iPhone 5s Wifi calling

Just a few hours ago, we rounded up a list of iOS 8 features that Apple simply didn’t have much time to mention at its WWDC keynote this afternoon. One of them was Wi-Fi calling, which allows iPhone users to place calls over Wi-Fi as opposed to a cellular network. The feature allows for wireless customers to potentially save money on their monthly plans, which you would think is something that carriers would be against.

Not T-Mobile. Being the awesome underdog carrier that it has been as of late, the magenta-flavored company has embraced the feature with full arms. Earlier today, T-Mobile marketing chief Mike Sievert confirmed in a news release (via MacRumors) that Wi-Fi calling will be enabled for iPhone users on iOS 8, meaning that over 90% of smartphones on the network will be capable of the feature… 

Sievert calls Wi-Fi calling on T-Mobile an advanced product:

Since we launched Wi-Fi Calling over seven years ago, our engineers have continued to deliver quality and user experience enhancements. As a result, our service is one of the most advanced natively-integrated Wi-Fi Calling products in the U.S. We have the deep technical knowledge and the close partnerships with device manufacturers to deliver the Wi-Fi call quality wireless consumers have come to expect from the Un-carrier.

iPhone users will simply need to make sure that Wi-Fi calling is enabled to make use of the feature, with no app or additional setup required. There are several benefits to Wi-Fi calling, including improved call quality and battery life. As I previously mentioned, another obvious benefit is that iPhone users can save minutes and data towards their plan, which could potentially mean additional savings in their pockets.

Will you make use of Wi-Fi calling?

  • Merman123

    That’s pretty neat. I’m still waiting for HD Voice from AT&T to hit my city.

  • Jordan Brown

    Will it not work on every carrier? Because I’ve tried to make it work and can’t.

  • Awesome… I love T-Mo!

  • Zockaholik

    What’s the difference to facetime audio calls?

    • Brian 

      FaceTime Audio is iPhone to iPhone only.

  • Matt

    I’m on Verizon, but dang T-mobile is kicking butt with the things they allow

  • Noe padilla

    Does att support it?

    • the2000guy


  • jake kneller

    I assume WiFi calling is much like facetime audio but it would slow you to make a call to none iphones so basicly free calls I don’t see that getting by with Verizon or AT&T but then again the whole early upgrade with monthly payments after T-moblie released there idea everyone jumped on the bandwagon with there own method so I can’t wait to see how this rolls out this fall

    • John Jones

      I don’t think we can term it as “free calls’ as you’re still paying T-Mobile monthly subscription fees and using your WiFi to connect with T-Mobile network. Positive thing : T-Mobile users can switch to WiFi calls if they have bad cellular signal and good WiFi.
      FaceTime Audio calls are truly free (don’t need any carrier) and can make call to any Apple devices around world.
      T-Mobile WiFi calling app is available on Android since 5 years now.

  • Rowan09

    This will not save anyone money on T-mobile in the US, since minutes are unlimited and since it’s Wifi calling no data is being used. I would like to see how it will work if out of the country though. I have GV (Google Voice) phone and FaceTime Audio when I go back home to Jamaica.

    • John Jones

      This feature will not work outside USA. This feature is useful when you have bad cellular signal and good WiFi. Your calls are still routed through T-Mobile as this app connects you to T-Mobile Network through Internet (via WiFi).
      T-Mobile WiFi calling app is available on Android since 5 years now.

      • Rowan09

        I know I have a t-mobile Note 2 as well but never tried using wifi calling, thanks for the info. This is useless for me then unless as you stated I’m somewhere with bad coverage and wifi and need to call a non-IOS phone. They have a wifi calling app for the iPhone too by the way.

      • Kurt

        Can’t you use VPN while in Jamaica to fool Tmobile that you’re in the US if there are restrictions?

      • Rowan09

        Never tried, but since t-mobile has unlimited international text and data I can use FaceTime audio for IOS calls and GV phone for my other needs.

      • Kurt

        On edge though right? Is it ok?

      • Rowan09

        No 3G and sometimes 4G. T-mobile goes on to Digicel’s network and they have 4G now when in Jamaica. It works great.

      • Kurt

        Wow that’s amazing. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna go to T-Mobile when I move back to the states.

      • Rowan09

        Where are you now?

      • Kurt

        Land of Kimchi (Korea) then off to New Jersey once I get the wife a visa. Where in the states are you?

      • Kurt

        How about via VPN?

  • viper456

    do the other phone needs to be an iphone and has wifi connection too?

  • therealjjohnson

    Plus if you connection or signal is weak in your area but there is a good internet connection you will still be good to send and receive calls.

  • bugsbunnay .

    Funny. I bought an android recently because I need wifi calling in my spotty house, but now I see wifi calling is included ios 8! Can’t wait to toss or sell this android. It’s 2014 and you’d expect the android software to be more stable, but no. Still glitchy, still crashes, still eats battery life.

    • bradastan

      I wish I could trade you. I’ve been using a 5c for the last three months and it just isn’t flexible enough for me, not as many apps available and the screen is just too tiny.