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Apple’s media-streaming box has expanded its list of content sources this morning with the addition of both live and on-demand video from ABC News, AOL On, PBS Kids and Willow TV, a sports channel dedicated to international cricket and the Official Broadcaster of Cricket in the United States and Canada.

Integration with ABC News gives Apple TV owners free access to local news, real-time breaking stories and 50 years of historical footage from ABC News’ archives, including “This Week in History” and “The Day in Pictures” features.

In addition to the aforementioned new channels, the $99 device has gained a redesigned Flickr app. Read on for the full reveal…

As first noted by MacRumors, the Disney/ABC/ESPN media conglomerate now streams its various entertainment offerings to the Apple TV users in the United States, including real-time local news and five decades worth of historical footage from its archives available on-demand.

ABC News provides up to four live streaming events at once so viewers can select and view the live news they care about most, be it court trials and breaking news to the daily White House press briefing, live continuous coverage of the day’s top stories, videos and more.

Some sources like Willow TV require a $15 per month subscription for full access. Curiously enough, the ABC News channel is available free of charge – no cable subscription required whatsoever.

From ABC’s press release:

  • 24/7 access to live and on-demand video with four separate live video streams to choose from.
  • Video news updates on the hour and four to five live reports per day to cover breaking news.
  • Local content from nine television stations around the United States: WABC (New York), KABC (Los Angeles), WLS (Chicago), WPVI (Philadelphia), KGO (San Francisco), KTRK (Houston), WTVD (Raleigh), KFSN (Fresno), and WISN (Milwaukee).
  • Curated stories and videos highlighting the top news stories of the moment, updated throughout the day.
  • 50 years of historical footage from ABC News’ archives, including “This Week in History” and “The Day in Pictures” features.

Availability of ABC’s content on the Apple TV will expand worldwide “in the coming weeks,” the company said.

The PBS Kids channel doesn’t require a cable subscription though you’ll need to authorize your Apple TV on the PBS website in order to use the service.

Last but not least, the revamped Flickr app now comes with a revamped app icon and a new Your Flickr section.

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    Sorry, off topic. Is anyone experiencing problems with safari? My iPad has just suddenly stopped responding when I touch an image it doesn’t open to give me the option to visit the website.

  • John Kerby

    Still No New Channels For Apple TV Here In Canada

  • Sargon Mikho

    Still no jailbreak 🙁

  • Erny Carrillo

    I WANT AN APPLE TV JAILBREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paymon John Vafa

    Do you guys know if this update will break the ATV2 Jailbreak?

  • KZWenta

    PBSKids would be great… IF it didn’t keep crashing. I hope either iTV or PBSKids spots this post. Unfortunately, we never get beyond the list of shows for any given character. Once we select an episode to watch, the screen goes black, and neither the factory remote nor the iPhone App “Remote” work. I’ll get an error on the phone saying Remote can no longer detect my iTV. It appears there’s an issue with whatever communication needs to take place between iTV and PBS for the shows to be able to stream properly. I hope they are able to rectify the situation soon, as having it as a resource IS a very appealing idea. Thanks.