Pangu Jailbroken

There are several questions that have been circulating since the iOS 7.1.1 untethered jailbreak was released, so I have created this FAQ of sorts to answer some of the more pressing concerns. Read ahead as I talk about the safety of the iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak, which exploits were used, the compatibility of tweaks, how this affects an iOS 8 jailbreak and more. Everything you need to know about the iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak is just ahead… 

Is the iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak safe?

While I cannot personally guarantee that the iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak is completely safe to use, as there are so many technical intricacies involved, the general consensus is that the jailbreak is not harmful. iOS developer iH8sn0w confirmed that the jailbreak does not contain any spyware or malicious trails, while fellow iPhone hacker MuscleNerd said that everything appears to be okay so far.

Nevertheless, proceed with caution. It is still highly recommended that you backup your device through iTunes before upgrading to iOS 7.1.1 and jailbreaking. It would also be wise to uncheck the box in the PanGu jailbreak tool that installs a pirated app store and PPSync, especially because the latter package is said to cause instability on jailbroken devices. Here is how to remove PPSync if you’ve already installed it.

Which devices are supported?

PanGu iOS 7 Jailbreak Devices

  • iPhone 5s / 5c / 5
  • iPhone 4 / 4S
  • iPad 2, iPad (3rd and 4th gen), iPad Air
  • iPad mini
  • iPod touch (5th gen)

Should I jailbreak iOS 7.1.1? Will tweaks work?

If you already have a jailbroken iPhone or iPad on iOS 7.0 – 7.0.x, then I would personally recommend remaining on your current software version for at least a few days. The reason is that most developers will now need to update their jailbreak tweaks to support iOS 7.1.1, and those tweaks must then be repackaged and made available on Cydia. That process could take days or weeks, depending on how quick the developer in question acts.

If you currently have an iPhone or iPad running iOS 7.1 or later, or perhaps iOS 6, then jailbreaking might be a no brainer to you. But keep in mind that, as explained above, not all tweaks and other packages will be supported just yet. We’ll be working on compiling a list of iOS 7.1.1 compatible jailbreak tweaks, but this thread on Reddit lists quite a few tweaks that appear to be supported so far.

How do you jailbreak iOS 7.1.1?

How come the jailbreak doesn’t work?

You may have to run the PanGu tool twice, especially if you receive a blue screen on an iPhone 5s.

How come icons are missing or my device is acting up?

You may have forgot to uncheck the box in the PanGu tool that installs PPSync, which is said to cause system instability. Read this: how to remove PPSync.

What exploits are used? How does this affect an iOS 8 jailbreak?

It appears that the iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak involves an InfoLeak bug that at least one Chinese developer named Hao (windknown) learned how to exploit after receiving iOS kernel training from the infamous Stefan Esser (i0n1c) within the past year or so. iH8sn0w claims that the iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak burns two exploits, related to code signing and the kernel. The jailbreak also uses a “syslogd chown” vulnerability that was disclosed at the Black Hat hacking conference in August.

As far as an iOS 8 jailbreak is concerned, the use of two exploits for the iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak could make it harder for further vulnerabilities to be uncovered; however, the enterprise certificate loophole that is used as an injection vector for this jailbreak in the first place has yet to be patched. That certificate loophole is the reason why you have to roll back the system time on your device in order to install this jailbreak, or emulators like GBA4iOS.

What is PanGu? Who is part of the team?

Wikipedia claims that Pangu is the first living being and creator of all according to some Chinese mythology, so it is likely that is where the name for this jailbreak tool was derived from.

In terms of who belongs to the PanGu team, which seemingly came out of nowhere, it appears to consist of Hao (windknown), XiaBo Chen (dm557), Daniel Manoppo (Daniel_K4) and potentially others.

We’ll keep this post updated with a running list of other questions based on the comments we receive below.

  • RarestName

    Contemplating about whether I should just update my iPad 4 on 6.1.3, which is quick and snappy…

    • Agru

      Do update.

      And tell me how it runs lol

      • RarestName


    • Brandon Higgins

      Soon you’ll be required to update for some apps. I would do it.

