Belkin Qode Thin Type 3_4 with tablet

Good news for iPad Air owners this afternoon. Belkin’s QODE Thin Type keyboard, which was first announced last October, is now available for Apple’s newest full-sized tablet. The QODE joins the Logitech Ultrathin and just a handful of others in the ultra-slim iPad keyboard space.

The Thin Type weighs in at just over 12 ounces, lighter than the iPad Air itself, and it’s less than 4mm thick. It attaches to the tablet via secure-hold magnets, features Belkin’s exclusive TruType technology with well-spaced, responsive keys and lasts around 79 hours on a single charge…

Here’s a promotional clip for the accessory:

And here’s a breakdown of the case’s features:

  • Anodized aluminum unibody cover
  • Extremely thin design for easy portability
  • Smart sensing technology turns keyboard on or off
  • Laptop-style keyboard with responsive TruType keys
  • Comfortable viewing angle in portrait or landscape mode
  • Pairs with New iPad through Bluetooth
  • 79 hours active battery life; 3,100 hours standby
  • Shortcut keys offer quick access to iPad Air controls
  • Limited 1-year warranty

Early reviews of the case have been favorable, with some reviewers pointing out that the keyboard itself is better than those used in cases from Logitech and other competitors. If you’re interested, you can find the QODE Thin Type in Belkin’s web store for $99 (comes in gray/white).

  • Anthony Snyder

    Wow… great case! I wonder how expensive it is.

    • Templar


      • Anthony Snyder

        So just ok for a high end case. I’ve seen $99 ones mades out of plastic..

  • James Gunaca

    How does it stack up against the Logitech iPad keyboards?

  • Lordrootman

    There’s no reason for me to use keyboard on my ipad

  • I can tell you that it was worth the wait. Key buttons are plastic with nice tactile response. Belkin really did a great job laying out the keyboard properly. It makes the iPad Air so much more useful as a productivity tool. There is very, very little plastic. It looks and feels like it’s made by Apple for it’s product.