Samsung has announced a media event “around health” set to take place on May 28 in San Francisco. The invitation came from the company’s sensors and components unit, rather than its devices unit, so the announcement could be centered around next-generation tech for Android and Tizen-based devices, rather than a new Gear Fit 2.

The event is notable given Apple is holding its Worldwide Developer Conference on June 2, also in San Francisco. Apple is rumored to have some big health-centered announcements at its Conference keynote, and it looks like Samsung is trying to get a leg up.

Apple is planning to show-off its new iOS 8 mobile operating system at the Conference, according to Mark Gurman of 9to5mac. The software is said to include Healthbook, a new application within iOS that will monitor and track various aspects of a user’s health and looks similar to the Passbook application already present.

Samsung has been stepping up its game when it comes to health tracking, debuting the Gear 2 and Gear Fit fitness trackers alongside the Galaxy S5 earlier this year.

It will be interesting to see what the South Korean-based company has in store.

[via Engadget]

  • Anthony Snyder

    I really don’t care what features they have. If I can go about my day just the same, and open the app and find things waiting for me to address health-wise… that would be nice. I don’t want to have to manually input data.

  • Chris Holden

    monkey see, monkey do. *sigh*

    • Referring to Apple copying, yes? S-Health has a thermometer, tells the humidity, pedometer, calculates calories used, tracks running, jogging, walking and tracks if you are going up and down hills. S-Health has been out for a little over a year. Since then Samsung has added heart rate, etc…Apple is copying (and I’m glad they are)

      • Zurkram

        The iWatch rumor has been around for more than a year. Apple ha been hiring health experts for well over a year.

      • Steve Jobs was against a stylus. Note line has proven him dead wrong, pun intended.

      • Zurkram

        Nobody uses a stylus jerk.

      • Rowan09

        The Note Line isn’t changing the industry because it’s still the only phone with a stylus. Steve Jobs wasn’t wrong because when he made the statement, it was in regards to older phones with a stylus. I never use the stylus on the Note 2.

      • I agree there aren’t many phones with styluses, but there are others. One is called “Secret Note”. But don’t think I was talking only about phones. Note tablets, and the better windows tablets use styluses and sony makes it a point to use styluses. We will get it on the iPad one day too. Maybe with the 5.5″…maybe.

      • Rowan09

        A stylus being used on a phone or tablet is not because of the Note, but there will never be in my opinion a touchscreen device that needs or is totally dependent on a stylus.

      • Rowan09

        S- Health is not the first fitness app so no one is copying.

      • Passbook is not the first digital wallet app, iPhone is not the first touch screen phone with updatable OS, iPhone is not the first phone to use unlock gestures, so no one is copying Apple.

      • Rowan09

        Who said anything about copying Apple? It’s obvious the industry copied the original iPhone but that’s where it stops.

  • Batman


  • Maxim∑

    I really hate Samsung, Im guessing based on rumors they worked on some rushed out product…

    • Yujin

      They probably already know what apple has in store since they help them make the hardware so they want to say me too

      • Umut Bilgiç

        No they dont make the hardware they only do chipsets and other electronic stuff. (Which is hardware but they dont get to seethe design obveously)

    • Hyr3m

      Keep having strong feelings for things about which you’re just making assumptions based on rumors.

      Hate really is the way to go in your life.

    • BozzyB

      I think alot of people are not aware of the principles of economy. Every enterprise in the tech-, automotive-, medical-industry is trying to follow the trend and (even more important) tries to be faster than the competitors. If one company is too slow in innovation and competition, it can lose market share etc…
      Health products for iOS and Android are on the market since years. Why is Apple now focusing for almost a year now on that? Should this be one of the lauded segment they were talking about. Are they trying to differ from other companies with a product line which is already available? This is not enough and they were too slow again. It’s another example where the try to keep up with the market. But other companies like Samsung use the fact that all eyes are still on Apple and everybody is waiting for the next big thing. It’s rude but it’s business: They cut the ground from their feet before Apple can react (s. iwatch project, ipad mini, iTV). In the long term this will create problems for Apple…

      • It comes down to trust. Consumers aren’t fickle about trust. They’re fickle about color and style, but trust is forever, until it’s been broken.

