • Zachary Sloane

    Wish it had a pop-up to “open” the message thread. I use that in BiteSMS when I get multiple messages quickly and i miss the banner. Might give this a shot for WhatsApp, but BiteSMS will stay for now with iMessage

  • Bob Bobsledge

    Was pretty excited for this but as long as there’s no way to quick reply from the Lockscreen, I have no use for this.

  • pauleebe

    Awesome this works with apps other than Messages, even though I only use Messages …

  • JulianZH

    no wechat?

  • Derp

    Quick Reply with no Quick Compose is FAIL! It’s only hood if it has both.

  • Matt

    I’ll stick with Auki

  • Greg Warren

    Wish it worked with FB Messenger.

  • mlee19841

    Agh no reply option no go. Auki still wins in my book. It’s good to see other tweaks out their that cover the same bases. Let’s keep pushing so jail breaking/cydia never die. Thanks again for creating this tweak and thanks for posting idb!

  • aw81

    Whatsapp quick reply would be useful to me but no lock screen reply kills it.
    Also, it doesn’t appear to allow attaching photos, another deal breaker…

  • mlee19841

    Side note. Is their a updated tweak that will lock certain apps in landscape mode? Like when u open the app it goes straight to the landscape mode. Thanks guys.

    • hush

      no theyr as note … gosh

  • Nice!!!

    I sent one email to mohamed @mootjeuh (Interactive Message Notification’s developer)… And I told him: look and learn xD

    • RarestName


    • Agru

      How old are you?
      Maybe 4

      • Guest

        Ur mom don’t told me that yesterday…

      • JoshuaHulgan

        “Ur mom don’t told me that yesterday”
        What did she say??
        Don’t leave us hanging?!?

      • Agru

        *your, *didn’t tell

  • Matheus Lisboa

    I saw this tweak earlier today and thought about buying, but thn I thought I should wait till jeff puts a video out! Now i’m intrigued with this, but what intrigues me most is how hasn’t other quickreply tweaks have this cross plataform thing about it… Yeah there’s couria, but it just don’t seem to work as well as this one! I was a little put off by the ui and would like a more fancy one, but the tweak is meant to be lightweight so it does it’s job! i’ll probably just use it for whatsapp so it’s okay!

    Thanks jeff for helping me spend my money knowing that i’m buying a quality software! And thanks to the developer for doing something so important, that everyone need but somehow gets overlooked by most tweaks

    • Ishaan Malhotra

      Is it working well with whatsapp? Even if the app is not in the background?

      • Matheus Lisboa

        The developer says that it should be running on the background to work properly… I myself haven’t tested it while it isn’t

  • A buck for a tweak for a function you will get for free with iOS 8…

    • Dan

      a buck for a tweak you will use several months until iOS 8 is released, I don’t see the problem

      • hush

        a buck for a tweak that gives you limited part of a feature that’s going to be available for free in a few months

      • Matheus Lisboa

        Not only you’ll have to wait for ios 8 to get this function, but you’ll also wait till whatsapp gets updated and we all know that takes a while…

      • Chetan

        How does it matter if whatsapp gets updated or not?? Its iOS not android so u wont get quick reply to 3rd party apps natively and interactive notification is for only.

      • Matheus Lisboa

        iOS 8 has a system of interactive banners and quickreply and it’s open for third party app… Whatsapp is working on quickreply for ios 8… If you pay attention to the keynote you can hear that clearly and even see the interective notifications being used on facebook…

      • hush

        go watch the keynote of iOS 8

    • hush

      not exactly.. you will get quick reply on iOS 8 for everything including 3rd party apps. This is only for whatsapp and kik… What if I use viber and meow chat lol

      • Chetan

        Hey you forgot the latest Yo!! msg app.. lol..

  • Jiaqin Kim

    if anybody could tell me the Font name of the tweak’s screenshot ?

  • FreshPrinceNae

    Would be nice if it also worked with Facebook Messages and/or Messenger. Would definitely be more usable if it did

  • TinaE

    Doesn’t seem to work for kik on my iPad, just ends up opening the app like normal.

  • Gagan Singh

    hermes is not working on my ios 7 jailbroken device at all. Sugesstions?