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The highly-anticipated iOS 7.1 update could be landing any day now, according to a new report by Daring Fireball’s John Gruber. The long-time Apple speculator and dot-connector has in the past proven to have knowledgeable sources that work inside the company.

Gruber says that a ‘little birdie’ has informed him that the app for Apple’s upcoming iTunes Festival at SXSW in Austin, which will be used for providing information and streaming live performances, will require iOS 7.1. Thus the update should ship any day now…

From Daring Fireball:

“Apple’s first iTunes Festival in the U.S. starts a week from today at SXSW in Austin. Apple is going to stream the performances to iOS devices using an app, but I’ve heard from a little birdie that the app requires iOS 7.1 (which explains why the app isn’t out yet). That means iOS 7.1 should ship any day now.”

Gruber’s information matches up with previous reports which claimed that Apple would release iOS 7.1 sometime around mid-March. The firmware has been in testing since back in November, and is now in its fifth developer beta—which was released in early February.

It also lines up with the recent debut of Apple’s CarPlay platform. We had long anticipated Apple’s vehicle integration project to launch alongside iOS 7.1, and according to the company’s press release, CarPlay will be available soon for compatible iPhones via an iOS update.

As for 7.1, the update includes a number of tweaks such as revamped keyboard keys, new UI for the Phone dialer and Power Off screen, and refined icons for Phone, FaceTime, and Messages apps. It also features several bug fixes and reliability/performance improvements.

And as for the SXSW iTunes Festival, it’s to be Apple’s first held in the US. It kicks off on March 11 and will include performances by Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, Soundgarden, Kendrick Lamar and many other A-list bands and musicians.

  • Justice and Malice

    Yeah. JB or no thanks

    • Shawn

      This update is big enough for me to say goodbye to jailbreak

      • Lady GAGA

        I read this news in BGR site mints ago , and daaamn the comments section is more like a battle field

      • chris125

        Those comments on BGR are crazy. any apple/samsung article it turns into a war zone over there

      • Lady GAGA

        That’s fun ,, and commenters seem to have hate for BGR bloggers ( for bad quality articles ) … Unlike IDB where only love for them

      • John

        Wow. This is surprising.
        Your comment is almost 25 minutes old, you have seven up votes and ZERO down votes.

        Just curious… What is it about this update that has tempted you to say goodbye to jailbreaking?

      • Lady GAGA

        Turbo speed

      • Carlos Gomes

        If you have an iPad 3, this update is really, really awesome. Things get really smooth.

      • John

        HOWEVER if you have an iPad Air, shit be crashing cooooooooonstantly.

      • Carlos Gomes

        I’ve no idea about that, I only have an iPad 3.

      • deepdvd

        He probably has many downvotes. Disqus removed the counter. So stupid.

      • Marcus

        How do you know he doesn’t have down votes? I just down voted that lol

      • Palmer Paul

        The counter is net up votes and down votes, not just up votes.

      • John

        Since when? It’s NEVER been counted like this before.

      • Palmer Paul

        Well obviously your statement is false if it’s being counted like this right now… 😛

      • blastingbigairs

        And doesn’t that seem odd to you? I don’t see any down votes on IDB anymore? Something’s up.

      • Litchy

        Are the changes in speed magnificent on a iPhone 5? That a iPhone 4(S) or iPad 3 user will take any speed boost is understandable of course.

      • Shawn

        Its speed and stability. You will feel the speed from improved animations and some buffers but the overall system is much more stable. I have a 5s on 7.1 and another on 7.0.6 (nonjailbroken) and the number of crashes and crash reports on the 7.0.6 one heavily outnumbers the one with 7.1 which has about 3 crashes in 3 weeks. Both iPhones are setup completely the same as well.

        Also with an update like this its best to start clean.

      • Litchy

        Nice, thanks for the information 🙂
        I’ll think about it

      • blastingbigairs

        No thanks, TetherMe and MovieBox is more valuable to me than anything Apple can release in 7.1. Pass!!!!

      • Shawn

        Right. I forget people don’t have tethering nativly. And piracy… You make jailbreakers look good…

      • blastingbigairs

        I’m sorry Mary Poppins, us BIG BAD Jailbreakers didn’t mean to get you all flustered and scared. Dude, don’t be lame please, this is a pro-jailbreak blog and always will be.

