Samsung Galaxy S5 ad (iPhone battery 001)

As a rule of thumb: the bigger the phone, the stronger the battery. At least, this has been the case with the vast majority of jumbo-sized Android handsets.

And it’s easy to see why: phones with larger displays need bigger enclosures that offer more space inside for internal components such as the battery.

Many pundits expect Apple’s iPhone 6 to exhibit a notable battery capacity boost, but a new report is now alleging that both a 4.7 and 5.5-inch handset offer a slight boost in capacity from the battery used in the iPhone 5s, presumably because Apple is adamant to retain the World’s Thinnest Smartphone crown…

GforGames on Monday relayed Chinese media reports [Google translate] asserting that the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 will have a battery that would measure anywhere between 1,800 and 1,900mAh, with the larger 5.5-inch device pack in a 2,500mAh battery.

By comparison, both the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c have a a 1,570mAh battery. The increase in battery capacity will be needed to power those larger screens with extra pixels.

iPhone 5 battery charging

Although the rumored 2,500mAh battery inside the bigger iPhone represents a nice boost from the iPhone 5s/5c, it pales in comparison to high-end Android handsets which typically include a 3,000mAh or stronger battery.

For example: LG’s 5.5-inch G3 has a 3,000mAh power unit inside and the 5.7-inch Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is outfitted with a 3,200mAh battery. Of course, battery capacity isn’t everything.

iOS 8 (Settings, General, Usage, Battery Usage 001)iOS 8 (Settings, General, Usage, Battery Usage 002)

iOS is very battery friendly and iOS 8 is even more power-efficient at its core while offering new features to help identify battery-hog apps, as evidenced on the above screenshot.

Additionally, Apple’s in-house designed A8 processor that should power new iPhones and iPads is said to primarily focus on marked improvements to power efficiency to help prolong the handset’s battery life.

The iPhone’s battery performance is notably the subject of Samsung’s latest Galaxy S5 commercial, seen right below.

The 60-second video likens iPhone users to wall huggers (a line Samsung actually stole from BlackBerry CEO’s remark) because the handset’s battery would run down before the end of the end of the day, forcing them to search for power outlets.

The Samsung device has a user-replaceable battery and includes a software feature called Ultra Power Saving Mode which puts the phone in an aggressive power-saving mode after the juice level hits a threshold.

Would you rather have a bigger screen or a stronger battery?

  • To me, the thinness of the iPhone 5/5s is enough. Imagine how much more of a battery they could fit into this size with the larger screened phones?

    • RarestName

      The battery life is also pretty good for its capacity. Adding even a 3,000mAh battery will destroy the competition.

  • iDB

    I would rather have a thicker iPhone with a much better battery life.

    • Ali

      Apple, read this!

      • iDB

        Apple logic: phone thinness is more important than battery life.
        iPhone owners: please give us a better battery life!!
        Apple should really hire someone to find out what people want in the new iPhone.

      • Kyle

        Steve Jobs logic: Apple does not want to care what the customer wants; the customer must want what Apple serves them.

  • mlee19841

    Months before production and board meetings. Apple should open a website and have customers pitch them ideas about what they want to see in the new iPhone. They don’t have to act on every single one. Anyway. The thinner the phone the thinner the battery. But I guess we will have to see when it gets released.

  • TonyVee73

    The’re gonna make them so thin that the phone will bend by looking at it.

    My son’s iP5 and wife’s iP5s have bent. My son keeps his phone in his pocket and my wife’s in her posketbook. Thankfully my daughter’s and my iP5 are bend free.

    • Cameron Nelms

      Does your son store his in his back pocket? That’s likely why it’s bent, as the phone is mostly aluminium, and very soft.

  • jgr627

    Thinner phone, we have 7 years already of living with a mediaocore battery what’s one more year going to hurt

    • TonyVee73


  • felixtaf

    Bigger Battery > Bigger Screen > 2GB Ram > 13MP Camera > Cores, GHz, Bits!

    • a0135

      Bigger Battery > 2GB Ram (most benefit for tweaks) > Bigger Screen > GHz > Cores > 13MP Camera

  • White Michael Jackson

    Yeah it won’t. Apple will work on the battery. If they do they will just one more 1 hour and everyone will yell innovation.

    • felixtaf

      Only fools/haters will say such a thing. So dont be a fool/hater.

      • White Michael Jackson

        So I get labeled for telling the truth? Apple did the same with the iPhone 5s.

      • felixtaf

        Did they label it as innovation?

      • Kyle

        Yes, they did.

      • felixtaf

        Where? Care to post a link? I watched the keynote and havent heard that!

      • No, the users are the ones he’s referring to. Apple isn’t “everyone” you know…by now, you’ve probably seen comments here on iDB referring to Apple’s ability to get more battery life while making the phone thinner, as innovation…

  • Fardeen Beharry

    i actually want a bigger battery , i dont care how thin it is. i want a battery that can last a full day of heavy usage. is it too much to ask in 2014?

