iPad 4th gen

Apple may be planning to reintroduce the discontinued fourth-generation iPad alongside the 8GB iPhone 5c tomorrow, according to a new report from 9to5Mac. The site says that the iPad 4 could replace the current iPad 2 as Apple’s low-cost tablet option.

The 4th-gen iPad was originally launched in the fall of 2012, 6 months after the release of the iPad 3. It’s significantly more powerful than the iPad 2, with an A6X chip and 1 GB of memory, and it also includes a Retina display and the new Lightning connector…

Here’s 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman with the scoop:

” According to a source, shipments of Apple’s fourth-generation iPad with Retina display have been arriving at Apple Stores with notices to not open until tomorrow (images below). […]

We’re hearing the LTE 16GB model will cost $559, that’s $30 higher than the $529 price point of the current 3G iPad 2. We’re also hearing it is possible the entry-level iPad 4 will cost $449, which is $50 more than the iPad 2 of today.”

Gurman’s report lines up with info given to investors by KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo last month, which said Apple was going to be replacing the iPad 2 with the iPad 4 soon. The analyst pointed out that this would give Apple a full Retina/Lightning device lineup.

While the move makes sense on paper, I have to say that I remember the iPad 4 as being this thick, overweight device that I couldn’t hold in my hand for long periods of time. I can’t imagine opting for something like that over the iPad Air for the sake of saving $50.

In fact, Best Buy usually has the Air on sale for $450 or close to it.

What do you think about all of this?

  • Chuck Norris

    Maybe theyre trying to finally kill off the 30 pin, maybe theyll reintroduce the iPhone 5 tomorrow as well

    • Carlos Gomes

      I think you meant “iPhone 6”.

      • Chuck Norris

        I said reintroduce not introduce

      • Carlos Gomes

        I swear I read “introduce”.
        My bad.

      • Lady GAGA

        Then reread

      • Straightshoota

        Technically chuck the iPhone 5 is the sixth iphone,either way he had a point.

    • João Miguel Dordio

      I really doubt that. The rumor of apple restart the production of the iPhone 4 in India (which I think it’s plausible) won’t allow them to have 4 different iPhone models in production, the 4, 5, 5c and 5s.

      • Chuck Norris

        Makes sense

      • Lady GAGA

        Don’t forget the 4s

      • João Miguel Dordio

        I thought the 4s was already out of production.

      • leart

        Don’t forget the 4s

    • Ninja Banana

      Your an idiot, nigger.

  • Framboogle

    A product coming back from the dead? That’s something new for Apple.

    • Keabsy

      iPhone 4 in India.

      • Jason Baroni

        And in Brazil.

    • Raashid

      iPod touch 4th gen; returned from the dead in a significantly less appealing form (http://bit ly/1cTME1N) for just $70 less than the 5th gen version.

  • Virus

    Should have keep the 4th Gen iPad instead of the 2nd Gen when they released the iPad Air

  • João Miguel Dordio

    For me this makes perfect sense, the iPad 2 doesn’t have the pace to still be considered. In fact this is the best way for apple to build a full price range lineup with the best possible products. But I have to agree with Cody Lee, i would save up more $50 and buy the iPad Air. They either set the entry-level price to $399 or it will be for nothing.

  • disqus_gI40aFty0t

    Will it get ios9 ?

    • Jonathan

      *8. and no. As every year, wait until June.

  • Jonathan

    No one will buy the 8 GB…

    • smtp25

      yeah they will if cheap enough.. some people don’t have a stack of apps and just want a phone ‘that just works’

    • Ninja Banana

      I definetly would. 50 or 100 bucks cheaper and I’m in.

    • Rowan09

      It’s usually the free model that some companies offer, so it will sell.

  • Matt

    Oh my God lol at first when I glanced at the tile and I read, “Apple to reintroduce iPhone 4 alongside 8GB iPhone 5c tomorrow”
    I was like

    • moksh trehan

      miss read title lol

      • Matt

        lol yeah I was like – Uhm is Cook high or something?!?

  • Raashid

    They’ll probably remove the rear camera, just like the did with the 4th gen iPod Touch; discontinue it, reintroduce a less appealing version…Apple style.

    • moksh trehan

      probably as that would get people to buy higher models!

      • Raashid

        Exactly! That’s also what they did with the 5c…

    • leart

      You mean Ipod 5 gen, I have a 4th gen with both cameras, you don’t have any idea what your talking

      • Raashid

        You’re the misguided one here, consider improving on those English comprehension skills of yours. It was the 4th gen iPod touch that was replaced by this less appealing version (http://bit ly/1cTME1N ) with the same price tag…

      • Guest

        where did you see a ipod 4 gen without back camera?
        whats your point about learning english, you look a emigrant from india

      • leart

        yeah at least i am not a emigrant troll

  • Chris

    Get your wallets out, there is more technology we are obligated to buy with money we don’t have.

    Does anyone else think it’s weird that Apple is continuing to try and sell a failed product (the 5C), I’m pretty sure it did about as well as Facebook’s HTC disaster

    • Dani Hayes

      I think it did better than the HTC First. I’ve actually seen someone with a 5c. Hahaha.

  • n0ahcruz3

    Its about time they kill that old overpriced underpowered tablet. Apple is totally ripping off customers with the ipad 2 at $399 yikes

  • Rick Kreuk

    If the iPad 4 ships with iOS 6 I’ll buy one.

  • Svs

    I think this is a sign apple wont be giving ios 8 to the 2nd gen ipad

  • Henry Erik

    It’s no wonder so many people are jumping off the good ship Apple with all the minor changes to the over hyped iPhone 5 and the confusing re-introductions to the iPad. Are any of you veteran Apple users having déjà vu? Are we really going back to to the old pre Jobs days when the goof troop almost killed the goose?