Space gray iPhone 5s camera

Instead of the twelve or sixteen-megapixel camera upgrade in its 2014 iPhone offerings anticipated by watchers, Apple is said to stick with the eight-megapixel module and focus on improving image quality through software advancements and features like optical image stabilization, a new report asserts.

Apple is seemingly expected to skip the megapixel race with the iPhone 6 “to concentrate on other ways to better images,” people familiar with the matter apparently told AppleInsider…

AppleInsider thinks megapixels are less of a priority for Apple than overall image quality, suggesting a more conservative upgrade route for this year’s iPhones. Apple’s recent patent for a Lytro-like refocusable camera technology may point to the kinds of iSight upgrades it’s been working on.


For reference, Sony is the sole supplier of the CMOS modules for the iPhone’s back camera and it’s expected to replace the front-facing camera supplier OmniVision in 2015.

The report actually echoes a January story by The China Post suggesting Apple’s decision to keep the next iPhone’s megapixel count intact could be based on the engineering requirement to retain the handset’s more portable form factor.

In other words, to avoid the protruding lens seen on the back of some other smartphones, which would also suggest that the next iPhone could be markedly thinner.

Just how thin exactly?

If you ask the rather accurate Japanese blog Macotakara, Apple’s next handset(s) should be 7mm thick, or about half a millimeter thinner than the iPad Air, though Apple is said to expand it slightly to 7.5mm in order to do away with the unsightly camera protrusion on the back.

s5 2
The back camera on the Galaxy S5.

We’re approaching the point where phone cameras – even the most advanced modules from Sony – are becoming too bulky for the ever skinnier smartphones and there isn’t much that can be done about this engineering challenge.

Multiple lenses and the CMOS sensor get stacked on top of each other, taking space and in turn causing issues with thin devices where space is at a premium. Unless Apple has managed to solve this engineering problem in the upcoming new iPhones, don’t hold your breath for a megapixel bump until 2015.

iPhone 5s (gold, iSight camera 001)

As a reminder, the iPhone 5s has brought out several improvements in the camera department, including a 33 percent larger sensor with the bigger pixels 1.5 microns in diameter, Dual Tone flash for more natural skin color in low-light conditions and a faster f/2.2 lens with improved image quality and better low-light performance.

Here are Flickr’s most popular cameras.

Flickr (top cameras, 20140320)

As much as I agree that megapixels don’t matter, this is only true to a certain extent.

Yes, optical quality is important and other factors like aperture and sensor sensitivity greatly affect how light is being captured, interpreted and digitized. But there’s a threshold where higher-megapixel cameras will produce crisper shots, no matter the advances that are meant to improve image quality at eight-megapixels.

I’m also concerned about Apple being stuck at eight megapixels for the third year in a row, having moved from the five-megapixel iSight module on the 2010 iPhone 4 to the eight-megapixle one on the iPhone 4s in October of 2011.

  • Chetan

    Noooooooooôöòóœøōõ……… (Though i don’t care about camera) 😛
    Just awaiting next gorgeous iPhone, taglined – The best iPhone yet 😀

  • omrishtam

    people think that MP is everything, for example the s5 which got 16MP is basicly just higher res pics, it doesn’t mean better quality.
    as long as they improve the camera i dont care.
    but again, nothing is for sure so…

    • Diego Milano

      Yes, year 2014 and people still care about the amount of pixels- I find this sad at this point. It seems as if the “bigger is better” rule is applicable to everything when in fact it doesn’t always apply here. Quality is not about quantity, I thought people would figure that out by now…
      How about improving the lenses like they said they’d introduce SONY’s?

      • omrishtam

        people see big numbers and it makes them think it’s better

      • J. Rockwell

        I think this is simply the truth when it comes down to it.

      • dan

        but it wont kill apple to make a 12 or 13 mp cam

    • You obviously have no clue of the advantage of more MP, don’t expect you to unless Apple tells you. Here’s some insight; the more MP the phone has, the further it can digitally zoom without loss in quality.

      Don’t even give me the nonsense “professionals avoid digital zoom” excuse. You only avoid it, ’cause it’ll result in loss of quality. That is what the more MP prevents.

