Intelliborn’s IntelliScreenX has been around for a few years now, and it continues its reign as one of the most popular jailbreak releases of all time. Even if you have beef with the way IntelliBorn goes about updating its Cydia releases, slowly trickling out nuggets of information, there’s simply no denying that it creates jailbreak apps more ambitious than only the most talented of jailbreak developers.

Even more so than iOS 6, iOS 7 was a radical departure from the status quo, and because of that, jailbreak developers have had to go back to the drawing board so to speak. Intelliborn hasn’t been exempt from this problem.

After months or retooling and remixing, and after what has essentially been a build from scratch, IntelliScreenX 7 is finally amongst the living. In fact, we have a beta copy of the highly anticipated release in our hands right now, and we’d love to show it to you.

This latest version of IntelliScreenX is not only a rethinking of the app, it brings a fresh new feature to the table as well. Check inside for our full hands-on video walkthrough of IntelliScreenX 7…

If you’ve ever used any prior version of IntelliScreenX (ISX hereafter), then the ISX 7 experience will be largely familiar to you. ISX is primarily a Lock screen and Notification Center utility that allows you to manage Twitter, Mail, Facebook, RSS feeds, and more. Your Lock screen becomes a central hub for your most pressing information, and it goes beyond passive interaction.

After installing ISX 7, you’ll find two new preference panels within the stock Settings app. The settings for ISX 7 largely revolve around customizing the pages that appear within the Lock screen and Notification Center. There are also options to set the Lock screen dim delay, refresh rate for the information ticker, and lock screen blur and tint settings.

ISX Settings

Many of the settings are intimately familiar to longtime ISX users

As with previous versions of ISX, the Messages+ package has been included free of charge. Messages+, which is a standalone Messages app add-on, integrates seamlessly with ISX 7 to allow you to quickly reply to incoming messages and compose new messages. You can compose new messages in three ways: using a button in the bottom left-hand corner of the Lock screen or Notification Center, or by means of an Activator gesture.

Messages Plus 7

Messages+ quick reply

Messages+ is nowhere near as full featured as a standalone jailbreak Messages app like biteSMS, but it’s good enough if all you want is quick reply and quick compose features. By itself, it would be difficult to recommend over biteSMS, but since it’s thrown in for “free” with ISX 7, it’s not a bad value.

Messages Plus Settings

Messages+ features its own preference panel in the Settings app

ISX 7 would largely feel like an iOS 7 port of the previous version of ISX if it wasn’t for a sparkling new feature called Slide. Slide is a new built-in app switching interface that allows you to multitask using gestures. By sliding down from the upper left hand corner of the screen, or by invoking an Activator gesture, you’ll reveal a vertical bar populated with recently used app icons. Sliding those app icons from left to right reveals a drawer containing a full preview of the app.

ISX 7 Slide

Slide can be accessed from anywhere

The great thing about Slide is that you can interface with the app as you slide it. You can, of course, fully extend the application to take up the full screen, which makes the app reside over the top of the content beneath it. Once you are finished interfacing with the app, you can press the Home button to hide it and resume your previous activity.

There are a couple of settings dedicated exclusively to Slide in ISX 7’s preferences. For starters, Slide can be disabled outright while on the Lock screen. You also have the ability to establish whitelisted apps that can be viewed even while a passcode is set.

ISX Slide

Slide’s settings in ISX’s preferences

While I thoroughly enjoy Slide, I must admit that I’ve never been a major fan of the Mail, Facebook or RSS feed sections found in ISX 7. For me, having these features enabled results in information overload. That being said, I do love the idea of having my Twitter timeline right on my Lock screen. I love that I can quickly  view my mentions, and I delight in the ability to send tweets directly from the Lock screen or Notification Center.

ISX 7 Twitter NC

The Twitter timeline feature is my favorite thing about ISX

Even if you’re like me, and you don’t enjoy all of what ISX 7 has to offer, there’s probably something that the app does right to make it worth your time. It could be the Twitter features, perhaps the stock-ticker inspired information box found at the top of the interface, or maybe even the weather forecast. Or, perhaps it’s the new Slide multitasking bar—the flagship new feature found in ISX 7. Whatever the case may be, there’s bound to be something you’ll find worthwhile in ISX 7, and for that reason, I can recommend that you give this uber-ambitious jailbreak release a spin.

