Pangu 1.1.0

Users who weren’t able to jailbreak their iOS 7.1.x devices because of the lack of Mac support for the Pangu jailbreak tool can rejoice. Earlier today, the Pangu Team released Pangu 1.1.0 with a few improvements and bug fixes. Most notably, Pangu 1.1.0 brings support for Mac and is now available in English.

Among the imrprovements, it appears that one major bug that threw some devices into a boot loop has been fixed. From what we hear, it is now much more stable than the previous version…

The following changelog can be found on the English version of the team’s website:

1. Add English support.

2. Optimize the file size.

3. Fix the boot loop bug.

4. Use new info leak(infoleak?) vulnerability which discovered by ourself instead of the old one discovered by @i0n1c.

5. Add online self verification

According to the Pangu Team, 25PP (PPsync) has been removed from the English version, leaving Cydia as the one and only installer. It is our understanding that the Chinese version still contains it though.

If you successfully jailbroke your iOS 7.1.x device before using Pangu, then there is no reason for you to do anything at this time. If however you’ve been having issues, it might be a smart thing to do to restore and try again with Pangu 1.1.0.

You can download Pangu 1.1.0 from here.

For instructions on how to use Pangu, you can refer to our Pangu jailbreak tutorial for Mac and our Pangu jailbreak guide for Windows.

If you decide to use Pangu 1.1.0, please let us know how it went for you.

  • Kieran.Lillis

    Is there no option to remove 25pp in the Mac version?

    • Nirvana

      I think they removed the check box upon installing 25pp.

    • a3yu

      25pp will not be installed

    • Martin

      Read the post m8 (facepalm)

  • Thanh

    I was lucky to own have windows installed on my mac and jailbroke my iPad last week when it first announced. No problem so far.

  • Oh so thats what those question marks meant…

  • Christanto Raka

    can I re-jailbreak it again? from ver.1.0 to 1.1?

    • Lurker22

      Sure, restore back to stock, then re-jailbreak.

      • Christanto Raka

        that’s makes my tweak deleted. any idea how to rejailbreak w/o back to stock? please

      • Lurker22

        Not that I am aware. Perhaps Pengu post something in cydia to update necessary files.

      • Christanto Raka

        Oky thanks man. I will try to refresh cydia.. And one thing, how to get back my homescreen its mess up because of iconoclasm

      • eXoguti093

        why would you wanna do that though?

    • Pramod Mohandas

      You would need to wait for their untether package update. Else, restore & re-jailbreak.

    • firerock

      no need because pangu team has confirmed that they will post DEB package through Cydia. That means you just have to update when it is available. Maybe 2 or 3 days from now

  • Lurker22

    Worked great on my 4s. 7.1.1 is a HUGE improvement in speed and reducing “lag” compared to 7.0.6 on old iphones!

    • enifome

      Are you using windows or mac?? For your the new pangu or is it the old one you used

      • Lurker22

        Windows. Pangu 1.1 (waited for 1.1 before using…)

      • enifome

        Lose most of my file at the first release so waiting for update so I can hit the jaibreak button

      • Lurker22

        YOur comment isn’t clear, what file did you lose??

        I lost nothing. Just did a full restore to stock 7.1.1, then ran jailbreak v1.1. Worked perfectly.

      • enifome

        I did not backup before the jailbreak and was stuck in the welcome to pangu loop so I restore to the stuck waiting for pangu update

      • Lurker22

        Ah, that’s a big mistake. They even said in instructions do an itunes backup before performing jailbreak 🙁

  • Christanto Raka

    can I re-jailbreak it again? from ver.1.0 to 1.1?? please

    • Lurker22

      Already responded to your exact same post

  • Eni

    Can’t give an opinion, i am on 7.0.6 and will stay on that version until 8.x jailbreak. i trust no chinese guys exept Evasi0n 🙂

    • Lurker22

      Suggest go to 7.1.1 such a huge improvement over 7.0.6 using my old iphone 4s. Wow, Next time i will just update and ditch the jailbreak. 7.0.6 has been HORRIBLE

    • a3yu

      i’m on 7.1.1 (iPhone 5) but i’ll wait until 7.1.2 without jb.
      I was 7.0.6 jb before…the difference is big in stability.

    • TeChNoStyLeZ

      i have an iphone 5s and 7.1.1 is so much better than 7.0.6 , I was experiencing a lot of app crashed as well as problems with wifi connectivity. All problems solved on 7.1.1. When I updated I gave up my jailbreak cause the problems where so annoying. Now I jailbroke again using pangu, if you uncheck the box or use the english version you ll have absolutely now isues and of course no malware , just a regular jailbreak

      • Eni

        i have some problems with wifi (it takes a while to conect somtimes) but that’s it, this is a 5s, i have another 5s on 7.1.1 and i don’t see any diference.

