Yeongjin Jang jailbreak demo

It looks like there is no shortage of jailbreak for iOS 7.1.1, with i0n1c recently teasing one, shortly followed by winocm. Georgia Tech student Yeongjin Jang is now the third person to come forward with a video demonstrating a jailbreak. Maybe more impressive than anything we’ve seen so far, Jang was able to jailbreak an iPhone 5s.

The jailbreak has seemingly been confirmed by i0n1c as well as our own sources (which is why we took longer than usual to report about this jailbreak)…

Note that we cannot embed this video as this feature has been disabled by Jang. To watch the video, simply click on the image below.

demo jailbreak Yeongjin Jang

What does this mean for jailbreakers? Unfortunately not much. At this time, there is no indication that Jang would be remotely interested in releasing anything. Maybe more importantly, as we explained in our State of the iOS 7.1 Jailbreak post, we’re so close to WWDC 2014 and the first look at iOS 8, that it wouldn’t really make sense to burn exploits by releasing a jailbreak now when all the pieces could be saved up and used when iOS 8 drop.

Still, the abundance of jailbreaks being teased these days can only be encouraging for the future. We haven’t heard from the evad3rs in a while, so who knows what these guys have up their sleeves too.

In conclusion, we do recommend not to get your hopes too high. The likeliness of an iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak being released are very slim.

  • Merman123

    Jailbreaks…jailbreaks everywhere!

  • JomanJi

    heavy breathing

    • Guest


      • John714


      • JomanJi

        BEST. MEME. EVER!!

  • Frank Anthony

    hmm.. okay we are waiting for the almighty iOS 8. Meanwhile i’m on iOS 7.0.4 iPhone5s JB 😉

  • ‘Ariff

    offtopic anyone have any idea as to why my iphone 5 32GB is sucking up battery life like a madman? it literally goes 100% to 95 in a mere 10minutes on standby without LTE or wifi or location services on. only 3G data. :S

    • Dri

      Try delete the network settings. it worked for me

      • ‘Ariff

        giving it a shot… aaand nope. still draining. 93% to 90% now. I’m just gonna do a fresh restore and hope for the best. I’m already on 7.1.1 anyways

      • Dri

        Good luck

      • @dongiuj

        I had this problem on my iPhone 4. Fully charged, the phone was completely dead after 2 days of absolutely zero use.
        Updated to latest version (7.1.1 which you say you are already on) and it was fine. Not sure….maybe back up and try full restore again on iTunes?

      • ‘Ariff

        @Dri20:disqus @DonGiuj:disqus So I did a full restore and left it to chill and it’s still eating up the battery. sigh. The only problem is that here in Malaysia there’s basically only one officially licensed apple service care provider and they charge RM50 which is about 16 US dollars per consultation which doesn’t even include fixing costs and whatnot : I guess I have no choice.

      • @dongiuj

        Demand a fix for free because it’s apple that caused the problem. That is if you haven’t jailbroken your phone and you haven’t damaged it yourself.

      • Mago

        I have this issue on my 5s 64gb I have not done a complete restore yet but i been temted to use Semirestore and i did see a difference when I unistalled auxo 2! I dont know what tweaks you have!

      • ‘Ariff

        I don’t have any tweaks installed. like I mentioned it’s on 7.1.1. :S

      • @dongiuj

        You don’t have any tweaks installed? Is your phone jailbroken? Could that be the problem for your phone in this case? Certain things only happen to some people’s phones and other things happen to other people’s.

      • woona

        Turn iCloud OFF and see what happens 🙂

    • ThePirate

      Try letting the battery die then full charge it

      • ‘Ariff

        alright. thanks for the input 🙂

    • Jeremy

      A hard reboot usually works for me. Just put your phone into DFU mode and then turn it back on and it should work.

      • ‘Ariff

        Amazingly enough. This worked. my iPhone isn’t a battery muncher anymore and I can get decent standby and usage time now. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

        Do you happen to know why is this the case though?

      • Jeremy

        I have no idea why it happens but I just took guesses as to what I could do to fix it and I tried a hard reboot and it always works for me. But I’m glad I could be of assistance. 🙂

    • Finalbrez

      Remove Cydia Substrate or Substrate Safe Mode to get rid of EVERY substrate add on you have. Simple, reinstall one at a time. This has almost always worked for me.

