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Hot on the heels of a report from Reuters yesterday regarding the iWatch, The Wall Street Journal has published a scoop of its own on Apple’s oft-rumored smartwatch. The outlet agrees with some previous speculation, and offers up some new details on the device.

Citing sources familiar with the project, the site says Apple is planning multiple versions of its smartwatch. It’s working on different designs, and sizes, in an effort to appeal to various tastes in fashion. It also adds that the watch will feature more than 10 built-in sensors…

Here’s more from The Journal’s Eva Dou:

Apple Inc. AAPL -0.08% is planning multiple versions of its smartwatch, likely to be launched in the fall, people familiar with the matter said.

The new wrist device from Apple will include more than 10 sensors including ones to track health and fitness, these people said. Apple aims to address an overarching criticism of existing smartwatches that they fail to provide functions significantly different from that of a smartphone, said a person familiar with the matter.

Dou goes on to add that the smartwatch will likely come in multiple screen sizes, and that a source at a component supplier estimates shipments of the watch will total between 10 and 15 million units this year. Exact specifications of the device are still being finalized.

Additionally, Dou’s sources corroborate information from Reuters yesterday, saying that Quanta Computer will be handling the initial bulk of iWatch production. That’s expected to begin next month, ahead of what seems to be a widely-agreed upon October launch date.

Reuters also reported that the iWatch will feature a form of wireless charging, a 2.5-inch display, and at least one of its sensors will be used for pulse. Little else is known about the wearable, but with production starting next month, we could start seeing part leaks soon.

  • onesimpleclik

    Multiple designs? That doesn’t sound like Apple at all.
    Multiple colors on the other hand? Sounds very likely.
    I could definitely see Apple selling the watch in a variety
    of colors to suit the wearers, kind of like what they are
    doing with their iPod devices.

    • @dongiuj

      “That doesn’t sound like apple”
      Can’t believe people are still making these kind of comments.

      • onesimpleclik

        The most Apple has ever done to vary the products they release is to change the aesthetics of them, by changing the colors of the devices’ case/shell. It’s almost a certainty that Apple will not be releasing their ‘iWatch’ in multiple designs & only be releasing it in multiple colors.

      • Anthony Antunez

        I agree, it’s easier and cheaper to manufacture the same design. Especially if people don’t like a certain design, that would be a hit to Apple’s wallet if enough people don’t buy it.

      • @dongiuj

        So you think that apple will either make a cheap looking plastic thing that you can go running with or they will make a more professional looking one that can worn everywhere else but not practical for sport activities. Is that what you’re thinking? You don’t think that apple would ever consider making 2 for consumer choice like the rumored 2 different sized iPhone 6’s?

      • Amit

        That’s actually a relatively sensible conclusion.

    • Jason Baroni

      Doesn’t sound like Apple? You should take a deeper look at the iPod line up. Different designs bring different price tags, more customer profiles and options to go for. There are trillions of watches out there for this reason: choices. Apple has been criticized by their own customers for the lack of customization on iDevices from iOS to screen sizes, and since their philosphy extends from the software to the hardware makes completely sense to bring us multiple designs. Besides, iPod has not been bought as much as the past years, so Apple may replace almost every iPod with their watch.

  • Wireless charging would be SWEET!

    • daftcinema

      and slow.

  • abdullah575

    the black one !! is nice!!

    • Brian 

      Moto 360. Best design so far!

  • Andrea Donno

    If it’s a watch that’s going to cost from 400$ up i wouldn’t want something square however I’m quite sure other people might prefer a square one. I hope they make them in different designs and that each of them will be as appealing as their phones

  • followlife

    Nice collection .just amazing.