      • Shawn

        Its a pro jailbreak site. Not a pro piracy site. I’m all for jail breaking. Not piracy.

    • Dany Quirion

      too bad for you… 7.1 make your iphone runs alot smoother

  • Simche Apple Konstantinovic

    Excellent, every current owner of an iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch on iOS 7.0-7.0.6 will increase in value if jailbroken 😀

  • Litchy

    As soon as Apple lets third party car interfaces use CarPlay I’ll update to 7.1 without looking back 😀

    Until then I’ll stick with my Jailbreak

    • Maxim∑

      carplay works on top of the OEM OS preinstalled in the car. Im wondering if the iPhone is actually just going into a car mode and displaying it on the cars display using its own resources or if its actually an OS that’s installed on the car

      • Litchy

        Never thought about that. If the iPhone just kind of streams its OS to the cars display that would make it a lot easier for third party interfaces I guess.
        Hm.. we’ll see

      • Rowan09

        It seems as if it’s just a mirror, just like when you have a radio with iTunes support. I don’t believe manufacturers are replacing their cars with Carplay it appears to be an added bonus for IOS users.

      • Palmer Paul

        Based on the videos I have seen, it appears to be that the car’s OS pulls the information/data from the iPhone (i.e. contacts, music, etc.) and uses its cellular data for various actions, as opposed to just putting the iPhone into “CarPlay mode” and mirroring the iPhone’s screen.

  • Prasoon Singh

    I hope iOS 7.1 won’t come out this week. I’m getting my iPhone 5 replaced this Saturday and I want it to be on 7.0.6 so I can jailbreak it.

    • ConduciveMammal

      I don’t think any iPhones that are already in stock will come with 7.1 pre-installed. I’d imagine that would only happen for iPhones that are manufactured post-7.1 release

      • pegger1

        But they probably won’t come with 7.0.6 either. So he’ll be stuck with pre 7.0.6 with the security bug but jailbreakable or update to 7.1 that patches the security bug and the jailbreak.

      • iThinkergoiMac

        That doesn’t matter, since there’s a jailbreak tweak that fixes the security hole.

      • Vallemanden

        Whats the name of that tweak?

      • Palmer Paul

        SSLPatch by Ryan Petrich in the BigBoss repo.

      • guest222

        i got a 5S on sunday and it came with 7.0.4 and updated it to 7.0.6

    • Mago

      Hust dont let the apple people update it to the new os i had an iphone 5 replace like a month ago and it came with ios 6 they try to update it and i was like no!! And so I kept it on ios 6!!

    • Research Rants

      Ditto, my 5S comes tomorrow; finally upgrading from my trusty-yet-cracked 4S.

      • Trini

        Same here, can’t wait. ordered it yesterday when i heard that 7.1 is coming out soon. i need a JB iPhone

  • Prasoon Singh

    Wait a second. What about GM?

    • iBanks

      It’s an update, not an new release

      • Carlos Gomes

        Yeah, but before the official release there’s – almost – always a GM version. If the official one is almost out, the GM should be already out there.

  • PiraCee

    Jailbreak or not. If you have an iPhone 4, 7.1 will make it usable again.
    Potentially worth losing jailbreak for if that’s your device.

    • Nick

      Why are you saying that? iPhone 4 is really slow running on ios7 right now… How do you know 7.1 will make it usable again?

      • iThinkergoiMac

        The betas make it faster, so it’s almost certain that the final version will as well.

    • hush

      Actually if you are a jailbreak guy with an iPhone 4 on iOS7 you most probably have some saved SHSH blobs on Cydia servers so there is a way going back to iOS 6 using iFaith. I love the way iOS 7 looks but also love the way iOS 6 works. Some people with iPhone 4 are skipping those 7.0.x updates and will eventually try 7.1. Until 7.1 is out iPhone 4 is still a usable device for users who know and have experience with jailbreak.
      What I’m saying is that your argument is not a 100% valid.

      • PiraCee

        While it’s cool you brought iOS 6 into a thread about iOS 7 i think you missed the point.
        Not ever iPhone 4 has SHSH blobs do they. It depends if the user ever jailbroke or used TinyUmbrella etc.