      In case you have no idea of what zoom can be used for (’cause Apple never mentioned it to you); when you take a 41MP picture of say a clock tower from it’s base, you could easily zoom in and crop out a statue on that clock tower as if that’s what you were taking an up-close picture of.

      • omrishtam

        so more MP=better zoom quality.
        so what?

      • Yeah, so what…it’s not in the iPhone, so it’s not useful -_-

      • omrishtam

        maybe i can just take a pic without zooming?
        and don’t forget this is only a rumor

      • Yeah, you find a way to climb that clock tower and take a pic of the satue, while I just take a pic of it from the base…

      • Litchy

        Dude… do you actually believe that? You think with more pixels you can simply zoom in and the quality is still the same?
        I mean just think about it one second… every photographer has huge cameras to get good shots out of distance. They pay 8000$ for a camera.. don’t you think if MP were the solution they would simply… boost them there too and make the cameras small?

        No they don’t, because it doesn’t work that way. I’m not gonna start explaining physiks here but just believe it^^ Bigger Lens / bigger sensor = better quality, better lighting, better colors… not MP

      • “Dude… do you actually believe that? You think with more pixels you can simply zoom in and the quality is still the same? “

        I don’t just believe, I’ve seen it. Here’s a video of Microsoft indirectly demoing it’s use (http://bit ly/1hIA42Z).

        “don’t you think if MP were the solution they would simply”

        Where did you read me saying MP is all that matters? I just pointed out the fact that more MP = better detail of further away objects, not useless as iTards make it sound.

      • “iTards” wow you’re all are so good at insulting people..

      • Not all People, just iPeople. They’re the ones here implying “more MP is useless”.

      • Way to generalize all “iPeople” is saying that..

      • Missed out a few words. I’m an iPerson; I use a freed iPhone.

      • oh btw i have this phone

      • Alberto Espinal

        Reymond dont pay attention to this Troll they are like Viruses they get deleted and they keep coming back

      • Are you like changing your replies? You said earlier ALL “iPeople” are saying more mp is useless lol

      • Guess you were hungover when you read and replied to this:

        “Missed out a few words. I’m an iPerson; I use a freed iPhone as my daily phone.”

      • NO

      • Kiranr

        The fact that you believe those demo videos are honest, you’re in for a ride, don’t you know nokia got caught a long time ago posting pics taken with high end cameras and calling it their phone camera photos, lets rewind to when sony had 12 & 13 mp cameras in their phones and lets stack them up against our 8mp today tell me what you see “iTard” lol so pathetic

      • During the keynote, during a video of a hot air balloon being blown up, the iphone 4S was shown how smooth the image stabilizer was. Did you not notice they had the camera on a crane!?!? Yes a crane! The video showed a smooth sweep upwards 15-20 feet in the air.

      • J. Rockwell

        My daily driver DSLR is a Canon 1ds Mark II. I usually use a 24-70 lens. It was a $8,000 camera back in 2007, and takes amazing photos. Surprisingly it is only a 16mp camera. What makes the photos so great? THE SENSOR! Keep touting your megapixel BS, because Maury Povich has determined “That Is A Lie”.

        The iPhone is a top 3 of its class optic and picture quality every-time the phone has been released. I don’t see it being any different this next release.

      • xSeriouSx

        “THE SENSOR!”

        Hate to break it to you iB*tch, but the MP is an attribute of the sensor (http://bit ly/1f9Cd6n), just like the aperture.

      • He means it’s size.

      • J. Rockwell

        Maybe you are having a bit of trouble understanding things. So I am going to break it down for you just once on how adding lots of megapixels on a small sensor can be detrimental to image quality.

        When too many pixels get packed into a sensor the size of a fingernail, the pixels aren’t able to capture light optimally. Of course, when the light is aplenty and the sensor sensitivity is low (ISO 400 or less), one might get great images. But once we hit the ‘low light’ stage of the day and the sensitivity needs to be bumped up in order to capture a photo, we end up with a ‘hot mess’ of red and blue pixels.

