The United States wireless carrier Sprint, the nation’s third-largest, on Monday introduced a new equipment protection plan that offers additional protection for your tablet and smartphone devices for an additional two bucks per month. The Sprint Total Equipment Protection Plus (TEP Plus) plan costs thirteen bucks per month, per device.

It offers everything included in Sprint’s existing $11 per month Total Equipment Protection – theft insurance, accidental damage and next-day loss, to name a few – and then some more: data security, personalized tech support and automatic media backups.

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Sprint says that the new protection plan includes built-in antivirus security (you won’t be needing this if on iOS), automatic backup of photos and videos, and one-click access to a tech expert for premium device support.

Note that only higher-tier devices like iPhones are supported by TEP Plus, with more being added on a regular basis.

Here’s everything that Sprint TEP Plus offers:

• Device Protection – Customers receive coverage for loss, theft, damage and malfunction, potentially saving hundreds of dollars on a new replacement device.

• Next-day Replacement – Getting customers reconnected is a priority. If their phone is lost, stolen, or damaged, they will receive a replacement device next day (in most cases).

• Hassle Free – For claims involving lost, stolen or damaged devices, customers can file a claim online 24/7. For mechanical or electrical phone failures, customers can visit a Sprint Phone Repair Center and receive the first two repair/exchange transactions at no additional charge. (After these first two transactions a $25 service fee applies for any future transaction within a 12-month period.)

• Recovery – Customers can find their phone using GPS and remotely lock or erase a missing phone to protect personal information. They can easily restore their content to a replacement device, so data is always safe—even if their device isn’t.

Sprint Protect App powered by Asurion

• Automatic Backup – Customers can set their phone for automatic backup of contacts, photos and videos to a secure TEP portal. This will also allow customers to easily restore data to a new device.

• Built-In Security – Enhanced features include anti-virus protection, as well as helping customers protect their privacy by finding out what apps on their phone have access to their personal information. Customers are also able to maximize their battery performance with monitoring and optimization tools so they can see which apps are draining their battery.

• Tech Expert – With only one click customers can call or chat online with a tech expert for premium support of any issue or question about their phone and virtually any connection to it. Tech experts can help with any question about a device from third-party apps to printing from a mobile phone.

• On-Device Support – Tech experts will co-pilot customers through the experience of setup or troubleshooting, including help connecting a phone to other devices, such as computers, TVs, cars or gaming systems. Finally, with customer permission, a tech expert can remotely login to a phone to do the work for the customer.

Online Device Tutorials – For those customers who want to help themselves, we have also provided access to online tools specific to their device. They can read all about connectivity and advanced setup to complete the process or find answers to questions themselves.

The TEP Plus plan includes a newly upgraded Sprint Protect app, powered by Asurion, that now supports automatic backup of contacts, photos and videos, has built-in antivirus security and can optimize your battery use and monitor access by third-party apps.

• Automatically back up and secure data
• Identify threats with built-in antivirus and privacy protection
• Access monitoring and optimization tools to maximize battery life and improve a phone’s overall performance* (Android only)
• Remotely find a phone from the secure web portal using GPS or lock and erase personal information from a missing phone (lock is Android only)
• Provide one-click direct access to a tech expert for premium support to address any smartphone issue – no matter how simple or complex.

Some features are available only on certain devices and in select markets.

Unfortunately, existing customers who use the Sprint Total Equipment Protection App won’t be able to migrate to the upgraded Sprint Protect app, though they can still access recovery features through Sprint’s website.

In other Sprint news, the carrier said business accounts can now get free unlimited data for twelve months – and annual upgrades – if they bring a number to Sprint and sign up for a Sprint Framily Plan. Individuals who are eligible and validate for the Sprint Discount Program qualify for the offer, too.

And signing up for a Framily is now easier with a new no-credit-check option. Just purchase a Sprint certified pre-owned device at a Sprint store, activate an existing Sprint phone, or choose to pay full price for their phone at activation.

For those wondering, Sprint’s Framily Plan doesn’t require annual service contracts and there are no early termination fees.

And finally, Sprint Easy Pay is now available for accessories, but only in company-owned retail outlets.

What do you think about TEP Plus?

Is it a good value?

  • Rigs101

    I hate sprint just my opinion I never got reception I would get text messages late cost me a couple extra shifts at my last job and when I called to cancel my service I told the lady I would be glad to pay the early termination fee she still wanted to suggest I try some stupid sprint box that would boost my signal BUT she said it’ll be an extra 9.99 a month HA why should I pay extra when all I wanted was to receive my text messages on time I understand a few minutes late but an hour come on sprint…now I’m with verizon unlimited data still I pay more but I get what I pay for

    • Chun-Li aka ThunderThighs

      Nice story

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