Note: ISX 7 is now available on Cydia’s ModMyi repo. If you’re an ISX 6 user, then ISX 7 is a free download. There is a $4.99 upgrade cost for previous owners of ISX and $7.99 for previous owners of the original IntelliScreen. ISX 7 comes with a free 3-day trial. In the meantime, let me know what you think about IntelliScreenX 7 in the comment section down below.

  • solidsephiroth

    ISX7 looks good but…..

    1. It doesn’t play nice with BiteSMS (hope this is fixed soon.)
    2. Messages+ is bundled with it (I’m not interested)
    3. I’m not interested in Slide either.
    4. The dim delay doesn’t seem to be working right for me. I put it at at 10 seconds and it stay for longer.

    I already uninstalled it. I’ll see if they make it better later.

    • Leviscus Tempris

      I wish it was longer than 90 sec Max. Wish them just leave it alone. They overrides my other tweak for lockscreen extender time.

  • [RΞCØИ1]

    Anyone else having an issue when respringing where the biteSMS QC pops up?

    • asmit238

      Yes I have been having that issue.. haven’t figured it out yet.

  • Ace Vin

    why I really cant open slide?

  • Anthony Lara

    Intelliscreenx 7 is now available! Get your copy now!

  • czarczarczar

    Is there any way to NOT show a preview of your message on the lockscreen ? Like I just want it to show the persons name and iMessage .

    I went to my Notifications Center settings and turned off show preview but it still shows preview . Does anyone know how to make it now show a preview of the text message I receive ?

  • Lady GAGA

    Using apple’s live chat service , I’ve spoken to an apple employ , he couldn’t tell me about the iphone 6 but I think he gave me a hint about the release date .. What’s your think ?

    • Pukka12

      Means nothing. Apple support won’t have any knowledge on release date’s or upcoming products until the day apple has the press conferance.

      Source: I work at a telecom company and am very familiar with product launches and policies regarding secrecy.

      • Lady GAGA

        It’s apple , there is a lot of buzz around it , he might know something

      • Jeffrey

        no he doesn’t, hes just a guy like you trying to get a job, he’s the lowest of the lowest in apple and apple would never tell thousands of apple employees when it’s going to be released or specs because it would leak in no time… think for once man…

      • Lady GAGA

        What man could name himself lady gaga …, I’m a GIRL

      • Jeffrey

        firstable, with think for once man, i didnt really mean ‘man’. secondable, there are men who name themselves lady gaga just for fun

      • Lady GAGA

        Gay people are garbage

      • Larry Morgan

        You are one ignorant bitch!

      • SimonReidy

        That’s not how Apple works. They have secret, separate teams working on different parts of Apple devices until it goes into production.

        When a new iPhone design has been finalised, and they start manufacturing it, that’s when you’ll see product leaks and confirmed info about a larger screen etc.

        The Apple employee is telling the truth that no low-level employee knows anything about future products until the official announcement.

  • Does this work with forecast?

    • Leviscus Tempris

      Forecast is awesome! I have them both on my phone I’ve had to disable it on the lock screen as you have to slide past the lock pages of you to get to the switcher which always default to the RSS feed for some reason. They said in a future update don’t make it to where remembers webpage you select for the lock screen. Also the forecast bottom left text overlaps any of the ISX pages. It depends on what you like I would experiment with it if I were you. At this moment in time you can either have the queen forecast page for you for your first to lock screen page, or you can disable the text and have the ISX pages show. The only issue with this tweak is going to install it there is no more notification Center on your lock screen. You must use ISX or nothing else on lock screen. Also if you have this tweak you must enter in a passcode every single time you turn on your screen, regardless of what your native settings are. In my opinion they shouldn’t have messed with any of that but they did. Also regardless of how much time you spend actually working on your lock screen the screen is forced to Dan and set time no matter what you said it to you or if you have tweaked text in the lock screen timer. This also seems to be in effect regardless if you have to tweak enabled on the lock screen or not. As far as the notification Center in general goes they did a great job, but in the lock screen they screwed a lot of stuff up. There’s room for improvement and I think they did a great job overall but like I said the lock screen for me it’s a very touchy place to start modifying and if not done right it shouldn’t be done at all. Simply put if everyone else can get to it I’m not happy.

      • becoolyolanda

        Thanks Leviscus for all the details – I couldnt understand not respecting the system passcode lock duration – huge fail. Half-baked. And I need to pay &10 for every device… ?

