iOS 8 Beta 2 in Dev Center

Two weeks after releasing the first beta of iOS 8, Apple today seeded it developers with the second beta of both iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite.

The Yosemite Developer Preview 2 (Build 14A261i) for Macs and a pre-release version of iOS 8 Beta 2 (build 12A4297e) for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices are available for download through Apple’s Dev Center.

The betas are available standalone or as over-the-air downloads via the Software Update mechanism…

As speculated, iOS 8 Beta 2 can now be downloaded through the Software Update section of the stock Settings app. The second beta of OS X 10.10 Yosemite is available to download from Dev Center, weighing in at 1.16 gigabytes, or as a Mac App Store update.

iOS 8 Beta 2 (OTA prompt)

Likewise, the Apple TV set-top box has received a new beta firmware that brings iCloud Family Sharing to the big screen and allows developers to test new AirPlay features with their apps.

Interestingly, the 2010 Apple TV hardware is not supported. Finally, Xcode 6 Beta 2 (build 6A216f) with the included iOS 8 SDK Beta 2 and OS X 10.10 SDK can be found in Dev Center as well.

iOS 8 Beta 2 highlights:

  • Accessibility: the AssistiveTouch feature has added two new icons for Notification Center and Control Center.
  • App Store: you can now leave reviews and show Family Purchases. Also, Purchased items now sorted by purchase date rather than alphabetically.
  • Camera/Photos: Camera puts photo thumbnails to correct photos. New photos and videos taken with Burst, Slo-Mo and Timelapse modes now go into their separate albums. Photos puts up a splash page offering to enable iCloud Photos, replacing your existing Photo Stream settings. There’re also related new Last Synced and Pause options under Settings > iCloud > Photos.
  • iBooks: iBooks has a new interface to display books as series and automatically groups your purchased books based on series. You can tap the new “All in Series” button to complete your collection.
  • Messages: Camera and Voice buttons in Messages are no longer blue, the ability to mark all messages as read, new Raise to Listen option in Settings > Messages to let you “quickly listen and reply to incoming audio messages by raising the phone to your ear”.
  • Notifications: a new per-app Allow Notifications switch inside Settings > Notifications allows you to disable all notifications for a given app with one switch instead of multiple toggles.
  • Privacy: a new Home Data section in Settings > Privacy for apps that have requested access to home data via Apple’s new HomeKit platform.
  • QuickType keyboard: Apple’s new soft-keyboard with predictive suggestions is now available on iPad, though not on the iPad 2. Note that you must have Auto-Correct turned on to use QuickType.
  • Safari: a new feature called Quick Website Search, now blocks ads from automatically redirecting to the App Store without user content, pinch to tab view on the iPad.
  • Settings: Brightness control under Wallpaper and Brightness now works as expected, the Settings app remembers previous position when swiping back, Battery Usage by App in General > Usage > Battery Usage has a new No Cell Coverage label denoting how much juice your iPhone used when no coverage was available.
  • Various tidbits: Clock app remembers your last used tab; Double-pressing the Home button now shows both Favorites and Recents, not just Favorites; Handoff works between iOS 8 and Yosemite and is more functional though still not fully baked; AirDrop between iOS and Yosemite no longer requires having a Finder window open to receive a file; Apple’s Podcasts app comes preinstalled and can’t be deleted. Pulling down on the Home screen to bring up Spotlight now selects all text from the previous search so you can delete it with a single keystroke. There’s a new slide-to-unlock text in certain languages.

iOS 8 Beta 2 (iCloud Photos welcome page)iOS 8 Beta 2 (iCloud Photos settings 001)
The new iCloud Photos splash page and related options in iCloud settings.

iOS 8 Beta 2 (Notifications, Allow Notiifcaations)iOS 8 Beta 2 (Messages 001)
Left: mute all notifications for a given app with a single switch. Right: gray Camera/Voice buttons in Messages (blue previously).

Yosemite Developer Preview 2 highlights:

  • Photo Booth: the app has returned with a Yosemite-style new icon.
  • Screen Sharing: now at version 6.0, Screen Sharing allows you to block others from sharing their screen with you.
  • Time Machine: say good-bye to the stars background because Apple has revamped Time Machine’s interface for translucent appearance.
  • Various tidbits:Handoff works between iOS 8 and Yosemite and is more functional though still not fully baked; AirDrop between iOS and Yosemite no longer requires having a Finder window open to receive a file; a new prompt to enable FileVault storage encryption appears on reboot.