        The tradeoff in the megapixel war is between detail and quality. At the lower end of the spectrum, you get great image quality but not enough detail. As you crank up the megapixels, the level of detail captured goes up, but the image quality goes down.

        If Apple’s team has looked at all the ingredients needed to make a quality image, and they don’t don’t the added Megapixels, they can still achieve a very high quality image.

        Have a great day, and check your March week one Target Circular. I shot the entire cover.

        Sincerely yours,

        Joshua Rawlings

      • xSeriouSx

        “The tradeoff in the megapixel war is between detail and quality.”

        Uhm, you’re kinda self-contradicting there, ’cause last time I checked, detail is a sub part of quality. Hence why people say:

        “Attention to detail results in higher quality end product”

      • J. Rockwell

        good luck to you in the future. I mean that. WOW a sub part.

      • xSeriouSx

        Same to you…

      • Stop trolling. Small pixel = bad noise/signal ratio. Want more pixels? Need larger sensor. Larger sensor = thicker phone. The math is simple here.

      • xSeriouSx

        Yeah, it’s simple; make sensor a bit larger to contain the added benefits of MP. Something that’s rarely gonna happen in the iPhone due to excess thinovation…

      • That’s what they’re trying to achieve: smaller module; bigger sensor. Everyone knows more useful pixels is good.

      • Litchy

        xSeriouSx… please just leave… you clearly have no idea of anything. Bye

      • “The iPhone is a top 3 of its class optic and picture quality every-time the phone has been released. I don’t see it being any different this next release.”

        I’ll just live this here (http://bit ly/1du76Bt)…

      • Alberto Espinal

        You are so full of it, you are jus a F* Troll, go back to your cage!!

      • xSeriouSx

        Lol, there’s the iDiot yet again. When he’s got no counter fact, he just resorts to calling the others a troll…pathetic numbskull.

      • What an insult “ibitch” & “iDiot” .. haha

      • Alberto Espinal

        Jajajajjaajaaaa cant stop laughing stop please stop uufff let me take a moment here wait…………………………………………………………………………………….. Are you MrElectrifyer on another disguise or you are his men 😉 you know what i’m talking about! Iphone 5s only has 8mpx and it take the most beautiful pics and dont have to go foward explaining the facts, now if you are such a smarty why dont you built a better quality cam than the Iphone 5s because thats all you trolls do talk crap in a blog that doesnt even belong to

      • xSeriouSx

        Sure, I am MrElectrifyer and everyone else who opposes idiocracy…

      • “ibitch”

      • Rowan09

        I agree but moving the camera to 10 or 13MP won’t make that big of a difference. MPs is really for posters and I’m sure most people aren’t using a cellphone for posters.

      • Little improvement is better than remaining stale with no improvement.

        “MPs is really for posters”

        That’s what you use it for, I use it for digitally zooming, so it’s really for digitally zooming…

      • Rowan09

        But they’re not remaining stale because the 5s camera is improved over the 5 camera and just adding more MPs doesn’t constitute for improving. I use a Motorola Bionic for work and it has an 8 MP camera which shoots like its a 2 MP camera. If you’re looking for digital zoom as your main usage for a mobile camera, you may want to get a Nokia. I understand your point, but I don’t believe most people use an iPhone for zooming while taking pictures. I would welcome more MP, but having a bigger number with bad optics is useless.

      • “but I don’t believe most people use an iPhone for zooming while taking pictures”

        Most iPhone users won’t unless Apple shows it off; so far they have nothing to show about zooming, ’cause they can barely do it without loss of quality.

        MP isn’t everything, never said it was, just replied to @omrishtam:disqus stating it’s not useless as he’s ignoramusly making it sound.

      • Rowan09

        Got you.

      • “By the way did you get that surface Bluetooth cover to setup XBMC on your tv?”

        Not yet available in Canada for some reason…the links on their site just redirects to the store home page 😛 Began a chat with a store rep and was informed it’s not yet available.

      • Rowan09

        Oh ok cool.