      • RarestName

        The only third party apps that I use on a daily basis are Tweetbot 2 for iPad and MxTube…

      • Andy

        I would update, unless you plan on staying with iOS 6 forever. You’ll eventually have to update as more and more apps start supporting newer versions only.

      • RarestName

        What about the speed? The last time I tried 7.0.4 it’s so laggy and applications crash most of the time. Yes, even without tweaks.

      • Andy

        I have an iPad 2 and 7.1.1 is a lot better than 7.0.x. On my iPhone 5, performance is around the same although I notice that battery life has improved, but that may be due to installing less tweaks. iPad 4 should have no problem. If you’re worried about the animation speed when opening or changing apps, use the tweak NoSlowAnimations. iOS 7.1.1 has sped up the animations but I still find it a little sluggish after being used to NoSlowAnimations (I set mine to 0.30). I haven’t noticed any crashing yet.

      • blu

        My iPad 2 was the same. On 7.0.4 is was slow and annoying to use. On 7.1.1 it is like it was on iOS 6, quick and snappy.


        ass obviously man its ipad 2 it must not lag or apple wont release it to ipad 2


        on ipad 2 v7.1.1 is it worth it trying Pangu ?

      • Alberto Espinal

        There is a list of compatibility on the web

    • max

      you should, it’s really stable on my 4S. It’s amazing

    • leart

      I have a lot idevices and for me still ios 6.1.3 is just perfect and fast, bugs free. for me is NO


        its a completely new iOS. 6.1.3 and 7.1.1 are 2 different things.

      • leart

        sure its new ios, new design (not bad) just it consume more than 310 mb of ram just in idle, iphone 4 cant handle it, instead on ios 6.1.3 is running smoothly, thats my point

    • mohammed

      there is something wrong in cydia i try it ..its so bad!!

    • Alberto Espinal

      Do it, IOS 7.1.1 is very snappy, i was in IOS 7.0.6 and had lots of crashes, but after the update they are all gone, and besides IPad 4 is pretty new!

  • Dean Johnson

    I would jailbreak right away if it was out for OS X. Tried installing iTunes on Windows, but it’s a real pain in the butt.

  • Tony

    These exploits used won’t make it harder for a jailbreak on IOS 8 because they were going to be patched in the GM. I’m not sure why this misconception of “oh two were used now no jailbreak right away on 8!” Umm that was never going to happen anyway! These exploits have been known by Apple since last August for crying out loud, but because they were not widely available they were not patched. Within the last couple months with the information of 7.1.1 break, Apple planned to implement those fixes for these exploits in 8. Betas are for new features and stability, not security related issues.

  • justme

    first question: is untethered?

    • Tony


      • justme

        thank you!
        that was so fast ;P

    • max

      yes it is. It’s running well on my 4S

      • justme

        thank you

      • justme

        oh I miss you classic dock :3

    • Joe Rossignol


  • Lucus Bendzsa

    Get any packages to work even with a firmware lock useing cracked repos. I buy normal app then pirate so I can use on 7.1.1

  • BottleOpener

    Quick question: will be PPsync installed if I uncheck the box before jailbreaking?

    • Jaba Haba

      PPsync was never shown, on my list of cydia installs, and i didn’t unchecked the box cause. I’m lazy, and sometime i like to try app out before spending money on them. as the refund option is too much work compare to just holding the icon and then delete.

    • Joe Rossignol

      As far as I know, PPSync will not be installed if the box is unchecked.

  • Milad

    I follow the instruction and had no issue whatsoever with my iPhone 5s and most of my favorite apps are working fine

  • regkilla

    When an update that patches the exploits comes out idiots will once again update “on accident” and play the innocent victim all over again.

  • mohammed

    i have ipad 2 and i get new jb for 7.1.1 but cydia not work!!! restart

  • I’m on 7.1.1, just used PanGu, had no problems so far, and all my tweaks seems to work good 😀 I should still recommend to stay on 7.0.6 JB if you have that, but if you’re on 8.0 or 7.1.1 with no jailbreak, than just do it!

    • dan

      if its all good why do u recommend people to stay on 7.0.6 ?

