GoodReader 4 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)GoodReader 4 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)

Good.iWare’s popular document and file management iOS app, GoodReader, is one of the best applications to help solve the lack of a dedicated file management system on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices.

GoodReader can synchronize your documents and files with a number of sources, be it your computer, another iOS device or a host of frequently used cloud-storage solutions.

It has a robust PDF management and editing capabilities that have been vastly enhanced in the latest version 4.0 update. Having decided to release GoodReader 4 as a brand new paid app, Good.iWare is now offering a time-limited 60 percent discount with an introductory price of $2.99

Here’s the new (right) vs. old (left) app icon.

GoodReader 3.21 for iOS (app icon, small)GoodReader 4 for iOS (app icon, small)

Not much of a difference, eh?

More important than the app icon, GoodReader 4 comes with a host of PDF editing capabilities, on top of all the features from the previous version.

For starters, the new PDF Page Management option allows you to easily add, rearrange, delete, rotate, extract and email individual pages of a PDF document, as well as split and merge files.

GoodReader 4 for iOS (iPad screenshot 001)

Your PDF Page Slider now shows page previews, there’s a new icon view in the file browser with larger document previews and the tool area on the main screen is now collapsible.

Other highlights include:

• Insert blank pages for notes and drawings, solving the problem of not having enough space to annotate or draw images on a document

• Rearrange pages in a document

• Rotate individual pages – or even all of them

• Delete any pages from a document

• Extract individual pages as separate files, and split PDF files into halves – enabling a sub-set of pages to be shared as its own file

• Email individual pages rather than the entire document

• Append pages from other PDF files

I’ve also found a New PDF option very useful as it lets me create an empty PDF document from scratch.

If you’re transitioning from the previous version, the Migration Assistant will take care of transferring your files and setting from the old GoodReader to GoodReader 4.

GoodReader 4 for iOS (iPad screenshot 002)GoodReader 4 for iOS (iPad screenshot 003)

Finally, developers say you should download the latest version of GoodReaderUSB, their file transfer utility for Mac and Windows that now supports GoodReader 4.

Grab GoodReader 4 for an introductory price of $2.99, for a limited-time only.

Starting with this version, GoodReader is now a universal download supporting all form-factor iOS devices that can run iOS 6.0 or later.

If you’re not ready to upgrade to GoodReader 4 yet, the previous version 3.21 is still available in the App Store as a standalone iPhone and iPad download, setting you back $4.99 each.

  • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

    I saw this update this morning and was not pleased to buy it again. But having iTunes store credit I guess I’ll purchase it.

    • Falk M.

      It’s universal now, which is a plus and since it has been around FOREVER, I think it’s fair the developer gets some new cash (at a very nice discount by the way plus AGAIN: universal binary now!) from those who he supported for years now.
      Because the way to look at it really is that developers support our applications, they invest time and work after we paid a price and this app has long enough been around with free updates for many years.

      For the quality of this app and its extensive features I’m willing to pay a few bucks again to keep this shining piece alive and the developer motivated to not just bugfix, but also innovate even more.

      I love being able to freely sync with any folder of my Mac… EXCELLENT feature and leaves me with the closest and best option of a filesystem on my iPad as I can get and not having to change the way I sort my files (*cough* Dropbox *cough*)

    • Jack Wong

      Unlike some apps, they make a new version every year but it does the same thing.

      GoodReader has been 4years old, I don’t blame for a new version and pay for it again.

  • momerathe

    I’m not wild about paid upgrades to paid apps :/

    I’d stick with the current version, except it’ll likely be unsupported for future OS updates..

  • iThinkergoiMac

    I’ll gladly pay $2.99 to get a Universal version, as I had been wanting this so much for my iPhone, but didn’t want to buy it twice.

    I have no complaints about purchasing this “again” since it comes with a host of new features and developers have to make money somehow. Did you complain that you have to purchase Photoshop “again” to go from CS4 to CS5? Did you complain when you had to purchase MS Office “again” to go from 2011 to 2013? The only reason this is “new” to the App Store is because it’s so young. I saw this coming the day I learned about the App Store and, frankly, I’m surprised it took this long to start happening. I see NO reason to complain about having to purchase new versions.

    • Falk M.

      Indeed. ESPECIALLY as the developer implemented a perfectly working migration assistant. Took me only a few minutes to upgrade 2GB of app data, which by the way still syncs smoothly with my Mac, so no problems there either…

      The developer has really done an excellent job with this app and dare I say it, this app’s quality and reliability seems better than a bunch of Apple apps even.

  • iThinkergoiMac

    Also, the link to GoodReaderUSB takes you to an old post from 2008 in which Sebastian states that he got a new radio for his car that he can plug his iPhone into and nothing else. Confused.

  • Iliyan

    I was willing to pay the new price if the new version implemented one trivial feature that so many people have been asking for: continuous vertical scrolling. On a PC/Mac, most people navigate long documents in this mode. Why does GoodReader always have to snap to the next page? Why can’t I continuously scroll through the whole document, or have the bottom half of one page and the top half of the next one visible at the same time?… Disappointed 🙁

    • Amarjot Singh

      RIGHT !! Why the developers are so dumb !! cant they introduce this obvious feature ???