      • Evan_Beezy

        No1 disagrees with you there. It’s just are you willing to sacrifice the 90% of your photos where you don’t use digital zoom looking worse due to garnering less light so u can have sharper zoomed photos

      • “No1 disagrees with you there. It’s just are you willing to sacrifice the 90% of your photos where you don’t use digital zoom looking worse due to garnering less light so u can have sharper zoomed photos”

        Uhm, the Nokia Lumia 1020 proves that to be an unnecessary loss. By having a bigger sensor, you can contain the more MP for better digital zoom, without loss of quality in low light situations. That’s possible, but it means Apple would have to stop with it’s excess thinovation…

      • Rowan09

        Do you see the ugly huge camera on the back of the Nokia 1020? A cellphone is not for professional pictures and the 1020 doesn’t solve a problem because people in majority aren’t asking for a 41MP camera on a phone. Most people send pictures through email or post to websites, so there’s no need for huge MP phones at this moment.

      • “A cellphone is not for professional pictures”

        Says who? When Apple showed off professional photography and video recording being done with the 5s, didn’t see what’s wrong with that. Or you want to tell that’s not professional enough?

        “1020 doesn’t solve a problem because people in majority aren’t asking for a 41MP camera on a phone”

        Just like no one ask for a simpler to use phone, Apple just provided it. The 1020 makes digital zooming more practical.

        “Most people send pictures through email or post to websites, so there’s no need for huge MP phones at this moment.”

        Neither is there any need for an iPhone, might as well just stick to ancient dumb phones…we’re talking wants, not needs.

      • Rowan09


      • Kiranr

        I believe it was the choice of the professional photographers and movie directors to use their iPhone for that purpose and apple just capitalised on that, stop being mad at the fact that nokia has to punch in 41mp into a phone to at least be noticed they are still making phones lol.

      • K…thanks for the obscure and pointless reply.

      • Adam Bowman

        I’m with you on this one. Think not only about zooming, but also about cropping. It would be great if I could take a pic of my kids (or any subject) from a distance and later crop the photo without a significant loss of resolution. More MPs would give me that ability. I would love to have the same great photo quality of current iPhones with more megapixels, and, if possible, an improved video resolution.
        Wouldn’t it be great if the next model iPhone could give us the option, also if it’s possible, of switching between MP size?
        Anyway, I’m hoping they increase the MPs. In fact, I’m kind of expecting it. And as for all the people posting here (and those replying to you) saying MPs don’t mean anything — I just don’t get it. Camera quality matters AND MPs matter.

      • Kristoffer

        The image still wouldn’t be sharp if there weren’t any image stabilization, which is said to be improved. So if I had to choose between a sharp image at a distance or a blurry zoomed-in one, I’d choose the sharp one… Yes, when we reach the next level of stabilization we can increase the MP, the iPhone just isn’t there yet. As said earlier, quality or quantity?

      • Yeah, it’s the iPhone’s problem, not a problem of other phones with higher MP. Just pointed out the fact that more MP = better detail of further away objects, not useless as iTards make it sound.

      • Diego Milano

        HA! You’re funny. 😀 Congratulations, you’ve just reinvented a very old artifact that’s been around for hundreds of years- it’s called “telescope”. :B

      • K, if you knew about the advantage, you wouldn’t have made the following ignoramus statement:

        “Yes, year 2014 and people still care about the amount of pixels”

        Or do you just act ignorant for the sake of fitting in the herd?

      • To be honest, I’d like to see 33MP, but on a way bigger sensor. Imagine how cool would it be:
        1920*4 and 1080*4 — means 4x lossless zoom for 1080p.

        Very high-quality 4k — 2x lossless zoom!
        720p@120fps — 6x!

        But to do it right,  needs to make phone about 2mm thicker & a wider lens (mb 24mm eq.) with some really challenging engineering (lens packing mostly). And don’t forget about lens resolution.
        It would be very hard, but possible sometimes.

      • Dor Pinhas

        The only one thing u forgot is that smartphones cameras are digital and the lenses aren’t pro optics lenses.
        It doesn’t matter if you’ll have 700MP camera, the results of zooming will be the same as 8MP.
        It doesn’t work like DSLR lenses!