  • Alberto Espinal

    Musclenerd always do that! “Don’t do it but do it”

  • Saulo Benigno

    Three tweaks not working for me:

    Photo Info

    iGotYa (my biggest problem now)


      instade of gotya try cylay

  • Justin Mahone

    A few questions:
    1) Why does my computer fan scream when i start the program up?
    2) Why won’t the program recognise the device?
    3) Can I jailbreak using a virtual machine

    Please Reply. Thank’s

  • wonder

    Why is stefan esser is infamous as the article said
    what did he do to be infamous?
    correct me if i am wrong infamous means someone is famous for bad things

    • Joe Rossignol

      I know the definition of the word. He is definitely infamous in the jailbreaking community. Just look on Twitter or Reddit for ample proof.

      • wonder

        Okey can you please provide me with some links
        I follow him on twitter but i cant see how he is bad.

  • Jay Burgandy

    I didn’t jailbreak yet my IP5S because i know lots of tweaks are not compatible yet.. so i decided to jailbreak my IPOD 5G well a lot of crashes into safe mode coz of the non-compatible tweaks.. so my advice if u on .7.0 don’t jailbreak yet.. until all/ relevant tweaks has been update to work for 7.1.1..

  • Brian Brown

    “Wikipedia claims that Pangu is the first living being and creator of all according to some Chinese mythology”… typical. lmao

    • Kenrick Kwa

      Yeah it’s true in Chinese mythology Panggu was some giant and when he died his body formed the mountains and everything else that is Earth today. But as it says, it is a mythology.

  • Chris

    So far this is the second time the community has concerned about a jailbreak tool and so far no security alerts have been issued because of them, I’ve had the JB installed for almost 24 hours now and have seen nothing to suggest malware or foul play, if anything my iPhone 5S is faster running iOS 7.1.1 with the jailbreak

  • Saulo Benigno

    Does iGotYa work for you?

  • babiloe

    my old 5.0.1 jumped to 7.1.1 because of facetime fix. so far so good, i tought ios7 too heavy for it, but not likely.
    Others stay on 7.0.6 until afc2add fix etc.

  • Rene van Esdonk

    No problems AT ALL!
    Very stable without the known issues from previous jailbreaks.
    You wont even notice its jailbroken.
    Tweaks need to be updated, lets just wait!

  • dan

    i’m facing the same problem on my 5s but 7.0.6 ! i will update ! I cant stand the phone respringing every while and then

  • Arjan Vlek

    Any bypass on cydia constantly showing: “Unable to purchase. This product is not supported on your iOS version”? If i use my old iPod touch to buy it (or temporarily alter SystemVersion on my iPad to 7.0.6, but have to set it back otherwise the untether will be removed), I can buy the tweak and it just works fine. Stupid “Compatiblilty” check…

  • ARX8

    There’s no reason for the iOS 7.0.X compatible tweaks to not work on iOS 7.1.1 due to incompatibility.
    Most of the tweaks work just fine. The ones that don’t work have a control file in the deb which enables cydia to check OS version and not because they’re not internally compatible. They will work
    If you really want to install those tweaks before the devs update them, disassemble the deb file and edit the control file.

  • halston spellman

    HELP! I jailbroke my iPhone 5s without a hitch. I tried jailbreaking my girlfriends phone but it failed. The screen went blue then went into a reboot loop and switching between the apple logo and a blue screen :/ I tried DFUing the phone and now iTunes gives me an error (9) (“the iphone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred”). I even tried downloading the ipsw for my specific iphone/ios. I reboot my mac, opened iTunes, and selected my downloaded ipsw by holding option. Same error :/ Anyone else experience this and or know of solutions? I have a Genius bar appointment tomorrow morning. Hopefully they can fix it, if not just swap it out. It sucks being without a functioning phone 🙁

    • Crystal Ritchey

      Did you try running the PanGu tool again?? The article said that you might need to especially for the iPhone 5s if it gets a blue screen. I haven’t jailbroken in awhile because my older phone was on 5.1. I’m not sure if any of the 7.x blobs have been blocked by Apple yet if they have then you can’t use an ipsw through iTunes unless you saved your blobs because Apple is lame and won’t allow it. Have you tried doing putting the phone into restore mode (not dfu) and then doing a normal restore through iTunes? Also you might try modifying your host files (windows)…can’t remember what that would entail on a Mac. I would try doing a normal restore though first. I can’t tell you how many times I thought I screwed up my phones and all the various hair pulling methods to fix them. You could also try using one of the older jailbreak tools to push it out of the boot loop.

