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Production on screens for the 4.7-inch version of Apple’s next iPhone could start as early as May, according to a new report from Reuters. Citing supply chain sources, the outlet says that Japan Display and other manufacturers are readying their facilities and could begin churning out panels next month.

Unfortunately, for those looking forward to the oft-rumored 5.5-inch model, it sounds like production issues have forced Apple to delay the handset. Reuters says that manufacturers are running into difficulties with in-cell technology, and the larger displays may not go into production for several months…

Here’s Reuters’ Reiji Murai with more:

“Apple Inc suppliers will begin mass producing displays as early as May for the next iPhone, expected to be launched this autumn, with a 4.7-inch screen likely to be produced first while a 5.5-inch version could be delayed, supply chain sources said. […]

Both iPhone 6 screens are expected to use in-cell touch panel technology – built into the screen and allowing for thinner construction than with standard touch panel films – that was introduced with the iPhone 5, the sources said.

But due to difficulties with in-cell production technology for the larger 5.5-inch size, one of the sources said, a decision was made to begin mass production with the 4.7-inch version alone. 

The outlet reaffirms that Japan Display Inc, Sharp Corp and South Korea’s LG Display Co Ltd have all been tapped to make the screens—something we’ve heard in a number of reports. Japan Display will be the first to start production, at its main plant in Mobara, in May, with the others ramping up in June.

iphone 6 size chartMockup of rumored iPhone models via MacRumors

Last week, Japan’s reliable Nikkei news outlet reported that Apple would be launching both 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone models in September. It also named the above 3 suppliers as next-gen display manufactures, and noted that the panels would be of higher resolution than Apple’s current-gen handsets.

  • John Tremendol

    I don’t get it. I want to buy the best of apple, so which is going to be the superior of these 2? Which is going to be the flagship model of the year? The 5.5 or 4.7 one?

    • Tom Brady

      Maybe it’s strictly based on preference. I dont know

    • Quang

      just like iPad Air and iPad mini. Same specs, just different screen sizes.

    • Butch Danes

      I’m currently wondering that myself as an iPhone 4S user who is just waiting to upgrade. I imagine it will be like the 5S and 5C with one being much better than the other. Each year there’s one selling feature to the new iPhones so whatever they don’t do for the iPhone 6, they will probably do for the refresh in 2015 and if not then, in 2016 for the iPhone 7 or whatever it will be called by then.

      • chris125

        The 5c is just a rehashed iPhone 5. Most likely these 2 would both be high end models, where as the 5c was the “cheaper” iPhone.

    • chris125

      I am going to say they will market them at two different segments of the market and have some new gestures for the larger screened model (5.5) similar to what is on the iPad? Who knows though. If they make them both identical, then 4.7 it is since there is no reason for 5.5 without useful additions like samsung did with their note line.

  • Batman

    There’s no 5.5″
    No way

  • on3simpleclick

    The iPhone 6 & iPhone 6XL? lol

  • Yehya Mansour

    I don’t care about the screen size as much as I care about how will Apple use it! Extra Row and Extra Column will make me stick to my Note 3 for 1 more year 😉

    • Exactly, knowing apple, a bigger screen will be its main selling feature with no other features as if it takes two years just to increase the screen size.

  • Eni

    no one likes 5,5 inc anyway, and i dont think that apple it’s going to launch a 5,5 inch iphone, those are all bullshit rumors.

    • felixtaf

      No one likes 5.5″? Wonder you know about the popularity of Note series! I kno People who switched to android for screen size.

      • Nathan

        Yeah, but Apple themselves said they would stay out of the ‘phablet’ industry.

      • felixtaf

        They themselves said that they will stay out of 7″ tablet market too!

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    Hopefully it doesn’t get delayed that long! That’s the model I wanted! But I do remember hearing rumors that the iPhone 5 was having production issues as was the Touch ID for last year and those both came out on time. So maybe it won’t be that bad.

  • Micky Ganon

    4 inches is the best !!!

    • hkgsulphate

      ^I really enjoy holding my iPhone one-handed comfortably and secured
      they might release two models then

    • s1att5

      Your girlfriend is lying to you.

      • Micky Ganon

        your mother is not complaining

    • smtp25

      Seriously after using my work sg4 the iPhone screen is tiny .. Browsing, email, even taking Photos is better with a larger screen

      And one handed use is no problem like people kept saying.. Small shuffle if required to stretch to top corners but that’s a GUI design issue

  • ImLouis

    People are saying both 5.5 and 5.7 inch, there was a chinese design drawing of the 6C in both 4.7 and 5.7 inch at 7.1mm thick!!! I cant wait for the bigger screen.

  • Tomorrow there will be an article stating how Samsung was picked to produce the 5.5″ screens that no one else could make. Samsung will save the day again. I want my 5.5″ iPhone and so do so many others.

    • chris125

      Samsung seems to be the only one who can keep up with apple’s crazy demands. It’s a shame they are at such odds with each other, it is the same thing every year with these other manufacturers unable to keep up with the demand that apple brings with their products.

  • Lucus Bendzsa

    iPhone Air and iPhone Mini.

  • Container an impromptu and supposed invention be “hindered”.

    At what
    time I ongoing hearing reports of a 4.7 and 5.7 inch iPhone approaching with
    the iPhone 6, the innovative story was that the 5.7 incher would be approaching
    later. So if it organizes come later (whether as 5.7 or 5.5 inches) remained it
    delayed, or was that the plan all lengthwise?

    The individual
    thing aimed at unquestionable is that Apple isn’t conversation about forthcoming
    plans, so this is all unsubstantiated speculation by forecasters who are paid
    to deduction, and collect retributions whether they’re right or not.

  • iRy757

    I really don’t understand the obsession with larger screen phones. They look hideous to me.

  • Straightshoota

    split the difference and gie us a 4.9 inch phone everyone wins.