        MP Doesn’t affect the pictures quality with that kind of cameras.
        THE ONLY REASONE any other smartphone has this crazy hardware is because they DESPERATELY want to sell devices and the number of MP is worth money.

      • That’s pure BS talk and has no conventional logic to it.

        In case you failed your math class, 41MP is at least 5x 8MP in size, so, from a 41MP image, you can zoom into and/or crop out a high-res 8MP portion. That’s digital zooming and doesn’t require any moving lenses.

        Nice try in playing mr smarty pant, you’re just making yourself look like a pathetic numbskull.

      • Dor Pinhas

        So you’re saying that DSLR doesnt have any superiority over digital cameras, because really optimal zooming doesn’t require any optical lenses?? THAT’S BS.
        Tell that to nikon & canon.

        I don’t think you know anything about photography, you’re just a FANDROID who really likes to brag about his larger number.
        The larger MP number is their strategy to sell more units exactly like their exaggerated hardware.

      • grumpyfuzz

        Where was he bragging? Please point that out to me. And also, I guarantee if Apple added more megapixels on their camera, you would be all over it.

      • Dor Pinhas

        I’m not going to be all over it if they will keep the sensor the same.
        MP will be increase with technology improvements, I don’t think that smart to go above 10 MP.
        btw, the larger MP the larger file size the image will be.
        In other words, less amount of pictures.

      • Sounds like you suck terribly at English comprehension. Where did you read me claiming digital zoom is better than optical zoom? Quit putting words in my mouth.

        I said the more MP the phone camera has, the more it can do lossless digital zooming. How does that imply digital zooming is better than optical zooming?!

        Get your head out of Apple’s behind, clear it and retry comprehending my post, iDiot.

      • Dor Pinhas

        You talked about quality didn’t you?
        You want to take a photo, zoom it and then crop it.
        There will be always loss in quality if you using digital zooming.

        I don’t care if there is a lot of pixels if they looks like sh*t.


      • @Dor Pinhas You clearly have no clue how digital zoom works. Here’s some insight; there’s no loss in quality to a certain extent, the larger the number of MP the further that extent.

        Think of it this way, say the iDB desktop hompage is desinged for 1080p 13″ screens. Viewing that desktop page on my iPhone doesn’t change that, it just looks smaller due to my small screen trying to contain it. With digital zoom, I can zoom into a portion of that desktop homepage to the extent where that portion of homepage content would be sized on my screen as they would be on a 1080p 13″ screen, all without loss of tge content quality.

        That is the same technique that’s applied to a 41MP image when digitally zooming; you can zoom to a certain extent without loss of quality.

    • Palani

      I promies u that there are more difference between 16 and 8 mp, more than res..
      I have everything new always from Apple. But gosh it hurts when such a quality still Stock on 8. At least go for 12.

      F” word Apple. 🙁

  • Virus

    Sounds like a lazy excuse to upgrade the iPhone 6s camera

    • Butch Danes

      iPhone 6S, the camera you all know and love has just gotten better with a new and improved 13 Megapixel camera with even better image stabilisation and optics. Another first from Apple.

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    SMH great. I’m guessing this means no 4K recording too?

    • Denis Z.

      To shoot 4k (3840×2160) you need 8.3MP 16:9 sensor — maybe it’s time to upgrade to 16:9?

    • Rowan09

      I don’t know but do you own a 4K tv or monitor? The feature is on the Note 3 but without image stabilization. If the iPhone 6 doesn’t do it right, then I don’t want it personally since it will not benefit me at all.

      • It’d be great for downscaling to 1080p though.

      • Take the Note 3, put it on a stand and don’t move it. Video tape in 4K a scene of your choice. Then later, go on your computer and use a program to pan around in 1080p. Many videos of this done with Nokia’s phones. Very cool and useful. Since you are a father, wouldn’t it be nice to take vids of your kids in 4K then watch them later on when the tech is in everyone homes instead of viewing those videos in 1080p or less? I hope the iPhone 6 gets OIS and 4K. But if not both at least OIS.