      • ‘Ariff

        I’m not jailbroken. :S

  • Dan

    here’s hoping they do release it, still stuck on 7.0.4 iPhone 5S

    • TwinSon

      You’re not stuck….like at all. You can either JB 7.0.4 ( you didn’t state whether you have JB’d or not, so I’ll assume the latter) or update your phone to 7.1. Either way, you’re not stuck.

      • Dan

        I’m stuck as in I can’t update as I have jailbroken 7.0.4 and will lose it if I do (update).

      • smtp25

        That’s still not stuck, stuck would be on a non jail breakable iOS. Let’s not burn a JB vector to go to 7.1 on a soon to old 5s

  • ‘Ariff

    Is it just me or is the video not embedded?

    • Kuje

      He disabled it….

      • ‘Ariff

        Right. haha thanks

  • justme

    they will release a jailbreak tool after iOS8 public launch, then maybe can apply Jailbreak to iOS7.1.1 too.

  • mahe

    They should wait for iOS 8.1

    • pegger1

      By that time might as well wait for iOS 9


        Well what about iOS 10? or maybe 11? i think iOS 12 is the best one tho

      • firerock

        maybe wait for ios12.1.1 LOL


        Ohh i forgot that lol thanks :p

      • coLin

        wait for iOS 10 Mavericks

      • smtp25

        Ios8 =iPhone 6. That’s why wait, it’s only 5 months away, you can then stay on that for nearly a year

  • Steve Zou

    Uploaded on Apr 30

    • David Gitman

      Maybe he made it private until now?

    • Jonathan

      I noticed the same thing lol

  • mlee19841

    Most likely it won’t be released by either 3. The envader team will release a iOS 8 jail break.

  • Anmol Malhotra

    I dont want jailbreak for my i4s running iOS 8.. Because i know its going to make my phone veryyyy slow like iOS 7 did on i4.
    I really wish they will release it for older devices running iOS7.

  • Kyle Adams


  • Tony

    This exploit is known by apple it makes all the sense in the world to release it now. It’s going to be fixed before ios 8 is released and probably 7.1.2 will come out soon because of the hype. They’ll lose any window to release because of their videos and steps showing how they did it.

    • mlee19841

      Yea I don’t see this working on iOS 8 either. They are showing their cards. Plus with the iphone 6 who knows it might not be able to be Jailbroken.

      • Vince Reedy

        Every one has been up until this point. Only device I know of is ATV3. No reason to believe IP6 won’t be jailbroken.

    • smtp25

      Haven’t watched the video but is he showing where he hooks to JB it, or just it working seems silly to give apple a heads up

  • f96lrs

    With everybody showing it apple going to patch it

    • Tony

      Yep and something tells me that might be the idea behind these videos and hype. Not to share with the community but to actually hurt it.

    • mlee19841

      Yea 7.1.2 right around the corner. And I’m pretty sure people that work for them look at these online forums.

  • deepdvd

    I don’t think this should be called a jailbreak. It is nowhere near what the evad3rs consider a jailbreak. It runs unsigned code, which is what pirates want, but not what we need for tweaks; which I consider to be the primary reason for jailbreaking.

  • ThePirate

    This is more of a failbreak as it requires a signed app.

  • sivkai

    I’m sick and tired of these devs teasing their jailbreaks. I MASSIVELY appreciate their effort but what I don’t appreciate is them openly bragging about how awesome they are when they have no intention to release the jb. And before people say, it’s just proof that 7.1.1 can be jail broken, well we have already seen two proof of concepts before this!

  • CoryChinloy

    This is a fail-break everyone. I don’t have the link right now that explains it as I’m at work, but it’s on Reddit.

  • Alberto Espinal

    You can tell that this guys are young and unexperience not in a matter of jailbreaking but trying to keep this silence until IOS8, now apple is going to try to look for this exploit and patch, just keep it quiet, why show something thats gonna be outdated in a couple of month while you can use these exploit later for a better IOS version

  • sosarozay300

    all these “‘jailbreaks” and nobody has released anything

  • Foellarbear

    This is looking extremely bright for the jailbreak community once iOS 8 arrives!

  • smtp25

    Please save it for ios8 and iPhone 6

  • Ryan / reeὶὶkѳ™

    musclenerd told me that this is most likely fake. it can be easily done with a developer account. this isn’t proof of a jailbreak