        Apple has been a trusted brand for over thirty-years and as a lifetime user, they’ve never broken my trust and there are millions more where I come from.

        Generations to come will look to Apple for answers, who becomes the conduit between the patient and the medical community.

        Samsung has trust issues to deal with, regarding the often exploited Android platform, which I understand has been compromised the most, by viruses.

        If the government is making inquiries into my accounts, Apple has stated publicly it will let me know. That’s building trust.

        I trust Samsung to do whatever it takes to generate business, even if it means fighting in the courts or spending billions to create the atmosphere of trust.

      • Rowan09

        I wouldn’t agree with Apple being too slow because all cellphones are evolutions since the initial iPhone and Apple still makes product lines that weren’t relevant, relevant (tablets and if true maybe smart watches). Apple is doing just fine, Samsung’s business model is to flood the market and see what work, but if you look at their earning they’ve lost money the past 2 quarters. Samsung will lose popularity faster than Apple because they focus on two many things at one time.

      • N&LH

        HAHAHA do you think Samsung can show “The Next Big Think”. Will never ever happen

      • N&LH

        “t’s another example where the try to keep up with the market”, visa versa.

        “This is not enough and they were too slow again”There is no reason to be the first like Samsung. Look at Galaxy Gear, simply is crap

  • Matt
  • Matt

    But I bet Apple will be like “We partnered with all these world class doctors so the information you receive will be 100% correct” and people will be like “oh I’ll buy that!”
    While Samsung “We gathered our best Korean copycats to bring you our take on blood pressure monitor etc. Just don’t worry if the number are off by 10 digits – give it take a 10”

  • Framboogle

    Everyone will be too hyped for WWDC to care about Scamsung by then

  • Sean Clark

    So long as the tool is to get people living healthy, the more the merrier.

    I decided four years ago to major in physiology. Never in a million years would I have guessed that heavy hitters like Apple and Samsung would be jumping into the health industry! 🙂

  • N&LH

    I don’t think so Shamesung will introduce new products on May/28. They might just announce what are they going to introduce in their future products. That is based on Apple rumors. The only purpose is just to say we are the “FIRST” to introduce this and that. This just shows that Samsung is unable to come up with something new. Then their fans say “Innovation” Samsung has proved that, they cannot come up with something new to the market without copying others or see rumors. They want to show to the whole world that Samsung is innovative company. This will never happen if they don’t change their strategy

  • Zurkram

    It’s obvious Samsung is trolling Apple to copy everything they do before Apple does it. Just a plain scumbag move. They can’t think of their own ideas.

    • S-Health has been out for over a year. Tracks calories spent, humidity, thermometer, pedometer, heart rate…I bet Apple will be copying those

  • omrishtam

    pathetic attention whores

  • onebyone_

    not even be the first is be the better

  • Fun boy

    They have no shame at all

  • TechHacks

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  • Tumbled_Sea

    Samsung is a bitch.

  • TechHacks

    This is netstate folders on iOS 7.1.1 i’ll make a video

    • jack


      • TechHacks

        What about it?

  • @dongiuj

    Monkey see monkey do? More like monkey read monkey say. It would be nice to see variety in the comments section but then again children will be mindless children. I thought it was other companies that were paying people to bad mouth apple but it actually looks like it’s the other way round.
    Get over it people. So what. It’s just a product you’re using, you don’t own the company.

    • Umut Bilgiç

      Why does it have to be original lol. People are just commenting what they think. Why would they bad mouth Apple in a Apple oriented blog?