      • Rowan09

        Don’t get wrong I won’t be mad if it’s included, but it’s not a need for me right now. I can’t afford a 4K tv or screen and it won’t be any cheaper until 2-3 years from now.

    • Royce Otero

      Umm apple better get the 4k recording.

      • Rowan09

        Why exactly?

      • For some people it would be great to apply Ken Burns effect on their videos in post. For others — highly improved quality of oversampled 1080p.
        Both are few. But do I want it? I think not so much if they provide super-high-quality oversampled 1080p and more fluid professional-like zoom.

      • Shooting in 4K then zooming in 1080p and panning around in post production is awesome. @Rowan09:disqus

      • Royce Otero

        Galaxy s5 has 4k recording. if apple want to make smart changes to their camera they better get 4k

      • Rowan09

        While I understand why people may want 4k recoding but why would that be useful to them without a 4k monitor? It’s like the Note 3 which has it but no image stabilization making it pretty useless.

      • Royce Otero

        Apple has to start adding these features and stop acting like their not trying to copy no one. I love iPhone but android phones have some cool features I like.

  • Martynet

    people don’t need more megapixels but better chip and lenses… And cropping? Hmmmm… How many photos I had to crop in lat couple of years? None. Because I always take few extra shots with different composition and just select the best one later. much easier

    • Michael Crawbuck

      Well that’s great for you. Not everyone thinks to do that.

      • Vijay

        Martynet is right man
        When u have no choice :p

    • J. Rockwell

      Very refreshing to read this.

  • Mescudi

    8MP? been like that for quite some time now.
    MP isn’t everything, I prefer aperture more, but MP does play a major role.

    • My number one feature I want is OIS. iPhone takes some shaky videos

  • Creavite

    The thing is that with the move to 4.7″ screen (probably), the user will end up showing more pixels on the screen for each picture taken, and cropping it after taking it will leave you with a not so sharp image. Because you end up with less pixels on the high quality display,

  • Matheus Lisboa

    Megapixels are not that important folks…

  • Andy

    So how about improving the front camera then?

    • omrishtam

      for MORE selfies?

      • Andy

        For 1080p video

      • omrishtam

        front camera can’t take videos

      • Andy

        Do you even use FaceTime?

      • omrishtam

        didn’t think about it lol, i don’t use it much so…
        but yeah i am pretty sure they will improve the front camera, maybe not to 1080p but i am sure we will se improvments

      • therealjjohnson

        For better Facetime Quality…

  • leart

    If the quality of pixels is great, 8mpx is more then enough to take wonderful pictures, and the device can manage the picture data very fast..

  • I don’t think we need more than 3840×2160 (8.3MP) 16:9 sensor. If the screen is 1080p, imagine how nicely 4k will scale down — 4 pixels = one perfect. With this sensor 1080p video will be fantastic: alias-less, chroma-less and with 2x lossless zoom! We don’t need 4k — just give us pixel-perfect 1080p@60fps with good bitrate and real 720p@120fps (1280*3=3840, so pixel-perfect with 3x lossless zoom).
    And THAT would be amazing!

  • Fardeen Beharry

    the fact that my old nokia n95 camera takes better pictures than my iphone 4s really speaks a lot. no doubt iphone 5s camera is good but other manufacturers are outpacing apple, i took a photo with an s4, an wow it was awesome, cant say the same for the iphone. i love iphones i would have loved to have a 12MP with improved visuals etc.

    • You kiddin’ about N95, right? I had both. 4S makes so much better photos (most noticeably in low-light), that I don’t know how do you compare. Maybe on mobile screen? 😉

      • Fardeen Beharry

        i was not referring to low light but in normal day light settings and no not on mobile screen. close up shots using n95 was so awesome and is still is, cant say that for iphone 4s.

      • I see yr point. Indeed, macro is better on N95, because they simply didn’t have limitations in camera module depth. To focus closely you need to increase distance between sensor and front lens.
        Daylight? Well, maybe in some conditions. Overall the quality is obviously better.