    • enifome

      If you eni and am Enifome u should jailbreak dude. What ur full name bro??

      • Eni

        yeah dude dude dude lol. just Eni

    • MinorOS

      iOS 7.1.1 in my iPhone 5 is like 2 or 3 times better tan 7.0.6 i suggest you dont be racist since iDownloadblog post JB is safe ( and flagging your comment for the same reason)

      • Steve Norris

        Maybe he is a nationalist and not a racist? I don’t agree with him either way but I would agree to let him be wrong without flagging his comment.

      • Eni

        read above

      • Eni

        that was not wat i meant, i wold say the same if they were italian, or german etc. anyway why do you people take everything like racism? people are “afraid” to say a word becose other people find a way to call them racist, i don’t like this word and it should not exist coz we are all the same, all human beings. I AM NOT A RACIST, don’t give a shit about ur cmm flag and i hope you don’t find this racist too.

      • Benjamin J Schwartz

        If you said “I would rather wait for an American release so I can support those guys” then you wouldn’t have come off as racist. By saying you don’t trust any Chinese, you are implying that all Chinese people are untrustworthy. That fits the definition of racist. Most racists aren’t bad people and don’t consider themselves bigots. Don’t take offense. Instead consider this constructive criticism.

      • Eni

        So u saying that people have to finish a literature university before cmm or talking to someone cuz if not it will be acused as an racist?
        Anyway i don’t care what u think, i feel fine cuz i know i didnt mean something bad with what i said.

    • CS

      7.0.6 is nice on my 5s. I will be staying until I upgrade to iPhone 6.

    • Ashish Maheshwari

      its completely safe and stable. do it!

  • Leonard Wong

    Made no sense that they burned another exploit

    • MajorSHARK

      The exploit that the Pangu team used can be taken into legal action by Apple. This means that it isn’t really an important exploit for the ‘big guys’ as they won’t use this on their releases.

      • Leonard Wong

        Nope! They changed the info leak bug that was from i0nic
        Also, they changed it as they want to show they are capable of finding bugs

      • Justin Rowe

        Why could legal action be taken by Apple? Excuse my ignorance but I tried to google it but I couldn’t find any info regarding it.

      • MajorSHARK

        Check out MuscleNerd’s twitter.

  • Iman

    Can devices that was updated using OTA be jailbreak using pangu?

    • Pramod Mohandas

      I guess. Best is to restore and re-jailbreak fresh via iTunes while the 7.1.1 window is open.

  • Hotrod

    does this new version still install ppsync, can anyone confirm?

    • Pramod Mohandas

      Website says it doesn’t. You can additionally use Karen Tsai’s AppSync Remover to double-confirm your doubts.

    • Andrew

      Read the damn article.

  • San

    for me it says are u sure u want to open it? then when i hit open nothing happens well something kinda moves around the trash can but thats about it? anyone else have this problem? i am using the mac version…

    • You have to right click on it and then click open.

    • Eni

      something moving around ur trash can? call 911 cuz maybe it’s a thief. lol

  • bbby

    doesn’t launch on my mbp in mavericks.

    • San

      me too

      • right click the icon and click “open”

      • Wood1030

        Download pangu using chrome, NOT Safari!

    • Cesar Morales

      me neither. It seems this does not run on Maveriks

  • Chocolope Jailbreakush

    Hope it runs on Yosemite if not I can wait till July 8th.

  • peyman47

    cydia not show after jailbreak

  • Elior Neeman

    I get this error “dump caches failed” ??

    • Panguhelpme

      Has anyone found a solution to this? I still can’t get past this.

    • Mosho Dyson

      @panguhelpme:disqus & @eliorneeman:disqus I had the same problem “Dump caches failed”, the cause I found in my case was my iPhone not having enough space to perform the jailbreak; the solution was to restore the phone to my backup before the jailbreak, then I uninstalled some apps until I got 2.5 GB free, then I would reboot my device and finally when I run the jailbreak again, the error disappeared and problem solved.

      Also make sure to turn OFF the Auto-lock so that the jailbreak is not interrupted.

      Hope it works for you! Cheers!!!

  • ready1take1

    Jailbroken on 7.0.6. I hear 7.1.2 is around the corner and won’t kill this Pangu jailbreak. Should I wait for that, or go ahead and do this today?

    • Philippe Vézina

      Go on the safe side and do it today. If they patch it on 7.1.2, you’ll be screwed with no options.

  • sdhn97

    Typo second paragraph – improvements.