      Calling people morons and childish for not having something new to say? I dont like these age-based stuff but you are acting like a 5 year old…

      • @dongiuj

        When talking about bad mouthing apple, I don’t think you have understood what I said. I mean apple fans bad mouthing other companies. Obviously apple fans would never bad mouth apple, that makes no sense what so ever.
        As for me acting like a 5 year old, well, that’s your opinion and that’s fine but still doesn’t change the fact that a majority of the diehard apple fans here are mindless morons with their biased comments and fail to see the general side of business of ALL companies around the world.

  • Lol, look at all the hypocritical comments…like herd master, like sheep. Talking as-if Apple ain’t the one copying health-monitoring on a phone.

    When Apple does it first, they cry saying “others are copying”, when others do it first, they cry saying “Apple is taking it’s time to get it right, this other companies own is a half-baked product”…bunch of pathetic hypocrites.

    • N&LH

      “bunch of pathetic hypocrites” you are an idiot

      • Just like Apple maps, Antenna gate, Battery gate, Scuff gate, and now Lightning gate…they sure did those right…what an imbecile.

      • Rowan09

        Come on you know better than that. Anything Apple does is amplified. I had an iPhone 4 and I didn’t have an antenna problem. There’s no quick fix to maps, Apple has to release it to the public to get it right. They should have slap a beta tag on maps and people wouldn’t be so up tight. Even on my Note 2 Google maps says it’s in beta and as common sense tells anyone don’t trust it completely. Why would someone drive onto a airport runway and blame a mapping service is beyond stupidity.

      • Same can be said about every other tech giant, yet I don’t see that chaging the reaction of posts on tech blogs, what’s your point?

        “There’s no quick fix to maps”

        Yeah, when Apple slacks behind, the excuse is now “there’s no other way”. Gimme a break, nothing stops them from using Google’s map API to build their own maps app, but they proudly chose not to…

      • Rowan09

        Dude are you serious? Why the hell would Apple use Googles API? You do know other companies does mapping as well. There is no excuse for maps being flawed but even Google maps gets me lost sometimes and do I blame Google no because it happens man. Apple is working on maps and it’s significantly better than its inception. How are they slacking behind because they didn’t do a mapping service before?

      • Yes, I’m well aware of that, but they (those who did it years before Apple) didn’t have the technology of today when they began. Apple has the technology and examples/resources today, yet they still managed to build a fail product. The same will be said about Amazon or any other company that releases a fail SmartPhone with all the other competitor examples/resources out there…

      • Rowan09

        Having the resources has nothing to do with getting it right the first time. Mapping takes time and usage to get everything right.

      • N&LH

        “Just like it’s security by obscurity on Macs, Apple maps”, well there is no company used to do everything 100% right. But Apple is still better than Microsoft. Microsoft programs have bunch of problems from Windows to Microsoft visual studio. Your favorite company is following Apple success and learning from them. In regards maps, well as you know Apple does not have expertise like Google have in maps. However, they are trying to improve, not like Microsoft yet, their IE is just stupid. I don’t about Bing maps. “what an imbecile”, You are an idiot and disrespectful person

      • “But Apple is still better than Microsoft”

        All subjective. IMO, Apple is officially better in the SmartPhone PC space due to:

        “- hardware design
        – pre-iOS 7 OS design
        – larger variety of SmartPhone apps”

        Microsoft is officially better in the Desktop, Laptop and Tablet PC space due to:

        “- larger variety of hardware design choices (from premium-quality to basic-quality)
        – most versatile OS that’s compatible with billions of software and hardware accessories
        – OS can be thoroughly customized to one’s desires
        – OS is easily adopted by computer illiterates (like my 55 year old mom) and computer power users (like I)”

        “Your favorite company is following Apple success and learning from them.”

        First off, who says they’re my favorite company? I pick what works me based on functionality, beauty and support…if some other company had invented the Surface Pro, would gladly go with it like my old HP laptop that I used for 5 consecutive years.