      • Fardeen Beharry

        i hope iphons one day does get a camera as good as nokia makes them, and btw im glad we have a nice discussion about it and not fall into the apple fanboy trap, i love my iphone 4s too, i hope iphone 6 has a bigger screen and better camera for me to make the jump

      • Me too, but we’ll sacrifice depth. I’d accept it only if it dramatically wins in battery. My 5S holds up to 3 days (2 nights), and it’d be great to make it live a week by making it a bit thicker.
        I really think optical stabilization is much more important for a phone, than MP count. Hope we’ll see it soon.
        Personally I wouldn’t upgrade to 5S, as 4S is still very-very good and fast enough, but my wife needs a phone. 🙂

      • Fardeen Beharry

        u r right, i got a moto g and the battery is pretty awesome. iphone battery is kinda meh but this may be due to the size of iphones where they slim it down and have a smaller battery.

      • Interesting, how many days it can work without night charges?

      • Fardeen Beharry

        well it can go with one day under heavy usage and if u use it moderately it can go up to two days, which is really amazing considering the difference in price point between the two devices, at 179$ u cant go wrong

      • Well, price isn’t that high on both devices, so that’s not the main point and quality is more important. Heavy usage may vary, but that’s very good for Android phone, still not enough though. Probably I’m too demanding… 🙂

  • I can hear the fandroid army saying Android had 16 mp cameras last year. Even though the average fandroid member is too stupid to realize that a kernel can’t have a 16 mp camera.

    • They would say “omg you’re just an iSheep”

  • Andres

    Doesn’t surprise me…

  • n0ahcruz3

    Why is it that everytime they put an article about the next iphone’s camera it always turns into a flamewar? 😛

  • n0ahcruz3

    But lets be honest here iphone’s camera is shlt.. people whos saying that iphone camera is great are avid fanboys.

    • Not sh!t. Just not the best, and yes, they need to work on it.

      • n0ahcruz3

        They definately need to work on it, atleast make it 10mp with OIS or something its 2014 for crying out loud. Oh and they need to put larger battery too dammit they think 1500 mah is enough they’re crazy.

      • I think 2.5Ah + iOS optimization is enough. And yes, OIS’d be great!

        Well, 8.3MP is enough:

        «I don’t think we need more than 3840×2160 (8.3MP) 16:9 sensor. If the screen is 1080p, imagine how nicely 4k will scale down — 4 pixels = one perfect. With this sensor 1080p video will be fantastic: alias-less, chroma-less and with 2x lossless zoom! We don’t need 4k — just give us pixel-perfect 1080p@60fps with good bitrate and real 720p@120fps (1280*3=3840, so pixel-perfect with 3x lossless zoom).
        And THAT would be amazing!»

      • n0ahcruz3

        Makes sense! To be honest the camera is the least important to me now. Im more concerned with battery life. My moto g can go 12-14 hrs heavy usage with 3G my 4s can only go 5-6 hrs heavy usage on 3G, thats why i dumped my 4s bought a cheap no contract unlocked moto G. The only thing i miss about ios is facetime and imessage.

      • To be honest, never tried 3G on my iPhone 4s/5s, but it seems it’s discharging too fast indeed…  claims 5s holds 8h, but it’s still not so much. Well, if  combine its great standby time with heavy-usage time, it’d be great!

        Under my conditions, 5s holds up to 3 days (no 3G, 2 nights with airplane on), but I’d like it to be 7. 😛

        PS. There’s a tweak for iMessages on Android — maybe you should try it. And I think I’ve heard something similar about FaceTime. Good luck!

    • Rowan09

      Shit compared to what? I’ve seen tests and compared it against an S4 and Note 2 and it’s better than them both. I use my 5s for work and it involves me taking pictures for 200k-300k contracts.

      • n0ahcruz3

        I know i know u like iphones.. Ive seen out phones beat out the 5s too. Iphone camera is overrated.

      • Rowan09

        Yes but it’s one of the best cameras on cellphones. I never said it was the best, I’m not sure what is since I’m not a photography guy.

      • I’d be best if it has OIS. In most real-life cases it is probably the best, but only when on a tripod in low-light.

  • Tony

    Good grief, this can’t be serious. They are going to release the same megapixels on the next phone. They better really enhance it somehow then. I was holding out for a much better camera and higher pixel rate.

