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While there are several third-party apps that get the job done, I’ve never found Reddit to offer a solid mobile experience on its own terms. The company does not have a mobile optimized version of its website for Safari on iPhone, it does not provide an official app in the App Store and it does not deliver push notifications on iOS devices. But, things are about to get better. While Reddit is working on iOS and Android apps, the jailbreak community has made up for the lack of Reddit push notifications. Take a look… 

iOS developer Julian Weiss and Phillip Tennen have finally updated Orangered, a jailbreak tweak that we covered for iOS 6 almost a year ago, with iOS 7 support. Orangered is an extension that delivers native Reddit push notifications on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch for the following third-party apps: Alien Blue and Alien Blue for iPad, narwhalAliens, amrc, Redditor, BaconReader, Reddito, Karma, Redd, Upvote, Flippit, MyReddit, Mars, OJ and OJ Free, and Karma Train. Cake and Reddme will be supported upon release, and you can email the developers if you would like another client added.

OR7 Clients

Orangered can be setup with recurring inbox checks, based on a refresh interval that can be configured in the Settings app. Alternatively, push notifications can be set to show only based on an Activator action. If you do not want to receive a push notification when your inbox is empty, you can simple toggle off the Always Notify feature. Otherwise, you will get a push notification indicating that you have no messages to read. You can also toggle on Mark Read so that messages are marked as read after Orangered sends you a push notification.

Orangered iOS 7 Settings

To enable the tweak, simply tap on the Orangered menu in Settings and toggle it on. Then, sign into your Reddit account with your username and password. I experienced difficulties signing into my account the first few times, and finally got it to work after using all lowercase letters to sign in. I would assume this is a bug, and I have let Weiss know about it. If it is in fact a bug, I know that Weiss is one of the better developers in the jailbreaking community that should follow up with an update.

I find myself procrastinating on Reddit a lot more than I should, so Orangered is a useful jailbreak tweak to me. It does what it is intended to well, which is keeping you on top of all of your Reddit comment replies and other things hitting your inbox. I put my word behind the iOS 6 version last year, and I recommend this updated version as well. Just remember that Reddit is working on its own app, which will likely have push notifications built in.

Orangered7 is 99 cents on the Cydia Store for iPhone and iPad.

  • Anmol Malhotra

    At first I thought its a new app on AppStore -_-

  • Tobias9413

    Alien blue can notifie you whenever you get messages and what not. I don’t know why else you’d need to get notifications for reddit unless maybe your an admin for a sub and want to be notified every time a new thread is posted

    • firerock

      alien blue? How? What iDB mean are push notification.

      • Tobias9413

        Yeah just go to setting in alien blue and click on allow background notifications. Everytime you get a message you’ll get a push notification. Either that or I’m not understanding something here haha

      • Mistrjon

        “Background App Refresh” isn’t always PUSH notifications. Meaning, you could get a new PM on reddit at 4:00pm but not get a notification on your device until a ran don’t time like 4:37. Happens to me all the time.

      • disqusted

        Yeah. If you even get them. I’m one of the OCD people who closes out apps when I’m done with them (remember the days when that was actually good practice?!) and so with that, I’ve still yet to see a “notification” from alien blue, but yes, all that is said is correct, background app refresh has to be on (and alien blue enabled) and then you have to keep it open in the background to get a delayed notification. Damn, can’t you people just code real notifications like every other developer? Most of them don’t even charge $4 or whatever for their apps. That app— I love it but it has some major bugs or obviously missing features that need to be there (sorting groups never sticks after refresh like hot, new, controversial; it has to be set EVERY time). That’s just one of the many irritations. And they don’t release new versions but once or twice a year. Otherwise, love the app. Favorite one. 🙂

  • mlee19841

    I read a while back they were working on their own official app. Any word on that?

  • Woo Jia Hao

    I need push notifications for iDB on iOS!

  • Bruce Wayne

    does reddit do notifications on comments left on post im subscribed to like all other forums does? i dont seem to see that setting anywhere? fukin mindboggling