      • Leviscus Tempris

        I certainly hope not! The dev has it up as a free upgrade with no extra charge for previous owners. Though standalone I suppose its nice, but alongside all my other tweaks there’s no use for it. If they came our first day I’m sure it wouldn’t have been this way, but they were a bit too late to get so many users as they probably wanted.

  • Rasmus Halvarsson

    Slide doesn´t work for me. Both at LS and in NC, all it does is launching the quick compose for messages, doesnt matter what i press or “drag”. Anyone else?

    • Eddie Hines

      me too…I uninstalled bitesms to fix it. seems that Intelliborn did that on purpose so people would uninstall bitesms 😉

      • PoleGirl

        I’ll remove is7 before bitesms.

      • Eddie Hines

        They fixed it, although quick reply keeps coming up after each respring

  • Giel Konink

    I come all the time in safe mode, is there a quick way to turn out just like SBSetting tweaks temporarily

    • Mike M. Powell

      iCleaner Pro

  • mwpitt52

    Installed then removed. Prefer the combination of CalendarForLockscreen – Forecast-BiteSMS.

    • Leviscus Tempris

      Never heard of calendar for a lock screen, I’m going to check that out now as I have the other two and love them very much in combination with each other. I have Callbar set to be slide to the left on status bar and bite SMS towards the right slide on status bar, very convenient combination there too!

  • Nice stuff, still prefer LockInfo…

  • Rasmus Halvarsson

    sticking with subtlelock, forecast and bitesms… until we see a stable version…

    • Leviscus Tempris

      Great combo glad I’m not alone!

  • Fevostone

    I’ll just stick with message+ don’t need all that going on battery killer and I’ll just going to my apps to look..??

  • Eni

    please remove those ads down the articles, leve those up bot those down are very anoyind when you read an article. i understand you ned to have ads for the webpage maintenance but those down just make it wors :/

  • Kenneth Plas


  • Ariel

    Tried it, very nice design and execution, but 90% of these features are useless for me, so uninstalled.
    Good thing theres a trial!

  • erikakerlund

    I can’t find the beta on Cydia! Is there a special repo for this? I can only find intelliscreenx 6. Please help!

  • obada

    you must have NoGrabber installed with IntelliScreenX 7

  • Arpeggio Sa

    problem with bitesms…please fix…

    • Eddie Hines

      its fixed with latest update

  • jacob wolin

    It was free

  • Rot Kelfer

    $10? You have got to be kidding me.

  • Joshua

    Don’t have JellyLock installed if you are going to use this. The sliding on this overrides the sliding on JellyLock and you won’t be able to get into your phone. Pretty sure my phone is bricked now.

    • 2008crna

      I don’t know about Jelly Lock but Android XT has the same problem. I was locked out of my phone but fortunately could tweet Jeff @ iDownloadblog and he was kind enough to answer (even when he didn’t know me). Reboot your phone and put it in safe mode. I don’t have the link that he had the article to at hand but basically you reboot (home + Power button until apple logo) or power down and restart then hold the volume UP button until boot is complete. This will let you get in and you can uninstall IntelliscreenX or the custom unlock screen. shouldn’t be bricked unless you did something to it.

  • Justin rulton

    for some reason when I installed ISX7 on my iPhone5 this morning, and the subsequent update this afternoon, everything’s been okay including the now-fixed BiteSMS problem. Having also installed the updated version on my 5S it just will not work with BiteSMS at all, just constantly crashes to Safe Mode, so have uninstalled ISX for now. Hopefully that’ll be fixed asap…

    • Justin rulton

      …seems like the problem was with Forecast in the end; uninstalled it, then installed ISX, then reinstalled Forecast and all seems fine now. Pity I can’t get any camera / video to work when opening it with the Slide… and those old collapsable sections returning, as well as not having to constantly enter my passcode on each unlock, would be welcome too but I suppose beta is beta…

  • Sadly ended up taking it off for now; seemed to kill RocketLauncher. I’ll wait till they sort out the bugs. Overkill for now.

  • TonyVee73

    I really wish the Lock screen has an option for a pull down NC. I really dislike just having it all on the Lock Screen as default.

    Also, it doesn’t play well on an iPhone 4.

  • Micaiah Martin

    Ok so I found a weird bug. I installed this tweak. And figured I didn’t like how much overkill it is. So I went to uninstall it. Once I resprung after uninstall it was still fully functioning. Only difference was is that now it’s saying it fully licensed. I tried to uninstall it again but when I go to cydia it says it’s not installed. Any help?