  • Dante Arellano

    Dear apple you know than we want bigger screen cux we love watch video and other media on our iPhones is time of more and better plus like always ” just take our money and give to us a nice iphone”


    why apple stuck at 8MP :p anyways MP isn’t everything but it still important tho

  • JulianZH

    My super old nikon d40 6mp can kick any camera phone camera. Mp == quality picture. It’s the composition that count.

  • @dongiuj

    Great, more software “improvements” to go wrong and wait for numerous updates to try to correct the problem which will then create other problems which will then require more updates. Then the iPhone 6S will have the upgraded camera after apple have milked the consumer of even more money.

  • kelvis

    Apple will make the same shit and we are going to buy it, lol

  • ɑղժɾҽա

    I disapprove. At least go to 12.

  • OIS Please!!!!!!!!

  • Selfie

  • chris125

    Well rather than make it paper thin, keep it around 8 mm so you can fit all components and also stick a nice large battery in there.

  • So in other words, you’re saying people don’t need more MP. Neither do they need an iPhone for that matter, might as well trash all iPhones and return to dumb phones…we’re talking wants not needs.

    Most iPeople won’t use zoom until Apple shows it off, so far, Apple’s got nothing to show off about zoom, ’cause they can barely do it without loss of quality. Those that can do it (e.g. Nokia Lumia 1020 users), do it.

    • eXoguti093

      That’s pretty incorrect, remember it also depends on the lighting, I took an outside picture with my 4S about a year ago and it always looked extremely sharp, and its until now that I decided to zoom in that I could see how good I had taken it, sure I couldn’t zoom as much but it still looked really good, I’m not saying people don’t jeep more MP, just that 8 is the perfect amount, or at least the least acceptable amount, and apple being apple, I’m just they know what they’re doing, the people working on all that stuff, knowing what they want, they’re far smarter and I’m sure they know they don’t necessarily need more MP at them moment, maybe sometime in the future but it’s better to focus right now on making the image look a lot better before packing more pixels in it.

      And I have a friend with a 1020, I was looking for the way of shooting the 41MP pictures, I don’t know the UI very well, but they had no idea they were taking 5MP pics, I’m sure the people that’ll just get a phone ’cause it looks pretty or nice and not ’cause of what they have outnumber the ones who do, and I’m sure you you can walk around everywhere and ask people what exactly they’re using and they won’t know.

      • “8 perfect amount for the average person to say “Wow this phone takes good pictures””

        You’re just saying that ’cause that’s what Apple is stuck at for now. Years ago, people would have said the same about a 1MP photo, now that the technology has evolved, try showing them the same 1MP.

        “I’m sure apple knows what they’re doing, the people working on all that stuff I mean, they know what they want and what’s best”

        Yeah, they’re milking their loyal sheeps to the last drop. I can bet they’re just saving the upgrade for the 6s if they don’t make the upgrade in the 6. They’re making tiny spec-bumps to each component and calling it a new device. That’s capitalism and it seem that’s all Apple has been about under Tim Cooks lead. Either ways, I’m sure it’ll sell very well and probably make records in the US, that’s their backyard and that’s where majority of their loyal sheeps live.

        Personally, there has just not been enough tiny upgrades for me to consider moving from a freed 4S to a 5S, and iOS 7 is now lazy-fugly-flat and very repelling as the Windows Phone UI (that’s what made me never consider a Windows Phone). I’ll go give Android a try on the S5 while I wait for Apple to innovate…innovation takes time and competitive pressure.

      • eXoguti093

        You make a point, Apple does same those little bumps for future devices, ’cause when they do everyone is happy and everyone buys, that’s their way of making money and it’s a good one in my opinion since theres always something to do next, not like the S4 to S5 transition. And I guess I mean the perfect amount to regular people, the ones who don’t pay attention to specs but still expect something good.

  • razor11

    Plus I have a galaxy s4 and iphone 4S i use the 4S way more for photos like there are maybe 100 photos on my galaxy and 4,000 on my iPhone the iPhone makes a big difference i think that iPhone users take way more photos at the same time