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Apple has added another new channel to the Apple TV this morning for customers in Sweden. It’s called TV 4 Play, and it’s a streaming channel for the major Swedish television network TV 4 and it features both live and on-demand content.

That content includes live broadcasting, original programming, and full episodes of TV4 shows. Most of the content is available for free, but the network says that premium (paid) subscribers will have access to additional shows and movies…

Here’s the announcement from TV4 via (MacRumors):

With ‘TV4 Play’ on Apple TV, full episodes of current TV4 Group shows are available to watch for up to 7 days after their original air date. ‘TV4 Play Premium’ subscribers in Sweden can access an extensive library of additional content with most current and previously aired episodes available for a longer time period. The ‘TV4 Play’ experience on Apple TV also includes play queue support, easy access to a personalised list of favourite shows, and a “resume play” option allowing viewers to pick up watching an episode right where they left off. Select shows are available in HD only through ‘TV4 Play’ on Apple TV, with the number of available HD shows expected to increase rapidly over the coming months.

In addition to the TV4 Play, there are several other various other country-specific channels for the Apple TV, there’s Sky Sports in the United Kingdom, Watchever in Germany, CANALPLAY in France, and ABC for ATV users in the United States.

Apple is rumored to be working on a deal with Time Warner Cable that would bring a cable TV-sized channel lineup to the set-top box, but we have yet to hear anything official. It’s also believed to be working on an update to Apple TV hardware.

  • Burge

    TV4 Play.. Sound like a porn channel to me..

    • s4k71


    • JomanJi

      It’s TV 4 = Television 4 WTF It’s a news channel, NOT a porn channel!

      • Burge

        It’s TV4 Play.. You might need to reread it.. And yes i know its not a porn channel.. Its called FUNNY but that must be way over you..

      • JomanJi

        Oh, I’m swedish & used to it, that’s why I didn’t get it 😉

  • s4k71

    My Apple TV waiting for JAILBROKEN

    • Burge

      If your talking apple tv3 that is not happening. At the moment know one is working on it. Or know one has said there working on it.

      • Ted Forbes

        Newly discovered iBoot exploit makes A5(X) devices jailbreakable for life
        By Cody Lee, Feb 1, 2014

      • Jonathan

        As noted in iDB, does not include Apple TV.

    • JT

      Just use the plex trailer exploit. Its good enough

  • JomanJi

    Ooooo niice :), now I can watch Tv4 on my Atv. That should mean that they should add svt1 & svt2 / svtplay too…