  • Marcus

    Didn’t realize that. However, I still don’t plan on updating it to 7.1b3.

    • Andrew

      LOL Apple stopped signing beta 3 anyways…

  • Sergio Dominguez

    I installed ISX7 and suddenly mail and safari crash, unistall it and still the same problem, sage mode and still. Funny thing this is with my 5s and with ipad mini everything is ok.
    Please help me!!

    • Andre Williams

      Use iFile to navigate to /var/mobile/Library/Caches and locate and, and delete both files.

      If that doesn’t do it, delete AppSync for iOS 7 in your cydia.

  • Thiago Vaccaro

    10 dollars? No thank you

  • Eni

    is this “later” enough? :p thanks

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    Crash into safe mode everything. Endless respiring loops. Running iOS 7.0.4, latest jailbreak

    • Remove Rocket Launcher if you have it

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        Do you mean RocketBootstrap?

      • Leviscus Tempris

        No they mean rocket launcher – a tweak to touch and hold open space on lockscreen page to show 6 recently ran apps to open quickly.

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        I don’t have rocket launcher installed.

  • Lemerio P.

    The new IntelliscreenX is great but just wish it had the collapsible sections like the previous version. Also it would be ideal if the slide feature had the ability to set specific shortcuts and didn’t actually only have a one slide down animation but could be customized from a specific direction. It feels weird if u don’t have an activator action that matches the animation.

    • Leviscus Tempris

      Hope they do that! Same opinion here!

  • Latest version seems to be working much better. Wouldn’t mind more font size control.

  • iPT MSTR

    off topic but Jeff can u plz do a review on iDynamic?

  • loftus

    Does the new IntelliScreenX 7 have the great feature of the old
    intelliAlerts in Intelliscreen for missed calls/texts alert sound

  • NewsTrunk

    Amazing features in new IntelliscreenX7 as compared to old and work much better.

  • Jorge O Aguirre Tapia

    I tell a sad history:

    I am very excited about new IntelliscreenX, and go to download it, @intelliborn say is beta and they have hard work, and reports are appreciated and atendend

    I find nice functionality in there and is beta some issues too, its okay, I consider upgrade.

    An issue decide to report: I have a integration issue with other tweak “Android Lock, XT” when Intelliscreen is active can enter the my password, I deactivate for continue testing and say to me:

    “its okay go to tweeter and report” ,

    JorgeAT ‏@_jorgeat Mar 3

    @intelliborn Is important make it compatible with lock unlock modifiers, like Andoid Lock XP, thanks a lot

    and a second tweet

    @intelliborn Can tell if you have plans to support AndroidLock ? Past tweet don’t have an answer

    I expect two answers:

    a) “Maybe support this later” , its okay a lot of work or if I get luck

    b) “Yes support is in the way” 🙂

    I never expected this:

    Intelliborn ‏@intelliborn 23h

    @_jorgeat Sent them an email – are they on twitter?

    This tell me lack of customer support, yes I am a customer of original intelliscreen but they dont want returning customers

  • loftus

    Does the new IntelliScreenX 7 have the great feature of the old
    intelliAlerts in the original Intelliscreen for missed calls/texts alert sound

  • Jonathan

    Nice and legendary tweak but i think that the ncc is too much with ISX7. Keep it need and sophisticated.

  • Dare

    Everytime I install this it reboots me into this safe mode cycle. I remove IS7 and then everything is ok. Any ideas or suggestions?

  • Carsen Vaughn

    Does intelliscreenx 7 not work with iOs 7.0.6?

  • MS

    What about calendar info (most important info for this kind of tweak IMHO)?

  • OmeletteDuFromage

    How do i delete messages+ ? I like bitesms way better but every time i tap a message to quick reply it just opens bitesms quick compose.

  • Senghuo LY

    i have removed intelliscreenx 7 in cydia, but it still on springboard.Please help me

  • rez

    Am I missing something? I can’t seem to get the notification bars
    (email, messages etc.) to be transparent. They are just black. Also – it
    would be a lot cleaner if I could get the bars to be at the bottom of
    the screen. Are they moveable at all?

    Lastly – I really want to shrink the font size down a bit?!

    Thanks – rez

  • Felix Kolmaš

    advise anyone know where I can find these texts in the (intelliscreenx message+) filesystem?