        Second off, your obviously favorite company, Apple, turns to Microsoft’s Windows standard when it needs speed and security in OS X (http://bit ly/1cPPsKH). They may look totally separate to the Public, but they are interdependent on one another’s products…

        “However, they are trying to improve, not like Microsoft yet, their IE is just stupid”

        Not gonna argue there, up till today, they’ve still not caught up with modern desktop/laptop/tablet browsers. I.E. lacks tonnes of extensions that it’s just next to impossible for me to rely on it on a Desktop/Laptop/Tablet PC. It feels like a SmartPhone PC web browser ported to a Desktop/Laptop/Tablet PC. However, if Microsoft manages to get it’s head out of it’s behind in that space, would gladly ditch Google Chrome…as much as I love chrome’s functionality, can’t forget it’s tied to a spyware server…thankfully, never put personal info in my Google Account.

        “You are an idiot and disrespectful person”

        Your imbecility is limitless, you fit the definition of a mindless zombie…

      • N&LH

        “Your imbecility is limitless, you fit the definition of a mindless zombie” You are still idiot.
        You should not talk to people like this “bunch of pathetic hypocrites” . What do you think your self? It looks like you don’t know how to talk to people.

      • Just calling them as I see and based on the responses.

        First called the comments hypocritical ’cause they criticize competitors of “always copying Apple”, as-if Apple themselves don’t copy competitors.

        Then you called me an idiot, ’cause I called them as they are, which I find matches the conventional definition of an imbecile:

        “A person lacking intelligence”

        Regarding what I think of myself, I know I’m an unbiased and tech savvy individual. Nothing over anyone else, just calling out comments based on conventional logic.

        Regarding talking to people, I’ll admit there’s room for improving on my verbal skills; there’s always room for improvement. However, I can’t take insults without any conventional logic backing the reason behind them.

      • N&LH

        “I’m an unbiased” I doubt

    • chris

      Apple polished it’s product first, before releasing it to the public, unlike samsung that make products and use consumer to test their craps like the samsung gear which is obviously a crap.

      • Just like it’s security by obscurity on Macs, Antenna gate, Battery gate, Apple maps, Scuff gate, and now Lightning gate…they sure polished those first…

      • Rowan09

        Dude your beloved Microsoft just had a huge bug on IE and recommended using other browsers. It’s technology and products will always have issues. Any product released goes through changes.

      • I’m well aware of that, but obviously some Apple fanboys aren’t; they talk as-if Apple is all perfect…

      • Rowan09

        My bad, I agree some people go too far.

    • Rowan09

      How exactly do you copy health monitoring on a phone? We all know Samsung is doing this to get attention away from Apple and good for them, but it won’t work.

      • The same way you copy “rectangular phone design”, “gesture to unlock”, etc. Regarding doing something to take attention away from others, WTF do you think marketing is all about technician?

      • Rowan09

        I know you are smarter than this. Gestures on a phone can be copied, Samsung is suing Apple for LTE patents. I’m no patent attorney and neither are you, so don’t try to act as if you’re an expert.

    • jack

      Apple hasn’t released anything and you idiot is judging them…. are you autistic?

      • XDev

        What samsung does is copy the idea ,before Apple release it. So that people like you, will think that idea came from them. Basically they build the product first from leak information but as you can see something is missing on the product like the gear, if you will have a wearable electronics, how would you like it?Elegant or like a Bulky DIY smart watch(gear).. That’s why after a month they released the Fit, to polished the unfinished or prototype samsung Gear. They rushed things so people think they has the idea . Apple applied patent first, then leak information about the idea was exposed that’s the time samsung filed a patent 😀

      • Right, when others release a functioning product, the excuse is “they’re copying Apple’s rumors”, yet when people criticize that rumor the excuse is “Apple hasn’t done anything”…proving my point yet again, bunch of hypocrites.

