iOS 7 Mail

A month ago, Apple confirmed that it would soon start encrypting iCloud Mail traffic in transit.

As Google’s Transparency Report noted at the time, Apple and several major email providers did not properly encrypt email messages sent and received from other providers like Gmail and Yahoo, creating security concerns.

Although Apple only encrypts emails sent between its own iCloud customers, the company appears to have stepped up iCloud Mail security and is now finally protecting your emails from eavesdropping as they travel between various third-party email service providers using end-to-end encryption…

For example, Gmail now encrypts all emails in transit to iCloud. According to Jordan Kahn of 9to5Mac, this change affects users of and email addresses, as evidenced by Google’s updated Transparency Report website.

iCliud email encryption

German-language [Google translate] cautions that Apple’s method of encryption might not be as secure as previously hoped. It appears that Apple is using a version of the RC4 encryption algorithm called RC4-128, thought to be far weaker than the AES-128 algorithm.

Apple has not yet officially commented on the change, but we’ll update the article should the company issue a statement.

  • leart

    Yeah but governments can have our email or everything that is in phone without any encryption 🙂

    • jameskatt

      You can’t stop everything. Even when encrypted. Judges can still order YOU to decrypt your own files.

      • jameskatt

        So just don’t do anything illegal.

      • leart

        I will try to dont break the law.
        By the way my point was that government are made by people, and people are curious by nature, I mean in my country (small one) are around 1000 people that can watch everything I have in my phone, photos, videos everything and without letting me know. There’s no privacy anymore your naked in governments eye

      • Doing something illegal or not is irrelevant. Most wiretaps in the US were on ordinary law abiding citizens…

      • DogeCoin

        That’s why you make hidden encrypted partitions, encrypted partition with a partition, since is all encypted, they can’t prove you have another one inside it.

  • hkgsulphate

    who use iCloud mail?