Drunk Mode iOS 7

You are out for a night on the town with your friends, and perhaps you’ve had one too many Long Island Iced Teas or Peppermint Schnapps. We’re not judging you, but others might be when you send them a misspelled text message or perhaps worse. Fortunately, if you have an iPhone, this is an easily avoidable situation.

While it might sound stupid, a jailbreak tweak called Drunk Mode actually serves a relatively useful purpose. The tweak is a very simple one; when enabled, it prevents you from sending iMessages to your friends, family, boss, co-workers or whoever else you probably shouldn’t be talking to at the time. Details ahead… 

Drunk Mode adds a toggle switch below Airplane Mode in the Settings app that proves easy to access on your Friday night out. When enabled, a notification box will pop up with the message “go home, you are drunk” when you attempt to message someone through the Messages app.

There are a few limitations to this tweak, however, with the main one being that you could simply go back into Settings and toggle off the tweak. The other downside is that it does not prevent you from sending messages with third-party messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Kik Messenger or WhatsApp.

In all seriousness, though, Drunk Mode should not serve as a valid excuse for drinking excessively without any consequences. This is more of a novelty tweak than anything, and not getting drunk in the first place is probably a better idea. Drunk Mode is free on Cydia in the BigBoss repo.

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    well, Hello Joe good article.

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  • Ishaan Malhotra


    • trumpet444

      This tweak has actually been around for a long time.

  • Just tell Siri you are drunk

    • Jonathan

      Just don’t breathe on me.

  • abdullah575

    your drunk!

  • Kenneth Plas

    Too bad you can’t customize your contacts or actions. For example i would like to limit the messages i send to my boss or girlfriend when i’m ‘drunk’ but i need to be able to text my friends if i , once again, lost them in all the blur…

  • Martin

    lol what a funny tweak (good idea though)

  • Yolo

    This tweak should have an option to prevent me from posting comments on idb too when ima drunk. Hffufuuffukdyjdyidiydkdkydkydykdkydykdktdtkdtkdktdtkeykekekttkeydkykd,yd,dy,dy,ydd,yy,dd,yy,d,yddy,ydy,d,yd,ydd,yd,y,ydyd,mts,dtydtdkdtk

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      Go home your drunk

  • ConduciveMammal

    This tweak seems like it would work better if it disallowed sending the text if there were excessive misspellings rather than block it altogether

    • jreefsd

      you look like a twat !

  • DopamineAddicted

    drunk me: bitch please, its in airplane mode so it can fly
    drunk friend: yea, shud work
    drunk mode: waaaaaaaatttt???!!!!

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  • I’m Drunk everynite

  • Huntz

    Love this tweak. Seriously. Bust this out to a girl at a party or show after some drinking and she will think it is the funniest thing ever because you’re so funny and cool and will probably go home with you later but probably not but you will likely get a laugh from her and maybe her number if you got that game. Real talk.