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As reported by the Mexican publication El Universal, the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) has ruled that Mexican carriers are no longer allowed to make use of the “iPhone” name, since it violates the phonetically identical sounding “iFone” trademark owned by a small call center in Mexico. The trademark is filed under Class 38, which covers telecommunications services.

To be clear, Apple will still be able to sell the iPhone in Mexico and use its own trademark as it sees fit, but carriers won’t be able to. The basis behind the ruling is that, since Apple is not considered to be a telecommunication services provider, it is acquitted of being at fault. Instead, the IMPI has placed the blame directly on Mexican carriers, which do provide telecommunications services… 


The infringing carriers, including Telcel, Iusacell and Movistar, have been fined an undisclosed amount and given fifteen days to remove the “iPhone” moniker from any of their advertising and marketing materials. Not only that, but iFone now has the option to sue the carriers for civil damages. The dispute has been going on for the better part of five years.

iFone filed for its trade name in 2003, while Apple did not release the iPhone until four years later. Nevertheless, in 2009, the Cupertino-based company attempted to gain control of the iFone trademark to avoid consumer confusion. The iPhone maker was unsuccessful at winning that lawsuit, and suffered another blow in late 2012 when it lost a second appeal to have the trademark overturned.

Mexican carriers will still be able to carry and sell the iPhone, but it would appear, based on this ruling, that they cannot address or advertise the smartphone by name. The carriers do have the option to appeal the ruling to the Federal Court of Fiscal and Administrative Justice, which could delay the process even further. We’ll be sure to keep you up to date as the situation unfolds.

What do you think will happen?

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        Well now English are finished and I’m curious are Spanish hard to learn

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    I predict apple will no longer call them iPhones instead calling it simply the “phone” so no one can ever sue them ever again and they will be thought of as revolutionary for calling a phone a phone!!!

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    I live in Sinaloa, Mexico and the following may sound funny but it’s true… In downtown of my city there are some houses that have security systems and the brand is iFone… The fun part is that this systems are at least 10 years old, maybe 13 or 15 years. i’ll upload a picture tomorrow if i can haha.

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      Same in Guadalajara

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    a little of subject here, but im in mexico atm and im trying to use t-mobile’s hotspot in here and it does not allow me to use it. can anybody verify what the issue could be is it prohibited? if it is, any way around it? in the usa hotspot works fine btw thx.

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    It’s ther right to continue using the word iFone.

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