OS X Yosemite Beta 2 (Time Machine 001)
Screenshot via Mark Gurman.

OS X Yosemite Beta 2 (Screen Sharing icon, full size)OS X Yosemite Beta 2 (Photo Booth icon, full size)
The new Screen Sharing (left) and Photo Booth (right) icons in Yosemite.

We continue to investigate the new betas and will update this article with any additional findings in terms of new features, enhancements and under-the-hood changes.

Note that even though Apple cautions that devices updated to iOS 8 Beta 2 can’t be restored to earlier versions of iOS, our own Joe Rossignol showed you how to downgrade from iOS 8 Beta 1 to iOS 7.1.1.

You can share your own findings in terms of new features with iDownloadBlog by shooting us an email at

  • Keabsy

    Can anyone tell me if it’s usable? Beta 1 was hella buggy.

    • iBanks

      Yes, of course it’s usable. Just as beta 1 was. If you’re asking if it’s more stable? Well, I’d assume so. It’s beta 2 which fixes many of the issues of beta 1 but beta 3 hasn’t been released yet so beta 2 will be hella buggy. 😉

      • Keabsy

        But beta 1 was a mess. I’ll check it out, thanks!

  • David Williams

    My iOS Mail app isn’t working now on iOS 8 beta 2

    • emayteetee

      Mine works ok, did you try a reboot or DFU it and reinstall iOS 8?

  • You really should have seperated the list into introductions and fixes.

    Also “Safari now blocks ads from automatically redirecting to the App Store without user content” – Wasn’t this some ass-feature brought in with iOS 7? I don’t recall it ever happening before iOS 7. Whenever it came, I’m glad it’s gone, damn thing was worse that standard popups

  • Alex-V

    Videos in Facebook works again

  • Alex-V

    Location is now not always in use

  • R-A.W.

    anyone been able to successfully pair their devices running 10.10 update 1 and iOS 8 beta 2? Continuity is working but i can’t pair devices for handing off calls…

    • emayteetee

      It didn’t work in both beta 1’s either, I haven’t tested it yet on 10.10 beta 2

  • Andrew

    “As speculated, iOS 8 Beta 2 can now be downloaded through the Software Update section of the stock Settings app.”
    Hey, I just contacted Apple Support and they said that it’s not possible, can you please tell me how did you do it? Thanks.

    • R-A.W.

      NEVER contact apple support about betas unless you are actually a developer–its like going to the principal and saying that kids lunch money i stole got eaten by the vending machine

      • Andrew

        I AM a registered developer… I’m not that stupid buddy…

      • R-A.W.

        hahaha Okay then idk why you asked what you asked. but you can’t go from 7.1.1 to 8.0 beta 2 OTA–download and restore.

      • Andrew

        I was on 8.0b1…

      • R.a.w

        Then your just not making sense. It came OTA to those registered with Apple who were running ios 8 b1. Google the other ways to get it, its not hard.

    • Tony

      Pretty sure what they are saying is… You can’t update with OTA from say IOS 7.1.1 to IOS 8 Beta 2. How people are using OTA is they had IOS 8 Beta 1 installed and then went to OTA from there they can download IOS 8 Beta 2.

      • R-A.W.

        exactly @disqus_BYp8A20jZL:disqus

      • Andrew

        Nope, me and my friend were on 8.0b1 and it said up to date…

      • emayteetee

        Right, as Tony said that defers to those who do not have a iOS Dev account and does not have iOS 8 Beta 1

      • Andrew

        I am on iOS 8 beta 1 and I’m a registered developer and it says “up to date”…

      • Chris Gilmore

        Turn off your wifi, or turn on airplane mode, then wait a bit and turn it back on. Worked for me.

  • Skydayzer

    So which of the apps are compatible(working well) on this beta??

  • Did iTunes finally get revamped in Mac OS X 10.10 beta 2? Or does it still have the old look?

    • R-A.W.

      its still 11.2.2

    • emayteetee

      I’m going to guess it’ll wait until one of the last betas, or wait until they have the next keynote in the fall if it ties together with iOS more.

  • Yujin

    Does anybody know if they fix the wifi issues? On beta one both my iPhone 5s and iPad Air kept dropping their wifi connection to the point it was unbearable.

    • Alex-V

      i read here somewhere that wifi should be better

  • Blackman

    So no new update for apple tv 2’s smh.

