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Rumor has it that Apple’s so-called iWatch will be capable of reading your blood pressure, heart rate and other vital signs. But you may not have to wait until its release to purchase such a device. Meet the ‘Wello,’ the all-in-one health-tracking iPhone case.

The Wello has built-in sensors that can give you a picture of your overall health after holding it for just a few seconds. It measures heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, and blood oxygen levels—and can even test your lung function via a small attachment…

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Engadget recently went hands-on with a prototype of the device:

“Designed to be both fast and simple to use, the prototype we tried out this week was ultra-light, and thinner than the Speck case on one of our iPhones. Readings are done with your hands in a comfortable position, and the health tracker was able to return our vital signs as well as a fancy ECG graph of our heart in just a few seconds. Out of the box, you’ll be able to pair it with your Wi-Fi scale and fitness tracker, so you can keep an overall picture of your health in the same place. Over time, additional add-ons could become available for the case to test for other things like glucose. Everything you track can be viewed on a daily, weekly, or monthly scale so you can see at a glance if your health starts to change.”

The technology being used here is very impressive, and extremely relevant right now. Intel just acquired health-tracking-startup Basis, Samsung is adding heart rate sensors to anything it can, and Apple is hiring doctors, scientists and other medical experts.

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The Wello is currently pending FDA approval, but when it ships it will support the iPhone 4s, 5 and 5s with a price tag of $199. Pre-orders start today in the US, Canada and other countries, and early buyers can earn $10 for each person they can get to pre-order.

  • “The Wello is currently pending FDA approval..”

    That right there is why I do not think Apple will release any sort of medical device. Medical devices must be approved by the FDA. It can take anywhere form 5 or more years to get a device approved. Software updates to the device would also require FDA approval. Can you imagine Apple tying itself to an FDA review cycle for product releases?

    • And licence costs are much higher for medical software too (at least in Germany).

  • Jason Baroni

    I don’t get why these cases don’t have the complete lay on the table design… The edges of the 5/s are too fragile and some cases design are kinda pointless as I see.

  • Guest

    But but, I thought Apple fanboys were say those are useless features in the GS4/GS5 S-Health app? Now they interested in a sperate case for those features? Such Apple-like hypocrites…

    • Jason Baroni

      Yes, once we all know that Apple has been working on Health features for their devices for such a long time. BTW, what cool features the S5 Band-Aid brings? Water and dust resistence? Cardiac progress? WOW. That really sounds like a Game Change.

    • redjazon

      Is Wello an Apple company? i didn’t know that.

    • Rowan09

      Ummm. The S5 heart monitor is on the back which means you need to continuously touch the back to get your reading. A over the chest monitor or something using Bluetooth would be better instead of constantly touching the phone. Good for Samsung for putting the monitor on the phone but unless your taking your resting heart rate, it’s not that useful. As stated below by @redjazon, Apple doesn’t make the case.

    • Cameron Chao

      This is a 3rd party case, by Wello. Not Apple, please dont come here and make a stupid comment like this.

  • Hubert Savelberg

    I use iHealth blood pressure measurement instrument since a year, the results are put in the iOS app, and I can export it to email or excel to present to my doctor. Bought the instrument in the apple store in 2013…