Facebook Internal Screenshot

Feeling a little sneaky? Want to access Facebook’s internal settings for its iOS app? If you’re jailbroken, it’s extremely easy to gain access by means of a handy new jailbreak tweak.

The aptly entitled Facebook Internal Settings is a brand new jailbreak tweak that just landed on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. This free tweak makes accessing the super-secret (and super-confusing) internal settings a walk in the park. Have a look at our video walkthrough for more information.

To use Facebook Internal Settings, simply install the tweak and get going. You’ll obviously need to have the official Facebook app installed on your device and you’ll need to be logged into Facebook as well, but you probably already came to that logical conclusion.

Once you’ve met all of the aforementioned criteria, it’s time to get to the settings. Tap the More button in the bottom right-hand corner of the Facebook app interface, and then scroll all the way down to the bottom of your list of settings.

Sitting unassumingly at the bottom of the settings rests the Internal Settings button. Tap this button, and you’ll gain access to a plethora of information that you probably have no idea what to do with. Congratulations.

How, and more importantly why are you using Facebook’s internal settings? Sound off down below and let me know.

  • ARX8

    I’ve been tinkering around with this for a while. Nothing seems to take effect other than some minor UI tweaks. I was able to spot something related to the graph search and some other upcoming features. None of them seem to work though. Perhaps, I’m doing it the wrong way
    This can also be accessed with FLEX2

    • Antzboogie

      Finally a tweak to regulate Facebook’s sneakiness.

      • ARX8

        Like you really can!

  • iltas

    I have ip5 I’m using 4g LTE in my country u a e bit it’s shows 3G I configure frn setting but setting showing only on option
    Also my hotspot not work it shows in PC no internet acces but in my iPhone works
    Any news for 7.1 or 7.1.1 jailbreak
    How to update carrier
    Can I restore 7.0.6
    Sorry for long question
    Plzzzzz help

    • Sandy Cook


    • Jonathan

      Lemme see if I can simplify.

      I have an iPhone 5 with 4g LTE included, but it only shows I have/am using 3G. However, settings only show one option for (not sure what).
      Also, my hotspot does not work. It turns on but doesn’t broadcast or something. It shows in my PC that I have no internet access but in my iPhone it works just fine.
      Is there any news for a 7.1.x jailbreak?
      How can I update my carrier?
      Can I restore to 7.0.6 instead of up to 7.1.1?
      I’m sorry for such a long question.
      Please help!

      Alright, now I’ll do my best.

      There will not be a jailbreak for 7.1 or greater until the official (not beta) release of iOS 8.

      Updating your carrier? Not sure. I’d suggest contacting your carrier for details.

      Restoring to 7.0.6? It’s impossible unless you have an iPhone 4 with SHSH blobs saved. But you don’t.

      So you have 2 alternatives.

      1. For whatever reason, Apple sometimes reopens the signing window for a couple hours so they do fix something or whatever on their side. Keep an eye on iDownloadblog for notifying us.

      2. Use Semi-Restore or iLex Rat. Semi-Restore is pretty nice, but I had issues with it. I lost my Siri English voice and she couldn’t open apps.

      So I used iLex Rat after that and it fixed it all. My friend used Semi-Restore and he didn’t have any problems. So I’d recommend Semi-Restore first.

      iLex Rat is known to sometimes accidently delete Cydia. If you do go that path and lose Cydia, try running Semi-Restore. I think I saw somewhere it rebuilt Cydia if it accidently deleted it in the process.

      Alright, that’s all I have for you.

      • iltas

        Thnx buddy
        If I restore using semi texture is it full restore

      • Jonathan

        Yes, except Cydia stays on your device. i.e. you’re still jailbroken after using semi-restore.

      • AJ

        uh… guess you got that one wrong…

      • Jonathan

        I assume you mean the jailbreak of 7.1?
        Keep in mind that answer was posted 2 months ago, so there was no way of telling for sure.

      • AJ

        Thats exactly my point. But when you first said it… you said it like you knew for sure that it wasn’t gonna happen. Although no one was really expecting that JB to come out, just sayin

      • Jonathan

        I was just going by what iDB and other sources previously said. đŸ˜‰
        It’s no big deal.

  • Dan

    All i am missing from the app is the possibility to view a list of all my liked pages. Can any kind soul see if there is any internal settings for this? đŸ™‚

  • Rich

    Any video reviews on how to actually work this???

  • You say this is a “brand new tweak”, yet it’s existed with Flex since Flex was first released

    • ARX8

      And it hit cydia months before