    • emayteetee

      They may be steering away from that, lack of hardware? I know it’s only Apple TV, but check the specs between Apple TV 2 and Apple TV 3, check out ram and processors.

  • R-A.W.

    i noticed in 10.10 UPDATE 1.0 when you reply to a message from the notification it doesn’t automatically go to the message app

    • emayteetee

      Thank god, in Mavericks it doesn’t open the messages app either so that was annoying.

  • Chocolope Jailbreakush

    Can’t figure out how to perform the Raise To Speak iMessages?

    • R-A.W.

      thats old, but make sure your lock screen is light is on when trying to do it from there. otherwise do it from the homescreen it should work…

  • The bug in iOS 8 beta 1, where apps would uninstall themselves, was not fixed in beta 2.

    • R-A.W.

      i hadn’t experienced that not even in 1–what device..and which apps uninstalled themselves? lmao

      • I have an iPhone 5s and iPad 3. I have automatic updates disabled, but whenever an update is available for an app, they try to download automatically. The apps, of course, fail to update and a manual update won’t work. So I have to go to my Mac and update the apps there. It’s a pain, but it’s a beta so there’s no reason to complain.

      • R-A.W.

        hmm I’ve got a 5s..literally have had no problem updating apps. odd.

      • R-A.W.

        report dat isshshhshshshhhhh

      • Alex-V

        never had

  • Alex-V

    the beta 2 is very fast i think…itunes match since iOS 8 beta 1 let you really stream the music…one thing i can not add apps to my wish list …

    anyway…beta 2 is ready for me to work as daily driver 😉

  • Kieran.Lillis

    Can anyone tell me whether iMovie works in Yosemite beta 2? If bot, does anyone know how to fix it? Thanks

    • James M.

      It still does not work. However, you open it by Right clicking iMovie, and click on “Show Package Contents.” Then navigate to “Contents/MacOS” Then open the file “iMovie.” It will open Terminal and open iMovie!! It works fine.

      • johnnytalks

        Thank you for this.

      • Kieran.Lillis

        When terminal opens, it runs for about 5 seconds then does nothing and iMovie does’t open.

  • Matt M

    since updating to beta 2 my quick type in messages has disappeared. I’ve tried long holding the emoji tab and nothing i tried swiping up on the grey bar above the keyboard and still nothing. does anyone know any other ways to fix it? I have even restarted my iPhone several times and still nothing.

    • Alex-V

      works here

    • emayteetee

      DFU and reinstall iOS 8

  • disqus_TMmElvKDq6

    emojis/siri don’t work in Messages app, freezes the app causing you to force close the app

    • johnnytalks

      Specify for OS or iOS. Both work perfectly for me.

  • test_11

    I wonder this is iOS 8 beta 2 could be downgrade to iOS 7.1.1???

    • Michael Anthony Fontanez

      Same question!

  • Seere Petrova

    anyone else checked that under accessibility it has the option of grayscale… i wonder how this works… is it similar to the samsung galaxy s5?

    • emayteetee

      It’s roughly the same thing, although in this case it’s meant for people who are color blind – but since greyscale is really just grey, white and black, it takes much less power to make illuminate them rather then millions of colors.

  • Matt M

    for any of you whose quick type has disappeared i found a way to get it back. you have to have auto correction turned on under keyboards. if its turned off then quick type is turned off

  • Isaac

    For some reason when updating to the new beta of Yosemite, I can’t find the Photobooth app nor Screensharing app. Anyone experiencing the same issue?

    • emayteetee

      I would check the applications folder itself

  • FoneSoneDone

    Safari blocking app from redirecting is the best thing ever. It’s so freaking annoying when sites does that. Arghhhh

  • TheShade247

    Surprisingly works really smooth on 4S

    • Suparjito Teo 

      Does QuickType supported in 4S?

      • TheShade247


      • Suparjito Teo 

        Thank you. 😀


    Siri doesn’t work for me.. And now i’m having problems with facetime..

    • dpacemaker

      Disable and then re-enable Siri. I kept getting voice control until I did this. I have no idea how to fix FaceTime.

      • VITICO

        Good looks.. I rebooted my phone and everything is back to normal.. Thanks

  • lebboytech

    what features of handoff are working in these releases?

