NoCoverFlow7 Featured

The traditional Cover Flow feature that’s been a staple of the Music app for many years was finally retired in iOS 7. It was replaced with a cool new album art view that appears when placing your device into landscape orientation.

While the new-fangled Cover Flow view (I’ll just call it Cover Flow for lack of an official name) is pleasing to the eyes, some may find it to be an annoyance at best and a hinderance at worst. Needless to say, its usability is questionable, and it arguably places style over substance and convenience.

With that being said, there is a way outright prevent the Cover Flow view from being displayed when placing your device in landscape mode. The solution to the problem is a new jailbreak tweak entitled NoCoverFlow7.

Once you install NoCoverFlow7, it’s ready to go. There are no options to configure and no settings to adjust. To test out the tweak, place your device into landscape mode while inside the stock Music app. The Cover Flow view, which will look similar to the image below, should no longer display.

NoCoverFlow7 1

I don’t know if this view is annoying enough to warrant downloading a dedicated tweak just to disable it, but it’s here for the taking if you’d like to try it. NoCoverFlow7 is available for download right now on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. If you decide to try it, be sure to share your opinions on it in the comments section below.

  • your taste in music is awesome from Grizzly Bears to Fugees, to Feist, to Phoenix. Great review, me personally I love my Cover art flow. I sometimes can’t recalled a song but know what the album looks like so that’s a quick way to find it.

  • Alan

    Wasn’t really much of a “cover flow” to begin, ios 1-6 was better

    • Freddie Webster

      Yesssss like almost everything they took from iOS 6 was good

    • al7oot


  • filter351

    Is there a tweak to bring back the old coverflow?

  • Rich

    Great tweak. This new cover flow was a big hinderance for me.

    • Melissa

      I must be losing my mind. How did you actually download the tweak?? I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get it.

      • Melissa

        oh never mind. my phone was being weird.

  • Marissa lou

    i see lots of ayu on your list!
    I wish my phone was jail broken kinda now. This feature is just another horrible apple thing. -_- Ive officially had it with itunes too. Its so awful and after two bad updates, I want a new phone brand. bleh. Nice article!