  • Qasim

    Its a relief the boot loop has been fixed, im about to jailbreak in a few seconds

    • Qasim

      ok so I just jailbroke and everything is gone I mean all the apps are gone except the stock ones 🙁

      • Qasim


      • Lurker22

        Because when you restore from backup it wipes the device. Complete the restore from backup and it will all come back.

      • Qasim

        my froze for a while and it all came back

  • Siddharth Desai

    Won’t even launch on Mavericks. Yes, I tried Right Click and Open. Same result.

    • Wood1030

      Try downloading pangu using chrome instead of safari…that worked for me.

      • Siddharth Desai

        Yes. That was the problem. Just downloaded from Pangu website.

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    Wish this had come out a couple days ago…that Parallels thing was complicated. Plus it ran slow on my Mac. I could use this one on my Ipad though.

  • Siddharth Desai

    Make sure Passcode lock is disabled. Otherwise jailbreak won’t work.

  • Kunal Aggarwal

    Umm.. I just used this to jailbreak my iPad Air on iOS 7.1.1 using the Mac app.
    All went well till it asked me to open the pangu app on my iPad. After I
    opened it, my iPad rebooted and the pangu app showed cleaning up and
    then “quit unexpectedly”. iPad rebooted again, came to the pangu boot
    screen, and now I do not have any cydia icon on the iPad. Restarting the
    pangu app shows, already jailbroken. Rebooted iPad manually too. What
    to do? 🙁

  • Michael Jay Delaney

    I’d like to remind Mac users that public libraries SHOULD be plentiful in most areas. Jailbreaking your iDevice doesn’t necessarily have to occur on your main computer. If you don’t readily have access to a PC you can (in the future if there is a Windows release followed by one for the Mac) use one of the windows machines there. Library wifi is sometimes unreliable but should be enough to download the pangu (or whatever other) jailbreak file without hassle. Something I think some people may have forgotten or just don’t know. Used my girlfriends laptop. Wasn’t fun, but it got the job done.

  • Paul

    Cydia doesn’t appear after rebooting… What can I do?

    • firerock

      restore and re jailbreak. did you update OTA

      • Paul

        what is OTA?

      • firerock

        over the air update. basically you update the newest firmware via iDevices. If you want to jailbreak, you must restore through iTunes in mac @ pc. Do not update, click the restore button.
        If you know already, ignore this. Remember back up your device first.

  • Krikor Shiranian

    i really have big problem! i have iphone 5 and i install IOS 7.1.1 and after i jailbreak everything was fine until i start installing some tweaks and at the end i found some icon disappear like the (Phone Mail Music Video) coz thats what i had on my menu down! i decide to re-install the software and everything is fine now! but the main problem that im having is that i cant jailbreak my phone anymore 🙁 im using Pangu its loading everything at the end its telling me iphone 5,1 with ios7.1.1 (*****) already jailbreak :(:(:(:(:(:(:( is there any way that i can fix this problem pls im really gonna get crazy

  • Javian

    It gives me the “Check caches failed” error every time. My phone doesn’t even reboot. I have an iPhone 5s on the sprint network running iOS 7.1.1

    • Panguhelpme

      I am having the same problem. Have you found a solution?

  • mike

    You guys should really mention that the Pangu app appears on the /last page/ of your homescreen. I tried jailbreaking my iPad yesterday and the process kept timing out, without the app ever appearing.
    If you only have one page of apps, (like most freshly restored devices), you’ll need to move an app to the second page so the Pangu app can be accessed. Otherwise the process will stop halfway through and timeout.

  • Augure

    I don’t trust this pile of shit. Tried once, did exactly what was asked, removed passcode lock, backed up etc…but after first jailbreak: no Cydia…

    • peyman47

      restore ios then jail without backup

  • Avery

    Alright, so it reboots and gives me “Jailbreak timed out” What do i do?

  • Etienne

    I did it with the Chinese version and It worked perfectly

  • Manuel A Neves

    I have a Iphone 5, and after cleaning it not appears Cydia icon

  • Warren L Shafor

    ︻╦╤─ Worked great for me using iPhone 4S 7.1.1 THX ─╤╦︻

  • Tobias Henanger

    after I jailbroken my iphone 4s I updated to ios 7.1.2 and then cydia was delited,when i tri to jailbreak agen, Pangu says. already jailbreak. how do I fix it???

  • Guest

    I updated my iphone 4 ota is there going to be any issues?

  • Mohammed

    I have this problem with pangu, It says An error occurred while injecting app? How to fix it?

  • matthew

    I keep trying to jailbreak my iPhone 5C and it takes me through the whole process, it says its done, my phone reboots and there’s nothing there on the second page. Please help.