Apple is constantly adding new stores around the globe. Frequently, Apple creates a marketing scheme to celebrate the new additions. In Tokyo, the marketing scheme surrounded a green wall that is adorned with plants, as a climate controlled wall to help regulate indoor temperatures. With the new feature in mind, Apple created a very green and leafy cover board and art to coincide with the store opening. We featured several wallpaper versions that were inspired by Apples green friendly design and many readers enjoyed the art.

Today, the same artist is back at it, with a wallpaper set highlighting the most recent June 21 opening in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol…


The same graphic artist submitted these new dotted wallpapers to celebrate the store opening. @JasonZigrino, hosts his work on Deviant Art, and often previews his downloads on Twitter. Desktop, iPhone and iPad images of the speckled wallpaper are included. This is in response to several readers requesting a download that includes both iPad and desktop versions, in addition to iPhone.

Puerta del Sol JZigrino iPhone splash

Download Black: iPad; iPhone (variation 1, variation 2); desktop (2800 x 1800)

Download White: iPad; iPhone (variation 1, variation 2); desktop (2800 x 1800)


Today, as with many wallpapers, the above were sent to me directly by Jason via Twitter. If you would like to share your created or found images, shoot me a tweet @jim_gresham or send them attached to an email

What do you guys think?

  • Ishaan Malhotra

    Hey idb,
    Out of topic
    Now that we have a jailbreak for ios 7.1.1 as well, why dont you guys resume theme thursday? Those were pretty neat blogs.

    • We stopped Theme Thursday because a lot of themes were becoming very redundant, making it very hard to fine good quality themes. We will post themes from time to time when we see some that are truly original.

      • Thiago Vaccaro

        You guys should definetly cover “Wround iOS 7 Complete”, one of the best themes i’ve seen for a while. Here’s my setup:

      • TeChNoStyLeZ

        I was just about to mention ” wround ” 😛 , lucidity is also a nice theme that appeared today on cydia , similar to stock iOS 7 but with some nice improvements

      • Thiago Vaccaro

        Disqus deleted my last comment, but anyway, iDB should definitely cover “Wround iOS 7 Complete”, one of the best themes i’ve seen in a while, here’s my setup:

      • justme

        is classic dock? or we can find it included into the theme?

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        I think all the themes use classic dock except for Ayecon and Ayeris which for some unknown reason bundle a mobile substrate tweak to add a custom dock…

      • Thiago Vaccaro

        It is ClassicDock + Mac OS X Dock for Classic Dock (something like that)

      • Ishaan Malhotra

        Yup, that’s true. Too much repetition. Hope to see some nice themes soon on idb. (/r/iosthemes does have a lot of new themes coming up!)
        Thanks for the reply!

      • Mago

        You guys could do a month post of themes and tweaks instead of weekly!

      • andy

        Would black or white of these wallpaper best suits my ipod touch 5th generation (white, blue) colour model 🙂
        in your opinion, thanks Sebastien.

  • RuiSS

    Perfect wallpaper !!!!!

  • Matt

    Some of my favorites!
    Kudos to BMW fans!

    • Khizar Malik

      Why cant i find wallpapers like these for the ipad
      And please for android devices hooowww 🙁 ???

  • Guest

    And sum more!

    • Kenan


  • TeChNoStyLeZ


    • nfinite

      I’ll grab some of yours.. looks great and thanks..

  • David Gitman


    • andy

      Great :)!.

  • DG

    Everyone feel free to download my custom Yosemite theme on codethemed. Jus search for Yosemite

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      The icons look great yet look like they don’t belong on iOS. It’s definitely very noticeable that their Mac icons (then agin perhaps that’s the point?).

      • DimSimHunter ye

        yeah he says “custom yosemite theme” in case you didnt notice haha

  • workin

    Off topic: any way to get call screen photos instead of Facebook style round thumbnail in corner when calling?

  • Steve Rice

    Is the jailbreak going to let us use the phone with any app the last time i had a iPhone was with the ip4 and it wouldn’t let me use some apps that i wanted

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Should work. Originally Pangu had some weird bugs on the iPhone 4, for example a complete inability to boot the device in a dark room. I think most if not most then all bugs have been solved now though…

      • Steve Rice

        Well i’m going to be testing that out in a few months i get a phone upgrade in jan.
        But i’m thinking of keeping with windows phones the 8.1 update is amazing but i’m not sure what im going to be getting yet but the new jailbreak sounds promising.

  • Andrew Roth

    Working on a new wallpaper set right now. It’s going to be huge though. iPhone, iPad, and Desktop with over 50 wallpapers each. They’re all official Apple images to!

    • andy

      Sweet, hoping to see them any soon man 🙂

  • andy

    These look great :)!
    any suggestions..
    would black or white best suits ipod touch 5th generation (white, blue) ?.