        Clearly i was talking about iOS 7 – 7.0.6 on the iPhone 4 regardless if you can downgrade or not.

        Since you mentioned people skipping iOS 7 until 7.1 you do understand by point. Guess you had a lil brain fart eh?

      • hush

        non sense

  • Steve

    Give it to me!
    I’m sick of those crashings!

  • Matt

    Thanks but… No thanks. My jailbreakk is far more precious than a few bug fixes.

    • Stan

      Especially since ISX7 has been released!

    • blastingbigairs

      YES!!!! And any smart JBer knows iCleaner keeps you bug free anyway. FTW!!!

      • Matt

        Advice of the day right there

  • RarestName

    Funny how I’m more interested in going from 7.0.6 to 7.1 than from 6.1.2 to 7.0.

  • 4p0c4lyps3

    Funny to me all this instability and crash talk. I’ve been on every ios7 version and been jailbroken and have had mayb 3 total crashes. Currently have my my 5s jailbroken on 7.0.6 and have had zero issues or crashes. Wld literally have to pry my jailbroken 5s from my cold dead hands to update to 7.1. Running around 30 tweaks. Update… Pffff.

    • Palmer Paul

      Crashes aren’t caused by the jailbreak, they’re caused by the user. Like anything else, you need to use your brain a little bit; if you don’t, you are bound to install malicious/incompatible software that will cause crashes and slow down your phone. I’ve had the same experience as you… I have about 20 tweaks and a theme right now (on iOS 6 I probably had 50 tweaks running at once), and I rarely experience a crash.

      A good place to start: Just don’t pirate. It really isn’t worth it. First of all, you should be supporting the developer for their hard work ($2 for a tweak isn’t that much if you’re going to be using it daily), and these guys need to pay the rent. If that’s not enough of a motivator, you should realize that pirated packages tend to cause crashes due to them not being updated frequently (these updates usually patch bugs), as well as due to malicious code being added to them after they’re cracked (code that can be constantly running in the background slowing down your device). And that’s if your lucky. In certain cases, phones have been permanently damaged or bricked due to piracy.

      I guarantee you that if you use your brain and don’t pirate, your iDevice will run as smooth as stock iOS.

      • Kenrick Fernandes

        Really? How did you come to the conclusion that he didn’t use his brain and installs pirated tweaks? Hate when people assume the worst.

      • Palmer Paul

        I was not talking about @4p0c4lyps3:disqus in specific, in fact I was commending him for using his brains and not pirating, because he doesn’t experience crashes.

        In general though, a lot of people (I’m by no means saying everyone, or even a majority) experience problems with their jailbreak because of piracy and lack of sense. I help people fix their devices on jailbreakqa (dot) com and on the Freenode IRC channel #jailbreakqa, and nearly every time piracy is the cause of overall slowness and crashes. The first question that I ask when I start helping someone is for a list of all the packages and repositories on that persons phone. Sure enough, xSellize or SiNfuL show up. The problem is then easily solved by the person doing a clean restore (even if you uninstall pirated packages, the malicious parts of them can be stored in your iTunes backup). Piracy is a serious problem in the jailbreak community. Additionally, many people end up inadvertently uninstalling Cydia (yes, it’s possible), which is incredibly difficult to achieve unless you don’t use your brain.

  • Jonathan

    I wonder if I should restore before just to help get rid of the change of a possible force restore to 7.1.

  • oralarts

    I don’t understand the need for an update in order to stream the iTunes Festival performances. The present version of the app streamed just fine this past September, even before iOS 7 was released.

    It doesn’t take a “little birdie” to guess that 7.1 is due any day now.

  • Donovan

    Hmm, its a big update, but i like my jailbreak too. What should I do? I mean, Auxo 2 is on its way..

  • HamptonWalley

    Will it speed up the good old Iphone 4 too?

    • jeldos

      Yes.. The speed in beta version is fine..

  • kahlil velayo

    I’ll pass. Thank You.

  • Billy Lee Sommerville

    funny how non apple owners or non jailbreaks come on this blog and chat bubbles think you don’t understand the meaning of jailbreaking we don’t all pirate you no

  • Marcel Herba

    How can i save SHSH. TinyUbrella is not working 🙁