  • Watched the latest Iphone6 spec in doomisapproaching website and it looks like Iphone6 will give a tough fight to the phablets around in the market…

  • Nate McKelvie

    Trader joes light shredded mozzarella

    As someone who works with allajpr phones on a daily basis, I’d have to say, the galaxy phones may have bigger batteries, but they don’t get much if any more battery than an iPhone 5s. They have these big awesome batteries but they use them so inefficiently that the iPhone seems to still out last them. This is just my opinion from what I’ve seen.

    • VictorMartino

      EXACTLY!!!!! People who say that the Galaxy S4 or S5 has better battery life than the 5S are completely crazy! Both my mother and a friend of mine have Galaxy S4s and I’m always check their Screen-on time, which doesn’t exceed 3h30min, while my iPhone 5 could EASILY get 6 hours of constant use. I used to have an Xperia Z with a 2100mAh battery (compared to 1550 from the iPhone 5) and it would only last 2h30!!!!! If Apple keeps making the OS and the processors battery friendly I’m sure they could make a 1800-1900mAh battery last even longer than those 3000mAh battery phones!

  • Kyle


  • @dongiuj

    Let me guess, Apple will say “Now the battery lasts 1.348.9.22222% LONGER!…..unless there’s a bug that we’ll have to correct ONLY after we’ve sold tens of millions of handsets and it’s receiving negative news around the world”

    I hope that apple has sorted a way of conserving battery life. I feel there’s no need for a bigger more powerful battery. It just needs new tech that doesn’t consume so much power. Just like a car with petrol, the car doesn’t carry a bigger tank of petrol but rather has modern advancements in engine tech and parts to make the car more fuel efficient.

  • Keith

    Hope this mean that the Igzo display will make it in the iPhone 6. The iPad Air has one and a smaller battery as we’ll.

  • diggitydang

    For me, it’s getting harder and harder to hold as they keep making phones thinner… but I’m using my phone more and more, and need MORE battery… I actually keep my mophie helium on my phone as it adds some size to HELP me hold the phone (and gives me extra battery).

  • iBanks

    I’d take a thinner phone. My current battery life suits me very well throughout my day and hell, I work in a cellphone store so there’s always a charger nearby.

  • Malik

    typo Christian “The 60-second video likens iPhone users to wall huggers (a line Samsung actually stole from BlackBerry CEO’s remark) because the handset’s battery would run down before the end of the end of the day, forcing them to search for power outlets.”

    • Kevin Osborne

      Beat me to pointing this out. 😛

  • Rowan09

    The battery is going to be bigger, but I want better battery life regardless of how they do it.

  • iBanks

    I also believe that Apple will implement something software related to exchange the batt life as its done with Mavericks. If they can achieve the same batt life that your top larger screened smartphones have now, without much of an increase in batt size, I think it’s an win/win no matter how you look at it.

  • therealjjohnson

    Hasnt the batter improved every version of the iPhone? I dont think its a batter issue, i think its a user issue. We never put the thing down. From emails, iMessage, internet browsing, streaming music, etc…Im usually on my phone a large part of the day. I dont blame Apple for that. I use it alot, the batter dies. When i dont use it a lot, the battery doesnt die. This is just my experience. Im sure you all have very different and unique experiences that are geared around your usage.

    • Dan

      Actually the battery hasn’t improved. My iphone 4 and 4S had better battery life than my iPhone 5S, it seems to be the concensus on many forums as well.

      • therealjjohnson

        I see. I was basing that off the roll out of each phone. More specifically the 7 hour talk time to 10 hour talk time etc. I guess the more frills the phone has the more of the “extra” battery it takes up. Interesting to see what this next one will be like.

  • gittlopctbi

    Hmnn…So according to the iOS 8 screen shot, the PHONE capability of my PHONE is the worst battery hog. Therefore, I shouldn’t use my PHONE as a PHONE, even thought the primary purpose I bought it was to use it as a PHONE. And if I didn’t use my PHONE as a PHONE, then I would have incredible increases in battery life! Sounds good.

    I’ll just say that I really could care less about the “thinness” king of the hill bragging point. Who cares? The 5 is already thin enough, maybe even too thin. I do not want it to be any thinner. What I do want is MORE BATTERY LIFE and a replaceable battery, too. And I do not want the extra bulk of a battery case. Tired of being a wall hugger.

  • Darrick

    I think a stronger battery is a must! Just after 3 hours of continuous web surfing, my iPhone dropped from 100% to 43%!

    whereas my friend’s galaxy S5 in the same time frame only dropped to 73%

  • The iPhone 4S is already thin enough for me, with added bonus of being bend proof and lightning-gate proof.

    All I want in terms of hardware is at least 2GB RAM > Bigger battery > Screen size b/w 4.7″ to 5.2″ > Real Stereo Speakers > Full HD Screen Res (eliminate those black bars in most videos) > at least 12MP Camera (for crisper zoom) > Built-in IR Blaster > Dual-Band AC WiFi + LTE (that’s all the iPhone 5+ seems to offer, and it’s my lowest priority).

    In terms of software, just add Cydia to iOS…