    • Umut Bilgiç

      Lol dont reply to this guy people. He is just a anti-apple troll for some reason and cant have a objective mind for once and he even accuses people for not being objective. Amazing!

      • Look who’s talking, you probably have dingbat-definition of the term “objective”…

      • Umut Bilgiç


  • Hyr3m

    Animals have been fit and healthy for millions of years, humans (in various forms) for hundreds of thousands of years… but now a phone or a bracelet with a couple of sensors will completely change the way people get fit and healthy… What the F is wrong with people? Seriously… Just stop slouching and eating the poison that the FDA says is “safe for consumption”; eat real food and exercise a bit.
    Maybe athletes need to optimize every movement and improve the few milliseconds that will allow them to break the world record or something… but how does any company justify using these things as something different than a marketing tool ?

    • Rowan09

      Since the “Move” campaign, people in America are finally trying to change their lifestyles. A lot of people are now participating in marathons, training for specific jobs, etc. It can be more than a marketing tool if done the right way.

      • Hyr3m

        First of all, people don’t need a “move” campaign to realize they need to live healthily.
        Also, nice way to generalize… do you work for the ad agency that made the campaign and did you personally measure its impact ? My bet is the impact is maybe a few thousand people getting a gym subscription and going for a couple of weeks then giving up again. You can probably count on your fingers and toes the number of people whose lives changed because of that campaign.
        Finally, what makes you think that participating in a marathon is actually good for your health? I mean you can try to get the motivation to get back in shape if you need to lose a few pounds but it actually ruins your knees and is very likely to cause injuries if you run with shoes…

      • Rowan09

        Running is stressful on your knees but it’s a great way to exercise. People are controlled in majority by the media and just like all of a sudden if it’s not organic it’s bad, people do what the media tells them. I’m training right now to become a firefighter and I use my Pebble all the time while exercising. These devices may only be for a small portion of the population, but they can be very useful.

      • Hyr3m

        Running is an average way to exercise, especially with shoes on. Swimming is a great way to exercise.
        I don’t believe that the major obesity problem that the US has can be solved through media campaigns…

        Would you say the Pebble actually helps in your training to become a firefighter ? Would you say it will make you a better firefighter than someone who trained in the 1980s for example?
        To me it’s just like stats in a video game, “training assistant” wearable devices are just a gimmick to comfort us and make us feel good about what we just did. Feel free to enlighten me ^^

      • Rowan09

        I agree but some people need the push, especially in the US. Yes the Pebble does help along with my iPhone. Every test (physical) I will take is timed and involves a lot of running so it’s a convenience thing when tracking my runs. I agree swimming is a great way to exercise but with FDNY I have to run all the time even though it’s not really my thing. The alleged iWatch which appears to be the best thing since sliced bread, if it does all the things rumored like track health, it will be a huge success.

      • Hyr3m

        So it’s a convenience thing ? It doesn’t actually help you achieve better performance or does it ? I’m not sure I understand…

        Anyways… I’m sure you’ll like this if you haven’t seen it already : www[dot]wimp[dot]com/firefightercompetition/

    • Umut Bilgiç

      People are livin healthy for thousands of years?? Lol what have you smoked before the post.?

      • Hyr3m

        Your presence here today is proof of that.

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  • Umut Bilgiç

    Not becouse they want you to be healthy, but to get money from you becouse they know that you feel guilty for not exercising and they claim that they can make exercising fun/easy/efficient

  • deasys

    So Samsung is going to talk about its use of cancer (and death) causing chemicals at its factories? It’s about time!

  • Now you know the Android/Samsung Fanboy Legion will start rubbing lotion all over themselves all the while proclaiming that once again Apple is playing catch up with Android.

  • Girish

    shamesung’s invitation should have been titled “A NEW CONTROVERSIAL AROUND HEALTH IS ABOUT TO BEGIN”

  • Rushan

    Anybody knows about S-Health in S3?