Fully Masked Passwords

Have you ever typed a password in iOS and wondered to yourself why Apple doesn’t mask the last character completely? The reason that Apple doesn’t fully mask the password as you type probably has to do with being able to verify that you entered the correct password.

Some may argue that such a feature is counter to staying secure as you enter your password. It’s easy to see why some people may feel that way.

Enter Fully Masked Passwords—a new jailbreak tweak that applies a full mask to every character entered in a password field. Check out our video after the break to see it in action.

Once you install Fully Masked Passwords, there are no options to configure or settings to adjust; just install it and go. After installation, you should notice that every password entered is fully masked down to the last character.

Fully Masked Passwords can be found on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. The developer is providing the package as a free download.

What do you think about Fully Masked Passwords? Do you think it enhances the security of iOS?

  • TheShade247

    Meh, not for 5S users

    • Muhammad !

      Yeah we have TOUCH-ID ..AHAHAHAHA!

      • Shingo

        it seems i can not use my touch id for app store , why is that each time i enable this function on it will be back off?

      • Muhammad !

        Go to settings > general > pass code and Touch ID > Touch ID .. And make sure “use touch ID for App Store” is enabled

      • Shingo

        i did and after enabled it became disabled automatically, why is that?

      • Muhammad !

        Make sure, you iOS is updated to the latest version ! And if it still doesn’t work. You can contact apple support. I can’t really help you, Sorry !

    • Oddball

      And other passwords?

      • TheShade247

        If your iphone 5s is jailbroken, you can pretty much use touch id in any app

      • It won’t even be a requirement to be jailbroken either as soon as iOS 8 drops…

      • Jeremy

        I beg to differ. Although there is quick reply for text messages, there’s still no quick compose :/

    • neo

      We don’t use our touch ID to login in some web sites on web browser or in facebook app…

  • Anonymous

    Agreed, not for i5s users.

  • DOOManiac

    This is actually how iOS originally worked with passwords. Apple updated
    it to the current system a long time ago (iOS 2? Or maybe even 1.1?)
    because the average user had trouble entering passwords when everything
    was masked.

    (Me included. I welcome the change and am still happy its there by default)

  • raster1

    What’s the point of masking the password if the keyboard still pops up the key typed?

    Good try but still needs work.

    Looking for something just like this for whenever I use my iPad on a projector during class.

    • mkOS

      Exactly! It should also block the key from popping up.

  • mark

    This is great, but you can actually solve the problem by typing an extra character then remove it afterwards.