iPad Air Home screen

Folks in the market for an iPad Air will be happy to hear that Apple is now offering refurbished versions of the late-model tablet in its web store. You can find them in the ‘Refurbished and Clearance’ section listed at the bottom of Apple’s online store landing page.

It looks like both 16GB and 32GB [Wi-Fi only] iPad Airs are available, in either Space Grey or White, with 3-5 day shipping estimates. And with the 16GB models starting at just $419—these are some of the lowest price we’ve seen on these tablets in recent months…

As noted by deal site 9to5Toys, Apple lists all storage models on its website, but selecting either the 64GB or 128GB Air returns the ‘Out of Stock’ message. So your only options right now, with supplies limited, are the 16GB for $419 or the 32GB model for $509.

ipad air refurb

Admittedly the term ‘refurbished’ is usually a red flag for consumers, but it’s worth noting that Apple’s program isn’s like what you see on eBay or at second-hand stores. Apple’s refurbished products come with a new back and battery and a full one year of AppleCare.

If you’d rather just buy your iPad new, it looks like Best Buy is still offering various Air models at a $50 discount.

  • Jeffrey

    i love refurbished devices, they’re just like brand new devices but then cheaper! unfortunately i live in the netherlands and apple doesnt offer a lot of refurbished devices here:(

    • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

      refurb’d apple side of the site doesn’t offer?

      • Jeffrey

        yup, kinda.. see the apple store does have a refurbished page but it only offers refurbished ipads and ipods. now (and most of the time) there are only 3 refurbisheds ipads for sale, of which one an ipad 1, and another an ipad 2 and no ipods at all

    • Same here, I love refurbished devices because they are cheaper and they are tested to work perfectly.

      • Jeffrey


  • Justice and Malice

    First off,
    Refurb apple is the only way to go. Secondly, from what I’ve seen, they replace the screen as well.

  • Justice and Malice

    And while I think about it, the fact that apple offers refurb ipad 2’s for 319 (16gb wifi) when you can get the same model in a sealed box for 299 at walmart and the sort is a bit ridiculous.

  • Guest

    Still an overpriced ARM tablet…

  • YS

    weird, I’m not seeing any iPad Air in their refurb page. Might be a DNS delay?

  • Carlos Pacheco

    Does refurbished devices have warranty too?

    • David Ten

      Yes, the full 1 year warranty

      • 2 years in some places, I believe. Like Europe.