ClassicBadges Dock

Do you hate the look of the app badges in iOS 7? Would you prefer to use the app badges present in iOS 6? If so, ClassicBadges is a new jailbreak tweak that allows you to do just that.

While ClassicBadges is a standalone tweak, it does rely on some help from WinterBoard to get the font and spacing of the old-school inspired badges to look just right. As we always like to do, we’ve put the tweak through its paces in a hands-on video walkthrough. Check inside for all of the details.

Once you install ClassicBadges, you’ll need to go into WinterBoard’s preferences to fully enable the look of the tweak. There, you should find a ClassicBadges theme that you’ll need to select. You must respring after enabling the ClassicBadges theme in WinterBoard.

ClassicBadges WinterBoard

Now that you have the tweak and theme enabled, your app badges should promote a definite sense of nostalgia. The app badges that appear courtesy of ClassicBadges look extremely similar to the app badges in pre-iOS 7 firmware.


If you’re using other classic themes or elements, then ClassicBadges is the perfect way to help finish off the look. You can find ClassicBadges on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. It’s developed by CoolStar and sharedRoutine, and they’ve made the tweak available for free to the public.

Please share your thoughts and comments about ClassicBadges in the comment section below.

  • Merman123


    • Jonathan

      For those who updated to iOS 7 and regretted it, so they want to get the feel of iOS 6 back as much as possible.

      • hkgsulphate

        I don’t think anyone would regret since there is a jb

      • Jonathan

        THere’s a jailbreak for iOS 6 too..

      • Cona

        Really? Cabeçudo idiota filho da puta burro!

      • leart

        You are describing your self I guess

      • Jonathan

        I wish I didn’t translate that.

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        I don’t speak Spanish so I’m just going to assume you called him an idiot bitch borrito

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        It ain’t Spanish.

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        Not only are Portuguese and Spanish nearly identical languages, the language used was quite irrelevant to my comment. Make sure you run this comment through a translator though, I wrote it in British English.

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  • Jason Baroni

    These badges were ugly!

  • hkgsulphate


  • Jonathan

    You’ve been asked this a thousand times, but may I have the wallpaper please? I absolutely love it.

  • Mescudi

    Omg! I just asked in your previous post how I can get this, I know this post isn’t specifically for me, but THANK YOU.

    • I saw your post, and decided to expedite this post just for you.

      • Mescudi

        Thanks Brov 🙂

  • Dan

    as mentionned, could be nice with a theme that resembles IOS 6. As is with IOS 7, does not look that good.

  • JS3

    ios 6 badges were the worst IMO… sorry but this is a pass for sure!