    • Siddharth Desai

      This feature is very confusing at the moment. Apple said that there shouldn’t be any configuration required. However, Handoff doesn’t work until you connect your iPhone to your Mac via Bluetooth, even then the bluetooth connection keeps dropping after a couple of minutes. Even in DP2

      • lebboytech

        yaa i just saw it work from iPhone to mac but not mac to iPhone sadly

  • Delfos Sambucetti

    My shazaam feature with Siri not working now!!! Any ideas it was on beta 1

    • Suparjito Teo 

      mine is working fine. running beta 2 on 4S.

  • Martin M.

    Installed the update yesterday. Today when I opened the lid of my MBP (late 2012 Non-Retina) Yosemite asked me if I want to enable the silent update feature known from the flash-only driven Retina MBPs.

    I have an Samsung 830 SSD and an 500GB HDD installed. So this could mean that the silent update feature is now available for everyone or it is just a glitch in the current beta! 😀

  • Daniel Duque

    Won’t be updating until beta 3 for sure. Beta 1 was really buggy. But much improvement seen in beta 2. I rather keep my stable 7.1.1 until beta 3 at least.

  • xvilo

    Does anyone know if whatsapp works better? And the video’s in FB doe they work again? I reverted back in like three days 😮

    • Solly

      whatsapp still crashes with me occasionally, and i’ve tried all the tricks and still. FB videos working properly now although…

      • xvilo

        I found a solution to whatsapp, to delete your message history… but that’s just lame and i could read the missed message’s hahaha, wel i’m only upgrading when Whapp works on iOS 8 😀

    • Delfos Sambucetti Arturaola

      it sure does!!!

  • Arthur

    Can sbdy reports his experience on this beta, working on 4S ? Thks

  • emayteetee

    To those who use iOS Betas to play with the new stuff before it comes out, you’re better off not. Anything could happen, and if you lose any of your stuff or something doesn’t work yet you don’t have anyone to turn to right now to fix it. I’m all for exploring and tinkering, but please be careful.

  • TwinSon

    Ill upgrade to ios 8 when I get the next iPhone. But until then, my 5S is staying jailbroken. I’ll most likely keep it as a spare phone too but I’m not updating it until iOS 8 gets JB’d. Can’t give up Movie Box, BiteSMS & Theming.

  • emayteetee

    Probably a new icon for web clips for webpages as home screen icons. I would assume it’ll refresh?

  • Jonathan

    Found new in beta 2:
    Lockscreen passcode button circles, and the contact list in recents that has letters as the profile picture instead of a actual user profile is slightly less as white.

    • Mohamed Zazoa

      Can u post a photo , plzzzzz

    • minigurlnikki

      There is also no more Calendar Alerts for drive time.

  • minigurlnikki

    This is probably the worst Beta update…

  • Zack Simpson

    Does this mean the Podcasts app functions as expected now, or is it still hopelessly broken?

  • Josh

    Anyone having issues with the bluetooth connecting and then a moment or two later going back to not connected?

  • Fadi Freij

    Does anyone have idea about the Battery life of version 2?

    • veda99

      not good atleast for me 🙁

  • 12345678

    For some reason, my wifi in the menu bar turns out blank. Did anyone encounter this?

  • DOOManiac

    This is just something the iDB site does; nothing to do w/ iOS8. It has been doing it for over a month for me on iOS7.

  • R-A.W.

    just realized on the MacBook trackpad you can “Pinch to Tab” in safari as well!

    • ReaLPoSSiBiLiTY

      It was also in OS X 10.9 and 10.8 (before them idk)

      • R.a.w

        Lmao!!! Damn feel like a dumb ass I reall just never tried I guess.

      • ReaLPoSSiBiLiTY

        Don’t be man. It’s ok 🙂 I’m pretty sure a lot of people didn’t recognize it 😉

  • Anthony1960

    Beta 2 now allows a full photo on incoming calls from your contact list. Finally. It’s tricky to do but go to contact and tap on current photo and when it shows full screen just tap done

  • Michael Anthony Fontanez

    Can you downgrade from this? it says you can’t and i really don’t wanna take the chance and get stuck on Beta.

    • Andrew

      Lol, bs. I restored from 8.0b1 to 7.1.1 almost 5 times back and forth :P.

    • veda99

      Even from b2 U can go back to 7.1.1..Enter restore mode, connect to itunes and click on restore and update..boom you are need to download os

  • Alex-V

    i just downgraded to iOS 7.1.1 (because of whats app) ….so its not true that you can not downgrade