      • halston spellman

        How can I successfully run the tool if I cannot get into the phone to select the PanGu icon for it to initialize? DFU and restore were both attempted using iTunes, as I am unfamiliar with any other ways. I did select the restore button but it still gives me the same error and the screen flashes blue as soon as the error shows on iTunes and the phone then goes into a boot loop flashing the apple logo and then flashing blue continuously.

      • halston spellman

        I was finally able to get the restore to go through completely. I got it by turning the device off, then holding the home button for 10 seconds, still holding the home button I plugged in the usb cable, iTunes recognized it was in recovery mode and it loaded up without the blue screen thankfully. Do not let off the home button until the iTunes and cable appear on the iPhone screen then release and proceed with restore in iTunes. Once the restore was complete, iTunes notified me that it would restart the phone so “do not unplug it”. I let it do it things and the boot loop/ blue screen came back. I again turned off the phone and powered it back on and it showed the loading bar under the apple log. It proceeded to load and allow me to set the phone up. I made sure to set it up as just in case. I got to the home screen okay but if I power cycle the phone off and on it goes back into the boot loop/ blue screen. What a nightmare!

      • halston spellman

        I wonder if I try reinstalling it now that the phone is up and running and let it do its thing if the blue screen pops up during the install process, if it would resolve the reboot loop/ blue screen issue when I try to power cycle the phone off and on. At this point I’ve spent 5+ hours trying to get the darn thing operating. I don’t care to do the unsuccessful restores all over again for the 10th time. #mentallyexhausted

      • hman

        So I went to my genius bar appointment and of course they know blue screens typically are logic board issues. They also noted that the home button was actually heating up for so reason. Luckily for me they did swap it out without much push back.

  • halston spellman

    Be aware that you might have to complete the process twice on a 5s, the first attempt, the device will ‘blue screen’, wait for the iPhone to reboot, then re run Pangu on your PC, and follow the guide again.

  • Ernie Marin

    lol well one last hurray for an IOS 7 jailbreak, after this is just to wait for IOS 8

  • Tomcat89

    Keep getting bluescreen av done the jailbreak like 6times still getting bluescreen every time plz help I’m using iPhone 5s 7.1.1

  • lucas

    Hi, i have a problem with jailbreak i have iphone 4s GSM and after all the processes in the screen “welcome to pangu jailbreak” the screen freeze and reboot a reboot loop how a fix this problem ?? who can help me?

  • Tomcat89

    keep getting blue screen at end of jailbreak….where says enjoy the jailbreak and it gives me a blue screen and reboots back to apple sign and says enjoy the jailbreak and gives me blue screen again am on 7.1.1 iphone 5s plz help

  • Joe

    My iPhone 4s wont jailbreak. 7.1.1, updated over itunes, stuck in boot loop several times. and ive also tried the flashlight trick, nothing so far…

  • Vasu Chawla

    guys, can anybody tell me, how to remove 7.1.1 jailbreak, i am kinda new 🙂

    • Litchy

      simply connect your device with your computer, open iTunes, navigate to your iPhone and select Restore. After that your iPhone is set back to factory settings and you will have to sync your Apps and music again or install a backup via iTunes.
      If the restore does not work search for DFU mode with google, get your iPhone in DFU mode and repeat all the steps above. It always works 😉


        actually iam trying to restore right now and its the 3rd time i get error 3014

      • Litchy

        try dfu, always works. Oh and try not restoring from a backup.


        yeah it was the antivirus and firewall, it worked right away when disabled.

  • TJ

    I currently have 7.0.6 on my iPhone 5s, how do I update to 7.1.1 without losing my jailbreak? Everything I’m seeing already has 7.1.x running on their device


      you have to update or even restore before the new jailbreak..


    Slows down the device pretty much after some tweaks installed. if its a phone you work with, this jailbreak is not for your device. at least for my standards.. maybe on the ipad devices it runs smooth, havent checked yet

  • dan

    no ! I had it before and it ruined my life haha ! anyways I just updated .. 7.1.2 is fast and smooth